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Fiora Build Guide by kpride

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kpride

I Duel Your Mom: A Fiora Guide

kpride Last updated on July 17, 2013
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The Builds

I dont want explaining in this build.

Season 3 DPS Fighter: A reasonable and viable Fiora build. Most popular but The Bloodthirster can vary into Blade of the Ruined King and Frozen Mallet or Guardian Angel can be changed to The Black Cleaver.

Season 2 DPS Fighter: I used this build in season 2. It wrecks late game. This build still does more damage than Season 3, but u have 0 survivability.

Mega Off-Tank- Need some tanky people in your team? This is a build just for that situation. People will target you to stop your considerable damage, but they won't do much against you. Your team will wipe them out by the time you take fatal damage. With this build, you can rush into the front line and be a true fighter.

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Pros and Cons


*Super high damage
*Strong late game
*Free AD from Riposte
*Best attack speed steroid in game that resets on kills or assists
*Ultimate wipes out teams with Ravenous Hydra
*With life steal, Fiora gains health too fast.
*Use Riposte to harass heavily or survive a final blow basic attack

*Weak Early game but mega dependent on early game kills or farm to dominate in late game
*Once your behind, it's almost impossible to get back into the game *Strongest point is late game, but CC wrecks Fiora late game
*Mega squishy without tank items and no escape

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How to Play Fiora

Fiora is fun to play. Watch all your opponents die instantly. In early game, you depend on farm. Against fighters, move up to farm and hit W when the opponent is near. This gives you time to take the creep and safely retreat. Fight at level six. Try to get six first.
In 1v1 battles, hit W-E-Q fast. Keep auto attacking until the enemy is getting away and then Q again to catch back on. If the enemy survived or can survive an Ignite, use your ultimate. Against big damage ultimates like Wukong, use your ultimate during it so he takes damage and you take none. The best trade is to deal damage and receive none.
In team fights, you are the ADC's bane. Seek out the ADC and ult him as soon as u see him. Then you just use your combo to instantly kill him. If the ADC is out of reach, just use your ult on any target. Your Ravenous Hydra will deal sooooo much damage to everyone that they will have to retreat.