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Jinx Build Guide by LDrago123456

AD Carry Best BTOOOM Player NA.

AD Carry Best BTOOOM Player NA.

Updated on November 9, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456 Build Guide By LDrago123456 3,696 Views 4 Comments
3,696 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LDrago123456 Jinx Build Guide By LDrago123456 Updated on November 9, 2013
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Introduction to me

BTOOOM!! (I love that Anime) My name is LDrago123456 and I main AD based characters (Jinx in particular), and I will show you how to carry your games (or be a better ADC). Jinx is a Marksman, and ideally you want her to play her bot lane. Jinx's kit allows you to be hyper-aggresive towards your enemies, therefore you will need to be a smart player to make sure you don't over extend. Jinx has very few counters as her kit is all about range. She has a devastating ult that has a global range and executes escaping enemies. And unlike other global ults like Ezreal where it loses power for substantial targets, AND can hit minions, it becomes stronger and ONLY hits champions.
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Pros and Cons

- Really good Harass Switcheroo!
- Built-in CC Zap! and Flame Chompers!
- Global execution Super Mega Death Rocket!
- Chasing Passive Get Excited!
- Anti-Ganker
- Really far Range (Farther then Caitlyn)
- No escape spell
- Mana Hungry if not managed well
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Offensive Tree:
Tier 1:I take Fury and Butcher so I can have more dueling potential and harass in lane and my CS will be easier. Tier 2: I take Deadliness since all her skills scale with AD and Attack Speed is not needed much early game; I take Destruction, since her turret killing abilities are really good thanks to her Q Attack Speed Buff. Tier 3: I take Havoc and Weapon Expertise to get as much AD as possible, so my laning and team fight potential are significantly higher then the opposing AD Carry. Tier 4: I take Sunder so I make sure my damage is noticeable and hurts a lot as Jinx is AD Based. Tier 5: Executioner Pretty obvious, more killing potential
Defensive Tree:
Tier 1: I take Durability so it makes me a bit Tankier Late game. Tier 2: I take Hardiness Since the opposing ADC is AD.
Utility Tree:
Tier 1: I take Meditation for Mana Regen and Summoner's Insight for the decreased CD on Flash
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

For Quints, I take one life steal quint so I get more sustain, and 2 AD quints for more Damage. For Marks, I take AD Marks, so I deal more damage with my Auto Attacks, and the scaling on Jinx's Zap! is 140%.
For Seals, I take Armor, since the enemy ADC is obviously going to be AD, unless it is Urgot or something
For Glyphs, I take Attack Speed, as you will be getting Runaan's Hurricane and you will be spamming Rockets all day every day.
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Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves 1100
Bloodthirster 3400
This is my Early game Core. You might be asking your self, "Why no Attack Speed???". Well since we are maxing Q, we have enough attack speed so we will need to build AD instead. That is why Jinx is so strong, her innate ability to attack really fast while just building AD items makes her one of the best duellers in the game.

Item Sequence

Runaan's Hurricane 2800
Frozen Mallet 3100
This is my mid game core, and I start building attack speed. This is because you don't want to be in the middle of the team fight, instead you want to be far back using Switcheroo! and using rockets. Runaan's Hurricane is excellent, as the pellets will also explode, giving you great team fight potential. Frozen Mallet is to add even more CC to your kit, making you one hard girl to get away from. I build Statikk Shiv because of the AoE Static and it gives me crit with Attack Speed.

Item Sequence

Infinity Edge 3400
Last Whisper 1450
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3100
I pick one of these items in replacement of Doran's Ring. All these Items either give AS, AD, Crit and Life Steal. All these Stats are desirable on Jinx but it depends on the game. Are you snowballing really hard? Are you falling behind? Are team fights popping up all the time? Are you being Focused? Ask these questions before your last purchase as it can be game changing.
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Skill Sequence (Ability details later)

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why I max Super Mega Death Rocket First?
One, it's your ultimate. Two, the base damage gets higher. Three, Makes it more likely to kill a low health target.
Why I max Switcheroo! Second?
I max Q, so it allows me to build AD to get stronger while my Q compensates for Attack Speed. This makes Jinx so strong, because people like Ashe Need to build Attack Speed to be any good early on.

Maxing W and E:
People have asked me, Do I max W or E third? The W base damage got nerfed, so do I max E? NO. You still max W second, even though the damage got nerfed. I mean, the Damage becomes the same at max rank, plus, it is your only LONG range harass. Plus it's like a high-damage ward. I personally only max E, if the enemy jungler is camping bot, so I can throw my snare out more often but this is really rare.
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This is your most reliable Harass, your turret killer, your duelling potential, heck it does everything for you. This is your bread and butter, and the rocket launcher can outrange Caitlyn, so you can poke and out trade your enemy. Plus it allows you to stay in the very back of team fights. Use this to kill minions when enemy is near so splash damage gets them.


This is your long range damage ward. The hit box is larger then the projectile, so it compensates for the ability to show where your shot is going to go to the enemy. Always try to lead your enemy into it, as it takes a while to fire and it hits minions as well. This skill CAN be tricky to use, as the enemy can see where your firing. BUT a GOOD Jinx Player will know to only use it when there are a few creeps around.

Flame Chompers!

