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Kayle Build Guide by ToxicCannon



Updated on December 9, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ToxicCannon Build Guide By ToxicCannon 11 5 47,648 Views 2 Comments
11 5 47,648 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ToxicCannon Kayle Build Guide By ToxicCannon Updated on December 9, 2022
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Runes: Standard build high MS

1 2
Phase Rush
Nimbus Cloak

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide


By ToxicCannon
Phase Rush Runes Explained
This is in my opinion the best set of runes for MS Kayle top. Beyond the Phase Rush keystone (which is a must have) you should take Nimbus Cloak, Celerity, and Waterwalking. For secondary runes I like Magical Footwear and Biscuit delivery from the inspiration tree.

Nimbus Cloak: I like this rune over manaflow band because I do not struggle with mana management and this allows me to get good distance with Exhaust in both a chase or a run scenario. The extra MS here allows you to keep the range needed for kiting your enemies and will help you prock your Phase Rush in a pinch. Choose manaflow band here instead if you don't need the extra MS or if you would prefer some more mana sustain.

Celerity: This is a no brainer rune for this build. All MS buffs from your other runes will be greater from this, including the most important buff which is your Phase Rush buff. This will apply to your Nimbus Cloak as well, and any bonuses you get from the items you build. There is no point going transcendence here because the extra 1 second of ability cooldown time will not be what makes the difference in this build, it will be how fast you can move and how well you can kite.

Waterwalking: This is the most controversial rune on here but I will explain why I take it over scorch. Scorch is really good for short trade dueling in your lane and can help you get ahead, this is true. But the damage you receive is minimal and again in this build that kind of damage just won't even be noticeable in the long run. The waterwalking rune is most valuable here for situations like evading an in-lane gank where you are forced out of lane and have to walk back through your jungle to safety. This is more common than you think, as it is incredibly easy to lane-gank a kayle top lane, especially for Junglers with either stealth or CC. The other reason is when your opponent is close to tower and you cannot put pressure on them this opens up the possibility for grabbing scuttle, helping with rift, and even coming down to midlane to cover the wave or facilitate a gank. These are all things you would not expect an early game kayle to be able to safely do, however with this build you will find your mobility is straight up SCARY for the other team to deal with, allowing you to access new possibilities.

Magical Footwear: This is as straightforward as it comes. Faster boots = more MS difference between you and your opponent = fewer chances to be caught out = more minutes alive to be influencing the game. Since you will be getting boots pretty early anyways, might as well make them a little better.

Biscuit Delivery: THIS IS OPTIONAL! You can take Approach Velocity instead of biscuit delivery for ultimate MS Kayle. If you are running Ghost + Exhaust I actually highly recommend Approach Velocity instead. However for MOST laning situations Kayle will have a steeper difficulty curve sustaining in lane, and without TP to get you back easily you are going to want to stay as long as possible. These biscuits on top of a Dorans item or even a tear will allow you to stay in lane for significantly longer than your base time, usually 2 extra waves before your first back. Since you will be slightly delayed on getting boots due to Magical Footwear you should spend as much time as you can fattening up your gold. The permanent increase in mana from the biscuits will also help offset not having Manaflow Band if you have Nimbus Cloak instead. Overall I think it is just a great sustain perk for laning that could potentially be replaced with Approach Velocity if you are confident in wat you're doing.
Fleet Footwork Runes Explained
If you are worried that you will not be able to kite your lane opponent or that you will need a serious amount of sustain to remain in lane, take Fleet instead. These runes will have SIGNIFICANTLY less mobility than the standard rune page, however this will still scale nicely into your high MS item build and will give you plenty of sustain to remain in lane. There is nothing wrong with turtling with this set up until 6 and then scaling into those mid-game items. I am not going to break down each of these runes since this is a more standard rune set, but the basic principle is farm wave under tower, use fleet to heal poke damage, survive to level 6 and then evaluate fight potential.
Summoner Spells
Flash/Exhaust: 9 out of 10 games with this strat you will want flash for the escape if needed and exhaust for chasing and improved dueling potential.

