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League of Legends Build Guide Author kpride

Shhh! I'm chargin my laza

kpride Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Hello, I hope this guide will help you play Lux. Lux is a ranged mage with very high burst damage. She has CC, scouting abilities, and her passive, Illumination, deals major damage when in close range combat. The cooldown on her ultimate Final Spark is very low, so you could use it a couple of times in a teamfight, or quickly regain it in lane. Lux also has a support skill, her W. It is Prismatic Barrier and blocks incoming damage to her, and all the teammates it passes through. Prismatic Barrier is like a boomerang, so if you miss hitting your teammates with it, you could always try to land it again on the way back. Her CC are snare and slow. This is a good method to escape and chase. So, I hope you like this guide.

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Mastery Tree

You can mix the Mastery Tree as much as you like. But i recommend to use what I chose, because this mastery combination worked best for me. Of course, masteries don't matter as much as runes, but masteries also help. I don't put my mastery points 21-0-9 when mid because I thought Utility would be more useful since Lux already has great damage and that she needs mana regeneration. I do 21-0-9 when I'm bot or top, because I have a teammate who can deal damage when I snare the enemy.

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Skill Sequence

I admit Prismatic Barrier is not very useful. But sometimes it can be. So still put in skill points into the ability and use it for times when you actually need it. At first, I thought the spell was useless so I didn't put any points into it until i was level 13. I couldn't of survived 4 ambushes if I had Prismatic Barrier. Now, I put in the skill at level 3 to block any damage that would be fatal. I still max the spell last, though.

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Rune Build

I chose the runes I needed the most carefully. For Lux, your ultimate is very reliable in team fights. You could use your ult multiple times in team fights. So I try to reduce cooldowns. Also, mana regeneration is a problem in early levels. Finally, I did magic penetration for the damage. Flat ability power runes are very common, but I find it not as useful as to ignore that magic penetration. I also have ability power over level quintessences because, you get more ap than flat ap runes, and Lux falls off late game. For my more offensive build, I have flat ability power glyphs, I still have mana regeneration seals, and I have magic penetration marks. I also have ability power quintessences.

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First of all, try not to get a Doran's Ring for your starting item. If you get a recipe item, you can get a discount on a better item you need. So I get Meki Pendant for the early mana regeneration and get 2 health potions. After I go back to the shop, I get a Boots of Speed unless I have enough money for Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Frostfang. Later, I buy an early Rod of Ages. Next, if you're doing really good in the game and have enough gold for a Rabadon's Deathcap, buy it. If you don't, buy the recipe items. Soon, you will find out that you are running low on mana even with Rod of Ages. Get a Athene's Unholy Grail for mana and ap. From now on, stack Archangels for tons of ap. Add a Void Staff if the other team has some Magic Resist. Now you have ability power, mana, and a reasonable amount of health, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and Zhonya's Hourglass. I add a few elixirs after my build finishes.

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If you have a melee DPS in your team, try to lane with him. If not, go mid. When you lane with a DPS, light bind someone so he has a opportunity to strike the enemy. Usually, that gives you a kill. You should try to take most of the kills if you decide to carry, so you get fed. When an enemy is at low hp, try aiming your Final Spark to kill him while he runs. Make sure he's guaranteed to die. Lucent Singularity is your main farming skill. Use it often for harassment against champions and to trigger Illumination against minions.

When you escape from enemies, your reaction depends on what champion the enemy is. For example: If he was a melee champion, go into brush and go out the direction he is going in. That is unexpected for him. If that direction leads to a dead end, then just go a different direction. If the enemy is a ranged character, you can also go into brush and snare them before they can go into the brush to attack you. Then put Lucent Singularity between you two and detonate it when the enemy reaches the end. If he has low enough hp, you can try to fight him with Illumination and Final Spark.

Team Fights: Tip: Always stay behind the tank. If you are targeted, it means death unless you are lucky. Try landing Lucent Singularity to damage your enemies all at once. Then, use Light Binding to snare your enemies. After that, everyone on your team should be engaged into the fight. Your job is to use Final Spark to wipe out any remaining or reteating enemies and support your teammates as much as possible.

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Pros: Very high burst damage; Long range skills; Crowd Control: Light Binding-Snare, Lucent Singularity- Slow; Low cooldown ultimate; Support skill; Scouting skills

Cons: Squishy,Useless without skills, Need to be in close combat to activate Illumination

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Why Lux?

Why would you choose Lux? Why not Xerath, Ahri, Morgana, or any other AP champion? Because Lux is easy to handle and fun. Her ultimate is very fun to use. You ult any retreating champion with low health and you get a kill. Also, Lux has great harassing skills against other casters. She can snare, and then Lucent Singularity for major harassment. Then, when the caster is going back at low health, just laser him. Xerath has long range, great burst damage, and stuns, but Lux could always dodge Xerath's spells except his E and R. When Lux is close to Xerath, she will have the advantage. She can snare, normal attack, Lucent Singularity, and normal attack. Xerath loses lots of his hp. Ahri has shorter range, but also has good burst damage. Since Ahri has the advantage when she is in close combat, you can just pick off kills from a distance. Morgana has a skill called Dark Binding. Luxhas Light Binding. Why choose Lux if they have the same skill? Because Lux can hit two targets instead of one. Also she has Lucent Singularity which does initial damage. Morgana has Tormented Soil which does damage over time on enemies on the spell. Morgana has a shield which blocks only magic damage for one target and removes disables for him/her. Lux has a shield that automaticly shields her, and all the team champions hit with it. It blocks physical, true, and magic damage. Lux has Finale Funkeln, her laser. Morgana has Soul Shackle. Final Spark has a very low cooldown and does amazing damage with a long range. Morgana has a short range skill that only is available when nearby enemy champions are close to you. Then it hits the enemy and connects her to the target(s). If the target(s) is too far away, the connection breaks. If the target(s) is connected for a few seconds, the spell hits them again and stuns them. This is why I chose Lux over all the available AP champions.

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Team Work

Sometimes, there are champions who are skill shot based champions, like Lux. Someone like Nidalee can use Javelin Toss when Lux snares the enemy with Light Binding. Also, melee-based champions like Garen, Renekton, Irelia etc. can easily attack an enemy that is slowed or snared by Lux. Lux can sometimes support in bot lane. Her snare,shield, and harassment can be useful for someone like Vayne, who has no poke abilities, just full engagement.

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So, once again, Lux is a entertaining, long-ranged, high burst damage mage. The more passive build gets Flash for escape or chase, and Clarity for mana. The more offensive build uses Flash for escape or chase, and Ignite to finish enemies off. Lux is highly recommended by me. She is very unique and easy to use. Also, she assists greatly in teamfights. Finally, I have to say goodbye and don't forget to vote and comment.


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