This is one of your hard CC's. This is also another tricky spell to use, as you need to let it set down for 0.5 seconds before it is armed. Those who played Plants vs Zombies can compare this to the Potato Mine. Always put this in FRONT of your enemy, as it will activate while they step on them, guaranteeing a snare. This works well with Get Excited. If you kill a turret and a lone enemy is standing near, Right-click in front of them to place the compers in front, when they get snared, shoot your Zap! so it slows then after you snared them. Then Auto Attack until they die. If they flash, they will most likely be really low so just ult and GG.

Super Mega Death Rocket

This is your ultimate, very much like Ashe and Ezreal Ultimates. It is global, but instead if losing power like Ezreal or Gaining a longer CC like Ashe It gains damage and has a higher kill potential. The trick to using this is timing. In the middle of a team fight, use it just before an enemy get really low, as your team mates will probably kill him instead.
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Team Work

If your support has hard CC or a grab ie: Blitzcrank, Thresh, Leona, Volibear, Annie. Then ignore the duration of stun and instead put Flame Chompers! down first, then you start killing them, as your support is most likely already attacking the enemy. This allows a really high chance for a kill, since your opponent is most likely to run, but you denied escape by rooting them.
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Matchups (Scale of 1 to 10)

Threat: 3
She has really little harass and can be blocked by minions, be sure to ask your support to ward river, as her ult is really good for setting up ganks. Her CC is really annoying, but you can plant Flame Chompers! to buy time to get out of her slow. Harass her a LOT early on.

Threat: 5
She can be really early on, but remember, late game you out damage her and out range her. Just dodge her Q's and retaliate by using rockets. Use her minions against her, use a rocket to splash damage her. Basically, live through her early game and your good.

Threat: 2
Corki can't do much to you. The only few ways he can get you is either using his Ultimate, or his Smokescreen. They all use a lot more mana then your little 20 mana per rocket. You have better harass, more damage and more CC then him, so you should win either way.

Threat: 7
This guy can be a real pain in the ***. He uses Auto-Attack Enhancing abilites as well, except your give more range and Attack Speed. If you force trades early, your possibility of winning is better, as his W mana cost is quite high and he can't spam it. Harass early game, and try to get ahead by jungler ganks.

Threat: 5
This guy (or girl) can isn't that strong against Jinx IMO (i'm gonna get raged at so much XD). His harass can be blocked by minions, while your is a guarentee hit, your W out damage his Q. His only means of safe harass is with his Essence Flux which as a really short range and high mana usage. I have seen so many ezreals do so little damage to me while they run out of mana. Be sure to wait for his teleport before you ult, since he can dodge it and you will get mad.

Threat: 6
I havn't seen much of this guy but judging from past experiences with him, Jinx can have a stalemate. You might say that he has short range and can't do much. But his E Q Combo hurts a lot. Plus his ult can execute you and it's instant. He has inbuilt resistance to armor through his passive, so hurting him can be a pain in the ***. He can't always harass you, as he will run out of mana really quickly, use this to your advantage and harass early on.

Threat: Skill level
If they have read this guide it is a test between player skill. If they just started you win.

kog maw
Threat: 8
I don't see him much personally nowadays, he is exactly like jinx. He gets Attack Speed and Range. But be careful, you don't want too much stacks of his Q. Otherwise you will lose really badly. His passive can never get you, since your passive out runs his. His range is shorter then your all game round but his Attack speed is instand un like yours so be careful.

Threat: 4
Her level of harass is dependent of whether your in front or behind your minions or whether it even hits you. Her harass can be painful if you get hit the second time from her Q, but her range is rather bad and she has 0 escape spells. She is not hard to beat if you utilise Jinx's Rocket Range.

Threat: 6
I ran into him before, and he can hurt if you allow him to. try to dodge his blind, as it makes you incapable of retaliating. If your lucky, you can hit him back with your W, but chances are he will be behind his minions. His ultimate can be tricky to ult. As he runs (or flies if you want) really fast and can dodge your ultiamte. Try to ult BEFORE he ults, so you guarentee that last bit of damage. Late game you out scale her by a lot. Plus her duelling potential is all about her passive.

Threat: 4
Her Bouncing shuriken thing does nearly 0 damage you you unless your the first target, and her Q is easy to dodge, her range is horrible, so just spam rockets and try to kill her early, if you let her free farm, her Q will hurt like HELL.

Threat: 3-10
If you straight up duel her early on, you will win, but if Trist farms really well or get ahead. You will have the biggest nightmare of your life. At level 18, she outrages you, her Q gives her an instant steroid and she has a burst to come with her kit. Beat her early and your skills as a BTOOOM! Player will beat her.

Threat: Unknown
I NEVER SEE HIM. If you do, don't let him E W QQQQ... Combo you. you outrange him and your duelling potential is higher then him. Judging from characters alone, I say Jinx wins.

Threat: 5-8
He has a more reliable harass then you, as his blight stacks and his E his hard to get away from. If it is a good varus, good luck, if it is a bad varus, you win. His Q can really hurt and is more reliable, as it has longer range, but when he come up to CS, shoot a rocket. Try to get a gank or a support with a stun. You can win this, as he doesn't use bombs.
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I hope you enjoyed my guide, and I hope it helped you some way to being a better BTOOOM Player or Jinx Player or LoL Player. This is my first serious guide, as Jinx is my favorite champion in the whole game. I made this guide to show people that the nerf did NOTHING to her. Only people who Max W first get affected.
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