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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by PaperBound

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PaperBound

Best Fidd NA

PaperBound Last updated on March 10, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About me

I'm a Plat 5 player in NA. My plat 5account was my smurf last season, it was originally Silver 1 until I played fidd on it for 2 weeks. During that time at 1 point I was 19W/2L in 21 games with him. I can guarantee results if you follow this guide. My username is PaperBound

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The key to fiddlesticks is landing your ult in order to do this avoid all common bushes when you are walking. Always take the long way so that the enemy has no idea you are coming. Only be the first to engage if you haveALOT of ap and can secure kills with just Q/E + Ult / Drain. If not try to stand from afar and tell your team to bait the enemy into whatlooks like a good fight.

Fiddlesticks is a weak champion he requires perfect timing to be effective. If you are struggling early hide in your jungle and attempt to crawl back with your ult. As Fiddlesticks Top is your LAST priority. Bot ganks are the best for you since Crowstorm ignores numbers and will get you a double. Against offensive junglers do not gank often, just try to hide in your jungle till 6.

In order to not die immediately always save your drain until you see the enemy champion has used their disrupt. E is most effective when enemys are running away since its less likely they will be near minions. Fear is best if you are behind the enemy.

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Unlikely Gank spots

Fidd is also great cause he has many unlikely gank spots: 1. Bot from either tri -> ult or blue bush by the enemy tower.
2. Mid from wraiths, 3 from blue bush. Keep these in mind since if the enemy is warding well they may be crucial

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Early Game

Starting items: Hunters Machete, 2 Mana pots, Ward (optional see below). Reason for leaving gold unspent is that you dont need to and the faster you grab your Jungle gold item the better.

As Fiddlesticks your jungle clear time is actually rather slow and offensive junglers like Lee Sin pose a real problem for you. If you are facing a counter like Lee Sin, Elise, WK, basically any jungler with good cc and high burst who can out DPS your drain then there are 2 options: (1) Drop your ward on your red before you head to your blue. (2) Start Red.

I suggest option 1.

Now what if you are facing a weak jungler like Amumu or J4? In this case you should rush to the Wraith bush on the enemy team's side and drop a ward. Work your way through Big wraith till you see them cross the ward and then head up to the red bush and wait for them. Drop your E/drain and FB is likely or atleast a red steal. Don't overstay and also flash over baron wall to ensure you dont feed a kill to the enemy mid.

If you don't invade once you take blue clear all of the top jungle and then wraiths, red, golems. At this point you will have hit 4 and will have a point in fear. See where your mid/bot are pushed till and assess whether or not you can gank either lane.

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Mid Game

Go shop before your 2nd blue. If you have 1700 buy the jungle item outright. If not spirit stone and boots are your priority. Take your 2nd blue then head mid or top for an easy gank with your ult, if you aren't 6 at this point clear jungle until you are.

At around the 10 min mark start to try double killing bot to pressure and take drag. Ask your mid to roam down to apply pressure.

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Late Game

The key to fidd's late game is to start building tanky. Last item should be either Randuins or maybe Spirit Visage or Abyssal.

The best part about fiddlsticks is that while other champions become weaker around enemy towers fidd thrives in that situation. Enemy towers is where the enemy will bunch up. Find a good hiding spot and ult on top of the enemy team. Don't hourglass right away wait for that half second of hesitation when they all throw ults at youthen hourglass past it all. Even if you die your tema will most likely win the fight and tower