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Mordekaiser Build Guide by ThiccCheese1066

Top Big **** Mordekaiser

Top Big **** Mordekaiser

Updated on April 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThiccCheese1066 Build Guide By ThiccCheese1066 7 1 12,836 Views 1 Comments
7 1 12,836 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThiccCheese1066 Mordekaiser Build Guide By ThiccCheese1066 Updated on April 17, 2022
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Runes: Standard top lane

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Top build Standard
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

Big **** Mordekaiser

By ThiccCheese1066
Big Dick Mordekaiser
Are you a **********er? Are you an *******? Do you really hate that single champion in your game that really isnt good but you also really want to ****ing kill?
Play Mordekaiser.
I am ThiccCheese1066 and I am a ****ing dumbass. I swear to god I have no idea what Im doing most of the time in League but I stopped giving a **** a long time ago the moment when Riot Decided to just reskin Sona, and give her a ****ty backstory that is also really ****ed up when you realize what those crystals are.
Im bronze ****ing 1 and I am proud because once again, I stopped caring a long time ago.
Also **** you RossBoomSocks for insulting my metal daddy in that one One-For-All video
Yeah, I don't have any pictures or any **** like that so sit down and listen and then leave this page because this is probably gonna look ****in UGLY when I post this

Your passive, Darkness Rise, procs after 3 ability and/or Auto Attack hits and appears as an AoE circle around you that deals constant magic damage while also dealing 1%-5% (depending on level) Max Health damage and increasing movement speed

Your Q is a cone-like ability that deals moderate damage early game and deals extra damage when hitting a single target, benefitting your ult
Early game this ability doesn't come often but is also what helps a lot when wave clearing and poke. However late game this ability comes every 3 seconds (with my build at least) and will deal massive damage against ADCs and Mages

Your W grants A passive bar that replaces your mana. The maximum amount of energy stored in this bar is equal to 30% if your health. Activating the ability will take the stored energy and make it into a shield for your health, this can be recast to consume up to half the shield for health. The way energy is stored is by taking or dealing damage.
the Best sustain ability I've seen in a while. Not only does it let you heal after trades but it provides a great power for sustain in duels. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY CONSUME THE SHIELD WHEN YOU CAST IT DURING A FIGHT I SWEAR TO GOD I'VE SEEN TOO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS. It's cooldown is somewhat large especially in early game at 14 seconds, you'll most likely never have it when you need it most

Your E has a passive that gives you up to 15% percent magpen. It's a pull. It can be easily dodged so your best choice is when you're sure, when their movement ability is down, or if you want to bait a flash.

Your ult, my god do I love this thing. You choose a specific champion and take them to a different layer of the map called the death realm for seven seconds, where they cannot interact with any other champion and lose 10% of ALL their stats throughout the duel, instead giving it do Mordekaiser. If the target is killed Mordekaiser keeps the stats until the victim respawns.

****ing hilarious to use, especially if you wanna piss off that one ******* on the other team. It's also a really good utility for taking objectives if the enemy jungler is around. Your team taking dragon but the Lee sin shows up to try and steal with smite? Ult him and next thing he knows he cant do ****.
Mordekaiser's playstyle is easy and simple. Get them low and ult or be confident that you're gonna win in your ult. You just E then Q then auto and chase with your passive
Early Game
To simply put it you should generally save your Q either for poking or to ensure that you get some CS
If you're really confident in killing the enemy or if you really just wanna see your passive for the first time use this combo at lvl 2, this is also in just about every combo you'll use
This procs your Passive, you can switch the E and Q if you're close enough, as the Q does have a charge time and your E might ensure that they stay near you.

When you hit level 3 you should be more aggressive. Make sure your W least half-way charged most of the time so when you fight you can last a while longer, a general combo with W when getting caught in a fight is
Q>AA>AA/Q>W at half health> repeat. Weave in an E if they ever try to run

Mid Game
Go ahead and roam if you want, use Teleport if another lane is being highly pressured as your ult is valuable, especially in bot lane if where you can make it a 2v1 while you duel in the second layer. Focus on power leveling, getting fed, and getting gold for your items.

