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Twitch Build Guide by xd796mii

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xd796mii

Big Time Gangster

xd796mii Last updated on May 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello I'm xd796mii here to share my knowledge of twitch with these items will show you why Twitch is GOD at late game with these items. I will admit I have been stuck in VERY low ELO when I was new to this game cause I didn't know leaving would do something bad to your rank (I'm smart). Anyway I'm here to share my knowledge of Twitch in this guide. First guide just a heads up so I'll try my best.

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Pros / Cons


GOD AT LATE GAME (Provided you don't suck like me and actually get the items above)


Can 1v1 Almost anyone with surprise attacks

Can Escape and Ambush People With Q

All the items in this build + Q + W + Ult + Behind Tanks + Autoattack = Unless they have MASSIVE ARMOR LIKE RAMMUS yeah you should be able to murder them all if they stay too long.


Weak to CC

Escape is delayed

Can be shut down

HIGHLY Item reliant


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Skill Sequence

Your E always comes first unless R is available for a point in. Then Q for an escape and the venom cask last.

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Get your core items get your final item get your boots and your good to murder. Just be careful of like Fizz and Akali get Banshee's for them cause they are DEADLY to you. I prefer to go for PD first then IE. After that get the BT for sustain then RH. By now if you've received these items you should walk near someone not tanky and alone invisible obviously and throw a venom cask followed by your R so they can't escape. With these items this almost guarantees a kill.

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Twitch is a squishy HIGH DAMAGE ADC with an escape ability. Great at murder and a DEADLY DOT.He can ambush a single target and take him/her down by simply pressing Q going to them after you turn invisible and throwing venom cask followed by your R and Taking them down with high AD bonus. With this build you'll be able to mow teams down from a safe distance from behind people with your R.

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Possibly the worst part of being twitch cause honestly to farm REALLY well with Twitch is an achievement if you can kite every skillshot and avoid being hit by long range things. Twitch is a late game GOD and I mean that in all seriousness. After the 4 core items that are PD, IE, BT, and RH you can basically consider yourself god. All you have to do is farm and not feed. Hopefully you get a support who will heal you and won't just watch you die.

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Ganking or Roaming

Start moving in with Q then when your W is in range throw that and hit ult start hitting them up and press e when they try to run. Don't try this on super tanks like Mundo try to go for people who actually do noticeable damage. This works better on people who are alone.Try to coordinate with your teammates to kill them. With items it almost guarantee's a kill.

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Creeping / Jungling

Late game get red buff. Don't just read this and not do it your ADC. Take red buff late game whenever you can. Take it. You need it more then the jungler at this point if your doing good.

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The End

Well I hope you have as much fun as I do as Twitch and hopefully do better then I do. Twitch is really strong and I've definitely seen that so. Also I am looking to get myself out of ELO hell for leaving in provisionals please help. I am xd796mii and this was my Twitch guide. This was my first guide so I am open to criticism and suggestions.