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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kpride

Variety of Mid Champs-FAST SEASON 4 GUIDE

kpride Last updated on December 5, 2013
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The Ap Carries

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What's Up

This is a very quick guide on how to play these variety of AP carries. I wanna be fast and to the point. I am in Gold Tier but I constantly play these champions to carry games. However as you know, Solo Queue can be an ***.

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Lux Guide

The Lux concept is burst from far range. Take out carries or damage their whole team. Your job. Here are key concepts to playing a safe and carrying champion.

1. Never build Rylai's Crystal Scepter because the passive slow is useless to all your cc skills.
2. Don't proc your passive if you are risking too much. Ex. You are vs Ryze and you decide to proc Illumination......
3. Assassinate enemies with your long range Final Spark.
4. Keep in mind that your skills have long cooldowns and long range.

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Ahri Guide

Ahri is probably the most versatile champion in this guide. She can single-handedly take down a team or instant burst a squishy opponent. Easy but vital concepts of Ahri:

1. Do not be afraid to bounce around through the enemy team with Spirit Rush. You can use Zhonya's Hourglass if you are in danger.
2. Charm is a very powerful skill with a long cooldown. Use it wisely and carefully to lock down enemies because Ahri is fragile without it.
3. During a fight with your opponent, use your Spirit Rush sideways to dodge any dangerous skill shots and to inflict damage to your enemy.

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Orianna Guide

A very unique champion, Orianna is hard to master. Her Command:Protect has mentionable damage when bursting an enemy. Use Command:Dissonance to get to places quicker or to slow enemies. Useful Orianna tips:

1. If a teammate has a strong engage like Malphite, leave the ball on him so you can Command:Shockwave the enemy for a wombo combo.
2. Keep in mind that your shield does damage. Use it for maximum potential.
3. When you died or recalled from middle lane, you can use your W to get in lane faster for that extra experience.
4. Your ultimate has a long cooldown. Save it to engage on the majority of the opponents, not to secure a obvious kill.

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Fizz Guide

Fizz is the ultimate AP assassin. His Playful/Trickster is one of the best skills in the game. Fizz depends on Sheen to do good damage. Fizz tactics:

1. Your Playful/Trickster is an amazing skill for running, chasing, damaging, dodging, and farming. Use it wisely or you will be vulnerable.
2. Fizz is a crazy snowball champion. Try taking the kills and getting as much farm as you can so you can carry the game.
3. Grab multiple Doran's Ring if you are struggling in lane. Once you have your Chum the Waters, you are a killing machine.
4. Try not to make long shot ultimates. If you miss it, you are missing a large part of your kit.

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Kassadin Guide

My final champion guide. Kassadin is a mobile, burst king. Kassadin can easily burst you while sustaining well with Rod of Ages. Some mechanics:

1. Use your Riftwalk to escape. Try not to spam it because it is VERRY mana hungry.
2. You have a silence to stop that annoying Katarina.
3. Try putting in some auto attacks to gain mana.
4. In lane, if your jungle is doing Wraiths or wolves, go near them to get their Force Pulse stacks.

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These champions are good for solo queue to carry those noobs. I hope you enjoyed this fast guide and found it useful. I made this quick guide for you guys to read and learn. Only took me an hour or two, but I know it can make a contribution to your AP carry skills.


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