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Elise Build Guide by Best Niko NA

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Best Niko NA

Best Niko NA's Best Elise Guide

Best Niko NA Last updated on August 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I am Best Niko NA. I have been a player of League of Legends for two years and have been having tons of fun playing. Today i will make a guide to what i consider my best champion, Elise the Spider Queen. I have been playing her since the day she came out and have played well over a hundred games with her (around 20 in ranked.) While i may still be in bronze 1 i can guarantee you that after reading this guide you'll be an amazing Elise in no time with a bit of practice. Lets get started!

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For runes I have the standard ap runes with 9 greater marks of ap, 9 greater seals of armor, 9 greater glyphs of Scaling Magic Resist, and 3 Greater Quints of Magic pen. I have the scaling magic resist glyphs because most of the time when you go top with Elise you'll face an attack damage champion so magic resist is not really needed till later game. And i have the Quints of Magic Pen instead of AP because most of the time the only Magic Pen item I get is the linandrys torment so a bit of Magic Pen in runes is nice.

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I chose the bruiser AP 9-21 runes with Elise because most of the time you can kill anyone even if you don't have much AP. The 9-21 runes really help with her early and late game much better compared to 21-9.

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As for items you want to start out flask, hp pot, and a ward for early game and rush a Sheen asap. After you get the Sheen get a Haunting guise and Sorcerers Shoes. The thing you are going to build the Sheen into is the Iceborn gauntlet, her best item in my opinion. It makes Elise very tanky versus AD, running away almost impossible, and amazing damage because of the Sheen in spider form. The next item you want to get is liandrys because of the magic pen and the somewhat overpowered bleed. The next items you want to get depending on the situation is a Zhonyas hourglass and a abyssal scepter (zhonyas if you need more armor after iceborn and abyssal for the MR.) For the last item most of the time i like to get a randuins omen, frozen heart, GA, Warmogs, Deathcap, and or Rylais (although kinda pointless if you're getting iceborn.)

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Skill Sequence

Take W first, then Q, then E. Max at Q asap then W, and E for last (maxing out E does close to nothing.) And of Course your ult at 6, 11, and 16.

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Take flash and Ignite. Flash for running away/catching up and Ignite to secure the kill (very very useful in the Elise laning phase.)

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Pros / Cons

    Pros:Nearly uncounterable
    Amazing early to late game
    Beats pretty much anyone in lane
    Can nearly insta-kill ANYONE if combo is landed
    Amazing carry
    Tanky yet does so much damage
    Can go almost anywhere (top/mid/jungle/support.)
    Very scary to play againest
    Cons:Hard to play at first
    Hard to farm with
    Can be shut down with help from jungle in laning phase

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Ranked Play

Perhaps the best thing about Elise is that she is almost impossible to counter. When Elise is picked the other team 80% of the time doesn't know where she is going (top? mid? jungle? support?) Even if they know you are going top they most likely don't have someone who can shut her down (at the moment the only person i hate laning against as Elise is Kassadin but he is a mid lane and i go top Elise 95% of the time.) Most of the time Elise will get ban so ask the person banning not to ban her if possible.

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Unique Skills

-Has an amazing CC
-Amazing gap closing with her Rapple (E in spider form.)
-Works well with any team comp
-Just an overpowered champion in general

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You want to farm in human form till level 3 then you start farming in spider form using your Q and W. If the enemy engages on you in spider form switch to human and execute full combo. Elise is not a great farming champion so at first if your cs is low don't worry about it =).

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Team Work

In Teamfight you want to jump on the ADC or the AP carry most of the time with Rapple. Its a great idea to build Elise more tanky then ap because she already does so much damage naturally. As for poking you want to use your W in human form because with Liandrys it does an overpowered amount of damage.