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League of Legends Build Guide Author EatMyChidorii

Bomberman The II

EatMyChidorii Last updated on February 8, 2012
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Introduction to Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

Why Ziggs? Why not?! He's like a walking nuclear bomb. Every spell he throws has an incredible effect over the enemy team. Ziggs is a ranged spellcaster which uses bombs as his primary weapon. He's very great at the start of the match for wildly harassing enemies from a distance without taking damage. If you like nuking health bars, Ziggs is the champion for you.

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Bouncing Bomb: Ziggs throws a bomb which bounces three times before exploding. The farther away you put the target, the farther and faster the bomb will bounce. If casted directly upon an enemy target, the bomb will exploded upon impact. This spell has a great ability to harass your opponents from a safe distance. Utilizing this spell near start-game can land you easy kills by completely nuking the enemy's health. Try to master this spell as it is very strong, grab this spell first and max it quickly.

Satchel Charge: Primarily a utility spell, it does not do much damage. Ziggs places a timed-bomb on the floor. It explodes after a short time or when re-activated. When activated, the satchel charge explodes, knocking back the enemies in the radius of the bomb. If Ziggs is also in the radius, he will be knocked back further in the desired direction. You can easily use this spell with skill to jump over walls and evade death while in a chase. I also use this spell, placed behind enemy lines, to knock enemies into my bombs/hexplosive minefield. Mainly a utility spell, take this at level 4 and max it last.

Hexplosive Minefield: This spell is great in many situations. I personally love this spell and find it somewhat over-powered with a large amount of AP and/or magic penetration. Ziggs tosses a minefield of hexplosive bombs that explode upon impact or after a time limit. Enemies that walk upon this minefield are both slowed for a short time and take significant damage for each mine stepped on. This minefield can be used to cut off enemy entrances and escape routes or help you evade a chase. If thrown directly centered on an enemy champion, you will damage them and completely cut off their mobility for a short time. Also a good farming skill as it has a high radius. Take this skill at level 2 and max it second.

Mega Inferno Bomb: Ziggs deploys his ultimate creation, the Mega Inferno Bomb, which is basically a nuclear bomb and does significant damage. It has a fairly large radius and has a wide area on the mini map. Although it isn't a global spell, it still has a large casting range. This spell requires timing and smart-cast. Enemies towards the center of the circle take more damage. It also reveals the circle you've placed on the map, use this to your advantage. This deals tons of damage and has enormous range, it's very awesome, yes? Use this to your best of your abilities and add to it whenever possible (levels 6, 11, and 16).

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Doran's Ring: Grab two. That's key for early harassment. It helps with bonus base damage at the start for easy kills and for the extra mana regen you'll need for spamming your spells. Keep this in mind.

Sorcerer's Shoes: Basic caster shoes. I'd rather have these to sneak past magic resist and deal more damage than having reduced cooldowns. Ziggs is fully capable of spamming Bouncing Bomb with the starting cooldown. Magic penetration > Cooldown Reduction in this case.

Rabadon's Deathcap: Awesome item. Adds efficiently and significantly to your base AP to give you even better nuking damage with all your spells. Grab it quick for insane mid-game damage.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter: Essential. Slows enemies with your spells and adds to your health, since Ziggs is squishy to start with...anyways, use this item efficiently by slowing enemies with your bouncing bomb (or any other spell, bouncing bomb has good range and low cooldowns, that's why I suggested it). This gives you the easy chase. Pursue them and spam your spells for the kill.

Archangel's Staff: Good for Ziggs. It gives you a lot of mana so that you don't have to constantly get Blue Buff to spam your spells. Ziggs eats a lot of mana if you spam your spells to do lots of harassment, this item is perfect for that. Bonus mana and bonus ability power from your mana. Great boost to your general ability to fight enemies.

Deathfire Grasp: Start off all fights with this. It's unique active ability allows you to do damage equal to a small percentage of their current health. Start off with this for a good starting advantage with health. Bounce away with satchel charge, slow them with hexplosive mines and throw enough bombs to finish them off. This also adds to cooldown reduction. I find this item awesome.

Void Staff: This is just a bonus item for end-game. It helps with a boost of ability power of magic penetration. This replaces the Doran's Ring


Mejai's Soulstealer: If you're doing really good and are fed already, get this item. Stack it up to 20 and get the bonus cooldown reduction. It adds to a lot of ability power with enough stacks and will give a huge boost in AP.

Will of the Ancients: Eh, I don't really find it necessary to have spell vamp on Ziggs since it doesn't work well but try it anyways. If you find yoursself really squishy and die often too quickly, grab this to restore health with every spell hit. Spell vamp is like life steal for mages, try it out if you're having trouble with sustainability.

Thornmail: Basically, only get this if they have a lot of AD champions or if they have a greatly fed AD champion carry. Shut them down. Make them avoid targeting you first.

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Masteries and Runes

Basic AP runes and masteries. Most spellcasters have the same masteries here. I chose these ones for as much as AP as possible; same with runes. I don't have the best experience with runes, since I haven't bought a lot, but I decided to choose runes that best relate to giving Ziggs great AP towards start-game so you can get fed off of insane damage at the beginning and good mana-regen for spam harassment. Mix around and experiment, try different runes and masteries. Find the best build for these, it's usually all the same.

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Farm nicely for gold, obviously. Toss your hexplosive minefield to ensure damage on minions, with it's wide radius. Toss your bouncing bombs directly at a large cluster of minions. Later, when your AP is high, it will kill them in one blow. Farming with Ziggs is very fast, since he deals tons of damage, quickly.

(Use your ultimate on incoming minion waves. Good farming)
(Just kidding there. It was a joke, use it as a clairvoyance.)
(Just kidding again. Use it when necessary to clean up near dead champions.)

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That's all (for now) folks!

For now anyways, I'll update this build later when necessary. Feel free to com