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League of Legends Build Guide Author kpride

Best Lux NA

kpride Last updated on May 19, 2015
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Quick Guide

This is a very quick guide to Lux. I will be giving some tips on how to improve your play style to its fullest potential.

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Laning Phase

Lux can play both passively and aggressively, depending on the match up. Positioning Lucent Singularity to harass and farm is a great way to utilize your mana pool.

Saving mana is very important in the laning phase. Constantly using Lucent Singularity will drain your mana rather quickly. Utilizing your passive and auto attacks along with your skills is the best way to harass.

Wards should be bought and placed often, as wards can definitely save lives. Warding near your Raptors camp can really help the other lanes.

Conserve your Light Binding. Although it may have a low mana cost, having it on cooldown makes you very vulnerable to ganks and counter attacks from the lane opponent.

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Team Fights

Staying in the back and wrecking havoc on multiple enemies is what you should aim on doing in a fight. Have someone peel for you as you devastate the other team, as you are very vulnerable in fights.

When possible, target enemy carries first. Lux usually has enough damage to instantly kill squishy enemies.

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Laser: When to or When not to

Final Spark has a very low cooldown, and players are aware of this. This is why they might make poor decisions with this skill.

Using Final Spark for farm seems appealing, but there are probably better ways to use it. When you have sent your opponent back to lane and want to clear out the lane, using your ultimate to clear a wave is perfectly fine. But if you are attracted by a large wave of minions at top, save your ultimate, because you may need it later on.

Picking off enemies with Final Spark is perfectly fine in the early game, but in team fights it is a different story. Would you rather pick off a fleeing enemy or annihilate more enemies and deal far more damage? Positioning the ultimate so that you pick off the runner and hit multiple other enemies is the best way of using your ultimate.

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Things to Keep in Mind

The most common combo is Q-E-R. This is probably the only combo I use unless Q or E is off cooldown. Be careful of spamming all of your skills with Quick Cast and ending up missing completely(happens a lot).

Lux's Prismatic Barrier shields you twice, so it can negate many DOT spells like Malefic Visions and Torment.

Final Spark is not a projectile; It goes through Wind Wall and covers space instantly.

Being able to land skill shots well will determine your skill level for Lux. Her Final Spark is fairly easy to land but I'm sure you've seen noobs miss it all the time.

Lux's passive Illumination does tons of damage. Tons.

Final Spark procs Illumination, so don't underestimate its damage. I usually look at the target's HP before using my ultimate unless I'm positive, because there is no point of using your laser if it won't pick off the opponent.

Lux can easily help other lanes with your laser. Even if you don't get the kill, Final Spark does over 300+ damage at level 1.

Stealing Baron and Dragon is very possible as Lux. Timing is detrimental as your laser has a delay.

As fun as it is, don't be a jerk and kill steal. Teammates don't like that.

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Great Lasers Holy Fed

Gl & HF with Lux and this build. I hope you enjoyed this quick guide.


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