Flash/Ghost: This combo is for champions like Darius where you need to make sure you can get away in the laning phase. This will also scale into an offensive build later around 11 or 16.

Ghost/Exhaust: If you feel confident without the escape and want maximum chase/duel potential then this is what you should pick. Great against slower tanks like Nasus or Morde.

Flash/Teleport: If you are against someone like Gnar where you don't really have to worry about an all in (because of your mobility) but you also don't see yourself beating in a 1v1 fight then this is for you. Acknowledge the incompatibility in the champion matchup and take TP to help you farm up, take objectives, or gank bot lane for some kills or assists.
Starting Items
-Standard start will be Doran's blade, that gives you damage, farming potential, and minor sustain.

-Shield can be taken against something like a Yone, Yasuo, or even a Darrius where you think you will need the heavier sustain.

-Tear is a situational start that you can take if you are playing safe and you struggle with mana management. Build into Archangel Staff in place of crystal scepter mid-game to sustain your mana for the rest of the game, or sell it off late game to open room for a more aggressive item if you are ahead

-Corrupted pot is used for similar reasons as tear. While I think tear is overall better for someone with mana management issues, since it builds into a mana-conserving item, corrupted pot can work as a really defensive item since it offers both health and mana sustain and some additional dueling damage. Not a bad pickup if you think things are going to get aggressive in lane quickly, but remember it doesn't build into anything later and provides 0 stats like the doran's items do.

-Cull is *really* situational. I almost never run it except in a Flash/TP set up in a farm lane where you have a low chance of dying or getting dove. Play safe, grab 30-50 farm in lane, back for some pots or the first part of your mythic, and then TP back to lane to get major progress on your cull. This can be a good way to get a few hundred gold ahead of a neutral lane partner.
Major Items
Build Path (UPDATED): Nashor's -> Boots -> Mythic -> BotRK -> Crytsal Scepter -> Phantom Dancer.

^^^ IF LANE MATCHUP IS EVEN build Nashor's first in most cases to increase damage and farming potential... however if lane is looking difficult you should rush your mythic to give you survivability and some kiting preasure.

The idea behind this build is you use Phase Rush + Frostfire Gauntlet's passive to create as much distance as you want between you and your target. Not only will it make you tankier, make your early-game farming easier, and throw your opponent way off. But when you finally finish it you will be unstobable. The rest of your build is pretty straight forward for Kayle but it is tailored to match the high movement speed of the rest of your build.

Phase rush and secondaries create speed for kiting. Mythic slows enemies for kiting and escapes. Boots for Attack speed and higher base MS. Nashors tooth is a catalyst and will rapidly increase your wave clear and damage potential; it will also come online right around your level 11 power spike. Blade of the ruined king will launch your dueling potential with the attack speed, lifesteel, and most importantly the MS vampirism. At this point you are a kiting beast with rapid DPS and lots of maneuverability. I like Crystal Scepter because it massively boosts your magic damage which is good since you will have an ADC to tackle physical damage. The slow that crystal sceptor adds on top of the frostfire slow is HUGE. In a 1v1 dual no one will be able to catch up to you without summoner spells or dashes, and thats what your sums are for. Lastly if the game is still going at this point the last nail in the coffin is Phantom Dancer for the insane attack speed increase and extra surivability. You will undoubtably be at level 16 by now and thus have reached hypercarry Kayle. The phatom dancer passives will make you uncatchable and will have your atack speed just under the maximum cap. Adding up all of the other items in the build you will be a fast kiting, magic-based hypercarry that can only be stopped by hard CC. And even then you still have your ult, sums, and teammates to help ensure that this build never fails.
Endorsed by Nick "LS" De Cesaer (Ex C9 Head Coach, current T1 Strategic Coach)
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