Late game
When in teamfights pull when you can and hope your team capitalizes on it. if its a tank you pulled try and wait until its at low health to ult, this will make sure you're leaving your team for the least amount of time. If you're getting low in your ult or in a teamfight proc your W and when your W is running out, procing Gargoyles is a major choice

Trying for picks
E>Q>AA>(when they're low) R> (if you get low) W> Gargoyles> weave in Qs when you can
Full teamfights
E>Q>AA>W>gargoyles> weave in Qs when you can
there's more on your ult in the next section
Ult Use in teamfights
I've seen some debate on who to ult in teamfights. I've heard going for tanks to make it easier to go through frontline while the two of you are gone, I've heard going for the ADC or the exception/exceptions.
Exception? Chances are your team has built mostly for the most prevalent type of damage on the enemy team but next thing you know that one ******* Xerath keeps decimating your team because they have less MR than Armor, so ult him.
But what you want most of all is to make sure the duel is short, especially if you're hypercarrying. Dont ult the full health malphite because not only will you fail to kill him you just left the reast of your team to fend for themselves.
as well, your ult is stopped by Quicksilver sash/Mercurial Scimitar as its active is a cleanse. banshees veil ****s you over as you need to hit an ability before ulting to actually ult them. Morganna shield is the main annoyance, especially if the morganna is good, she can just cancel your ult when you cast it.
In all honesty your choice of who you ult is subjective and is your choice
Be an *******, be smart, or dont I dont care
That's right, mordekaiser can jungle. How and why riot did this is obviously because mordekaiser is the best and the coolest, and the sexiest, and the funniest...
Your passive procs off all jungle monsters meaning one Q or E on raptors insta procs it and it apparently does a flat 180 damage now but it doesnt seem that way and what the **** was riot thinking when doing this?
Take Q than W than E, level up abilities the same as you do in top, meaning max Q, E, than W.
ok, pathing. I dont have pictures **** you.
Ward blue go red, raptors, wolves, gromp, scuttle, krug rock **** *****,gank when you want I dont care but be careful until lvl 6 cause before that you're not much.

Which lanes should I gank the mo-
I understand favoring so much a lane isnt all that good for lanes that are losing but you'll soon forget that when the enemy ADC cries about you camping in the bush for the past five minutes, you'll still lose cause the enemy jungle is getting free farm and dominating but it's fun.
Seriously, taking a 3v2 and temporarily making it a 2v1 and a favored 1v1 is fun and effective as hell. really good to do when counterganking. if your top was winning a skirmish and the enemy jungler comes in to kill you show up, ult that jungler (or the losing top laner if you wanna be a ****) and turn the tides in their favor.
Now that mordekaiser is branching down to jungle Ive been thinking I might as well try and bring him to mid, hell even support or bot. I am going to make my teams live's hell.
"But what runes do we ta-"
use the same runes
"bu-but what about ite-"
same items
Riftmaker is the big **** play- It pairs with your Passive and is extremely useful when fighting tanks for that true damage at max stacks. It also pairs with Conqueror as when both are fully stacked you're healing AND dealing true damage

Liandrys anguish is the medium **** play- extra power and haste. Though the mana is wasted it's always fun to pair with demonic embrace so you can deal major damage against tanks

The small **** play hextech rocket belt- gives movement to an immobile champ, yes, but with your ult you dont really need to catch up. You just click and chase, if they have movement abilities than yeah you're gonna have trouble but the belt wont stun them, just a slow. And an ulting Ahri will still get away

Boots are subjective but I recommend always taking sorcerers shoes when you're getting fed.

Your last Core is also subjective a bit
Demonic embrace aids in your passive for that percent health and that extra armor and MR is always fun to have while in ult
Morello is always fun when fighting big lifestealers and though it is in core I only recommend taking it when fighting lifestealers

For defensive items
Gargoyle is fun when you're getting low. Activate it and BOOM you basically had two health bars which extends your fight, giving you lifesteal from riftmaker, and extra armor from its passive

Thronamil is Thornamil, less lifesteal

Deaths dance is fun when paired with Gargoyle, take damage over time instead and then you gargoyle, giving a fun combo for sustain in fights or your ult.

Spirit visage is a great thing to get especially for you trying to heal

force of nature is just for getting away or getting to enemies

Damage Choices
Void staff for that Magpen

Rabadons for all that damage

and cosmic drive for chasing
I just spent the last 2 hours making a guide that no one is gonna read cause I didn't put "immortal" (I love you Balori but c'mon)or "GRANDMASTER" in the title
If you did read this, why? Was it the title" I hope so.
**** you
With love mixed with pure hatred and rage- ThiccCheese1066
Post script/ rant
At this point you're probably wondering if I care about this at all and the answer is no. No, I don't care about builds in league, I don't care about the meta, I don't care if people think taking domination second is useless (**** you, guy from reddit), I care about having fun, and I think I think this build is fun, you can tank good damage, deal damage, and sustain all at once. I don't plan to make another build for another character, though that doesn't mean I won't, I don't plan to see league seriously anytime soon and I don't plan to not have fun with it but I also think this build needs to be looked down upon because of that.
I recommend everyone try to make a build and to experiment and to build upon it. Hell, do it in draft too. It's all still norm games and thus don't really matter, and of course you're gonna get flamed and possibly even reported over it but nothing will happen other than a possible bruised ego and shot down reports.

So go out, and go against that un-fun meta.

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