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Lux Build Guide by FrazzledFel

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FrazzledFel

Beginner's Lux [In Progress]

FrazzledFel Last updated on July 9, 2015
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Beginner's Lux

Lux Build

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Hello. I'm FrazzledFel. I am summoner level 30 and unranked. I've been playing since mid season three. I am unranked simply because I dislike the pressure and toxicity common in ranked games. Many of my ranked friends comment that I play at a mid silver level, but I'm told that the only things keeping me from playing at a gold level are my poor last hitting skills and my overagressive playstyle -- not my champion knowledge or builds.

I've been asked by several of my friends to help train a new player. Because this guide is intended for a brand new player, it will focus primarily on items and strategies that will be helpful to a new player at a beginning level, rather than focusing on top-tier strategies and builds. It will also summarize a significant quantity of basic knowledge, things that, if you stumbled across my guide unintentionally, you probably are already well aware of. If you are a skilled veteran already, this guide is not for you -- but maybe it would be of use to beginner a friend of yours!

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Ability Overview

Each champion (with some exceptions) has a "passive" ability, and four "active" abilities unique to your champion. The passive ability provides some way in which your champion is unique, and simply happens. The active abilities, found on your Q, W, E, and R buttons by default, must be learned by your champion as you level, and can be improved by placing more points into them as your champion levels up. In general, but with some notable exceptions, your R ability is called your champions "ultimate ability" -- it's generally something very powerful that can't be learned until level six. I will provide more details on lux's ultimate under that ability.


Passive: Illumination

As Lux, your passive is called "Illumination" -- it's a fairly straightforward passive. Every time you hit an enemy with a damaging ability, they will become "illuminated" -- if you then hit them with a basic attack, they will take extra magic damage.


Q: Light Binding

Your Q is an ability called "Light Binding". Light Binding is a type of ability known as a "skillshot" -- this means that you have to aim your ability directly, and your ability can miss its target. This makes it a harder ability to use.

If you hit a target with light binding, you will see them trapped in a prism of light. While in the prism, your target will be unable to move, but they can still attack, cast spells, drink potions, or do anything else that doesn't require movement. This is called a "snare".

Light Binding can hit a total of two targets -- the first target is snared, and the projectile will pierce through them and continue onward. It can then hit a second target, who will also be snared, but for a slightly shorter period of time. Don't forget that both targets become illuminated.

I like to start with light binding at first level as a defensive option. If can be very useful if you are ever surprised by an attack, because you can use light binding to snare your attacker and give yourself time to get away.

Note that you should avoid using light binding against minions. It doesn't do much damage, and costs a significant amount of mana, and has a decently hefty cooldown. Its best to save light binding for champions. You can either use it defensively, like I suggested above, or use it as part of a "burst" (See "Tip: Ability Burst", below)


W: Prismatic Barrier

Prismatic barrier is a very interesting skill. When you cast it, you get a temporary shield that takes damage before your health does. You also throw your wand like a boomerang, granting that shield to your allies. The skill is interesting and unique in that it works like a skillshot, but it's a shield -- a beneficial skill to help allies. But unlike many "buff" abilities, you can miss.

The shield itself is relatively small and short lived, so you should try to time your shield to before you're hit by an attack. It's also a great thing to use if you have any relatively short damage over time effect on you, such as Teemo's mushrooms or the Ignite summoner spell, or if an ally is similarly afflicted.


E: Lucent Singularity

Lucent Singularity is a spell that allows you to place a glowing ball of light in an area. You should see a faint circle around this ball of life. Any enemy within that circle finds their movement speed reduced. They are "Slowed". After a short time, the ball of light will explode, dealing damage to any enemies still in the area, but ending the slow effect.

By pressing the skill hotkey again while the singularity is still in effect, you can detonate it early. This can be useful if you intend to use the singularity for damage -- it means your enemies don't have time to leave the area of the explosion. It also has an incredibly long range, allowing you to safely "poke" an enemy from a distance, dealing a little bit of damage every now and then to whittle their HP down. This can be very useful for lowering a target down before you're ready to "burst" them (See "Tip: Ability Burst", below)

Another useful aspect of lucent singularity is that it provides vision. I'm sure you've noticed that you can't see into a bush? It's no surprise that if you're walking blindly though the jungle, the enemy Rengar will jump on your face. If you throw your lucent singularity into someplace you can't see, such as a bush, behind a wall, or into dragon pit, the area around the singularity will light up, and you'll be able to see there.


R: Final Spark

Final Spark is Lux's ultimate ability. It fires a very powerful, very long range laser, after a short windup. The range is long enough to go significantly off the screen if you're playing with a locked camera.

Final spark can be effectively used in several ways. The fact that it both triggers and applies Illumination, as well as doing a LOT of damage in a single instant, makes it very useful for your ability burst. (See "Tip: Ability Burst", below.) As well, it can be very useful to attack an enemy who is running away from a battle at low health. It can effectively be used to "snipe" them. It can also be used on Baron Nashor or the Dragon to "steal" it from the enemy, if you see the enemy team getting it.

Make sure you're aware of the casting time, though. While casting, Lux will very obviously face the direction she'll cast the laser in, and shout really loud. Most enemies will take lux's shout as a queue to dodge the upcoming attack. Make sure to use it on someone snared by light binding, or far enough away that they won't see or hear your casting, or it's very easy to evade.


Tip: Ability Burst

Lucent Singularity has decent long range "Poke" damage, but Lux's true terror comes when she combines all of her abilities into a single "Burst". This burst is difficult to pull off, but if done properly, can easily kill most champions. Lux's burst combo is detailed below.

First, you want to use Light Binding. This will hold the champion in place long enough to perform your burst, as well as apply Illumination. If you miss your light binding, DO NOT follow with the rest of the burst. Wait until your light binding hits.

While snared, use Lucent Singularity. DO NOT detonate it yet -- if they somehow get out of your snare with an item or ability, the slow in the area will help land your final spark.

At this point, they should be snared by Light Binding, they should be in your Lucent Singularity, and they should be Illuminated by your passive. Now it's time to drop your ultimate ability, Final Spark. Remember that final spark both triggers and applies Illumination, so you'll get that extra damage off from your Light Binding's Illumination.

You're nearly done. Make one basic attack to trigger Final Spark's illumination, and then detonate your lucid singularity. That should apply illumination again, so be sure to finish with one more basic attack.

If done well, your burst should be performed in mere seconds. It's a lot to do in a few seconds, and it will definitely take some time to practice, but if you can get good at this burst, then you can quite effectively kill targets even at half health or more, and your opponents will do well to fear you.

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