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Teemo General Guide by superdorian

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author superdorian

Bot Lane AP Teemo>ADC Teemo S3 Guide

superdorian Last updated on February 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Please rate this guide and give feedback. I would love to see what people think of this guide and if you have criticism.

This is my first guide so I figured I would do it on my favorite champion: Teemo. Everyone knows that Teemo is just that one troll that anyone can mess around with and be okay with. Hopefully this guide will take you from being the classic Teemo Troll to the true Teemo carry.

This guide will go in-depth about what, how, and why I chose the build I did with Teemo which is important. Knowing why you max what abilities and how to maximize each item and using Teemo as a utility and carry is the first step to becoming the true Teemo carry.

Something I want to clear up before continuing on is why I chose AP/Attack Speed over ADC Teemo.
Teemo's E, Toxic Shot, Q, Blinding Dart, and R, Noxious Trap ALL scale with AP. Building AP Teemo is automatically 80% as effective as ADC Teemo because 80% of your AP is factored into your basic attack due to Toxic Shot. This means that ADC Teemo is 20% more effective. But building ADC Teemo will give you no other benefits other than that 20% extra damage on hit. But let's look at the list of why AP Teemo is more effective than ADC Teemo.
AP Teemo turns his Blinding Dart and Noxious Trap from a utility to a utility and source of damage.
  • Toxic Shot will deal 10% of your AP over 4 seconds after the shot. If you stack this with ignite, this alone can deal around a 1/4 of your enemies damage depending on who you are targeting.
  • Blinding Dart will deal a good amount of base damage but then stack on the 80% AP and it deals a ton of damage and blinds the opponent. Good tool for harassing without getting harassed back.
  • Noxious Trap will turn from a mini ward to a deadly killer with AP Teemo. The base damage on this trap is already high but stacked with the additional 80% AP is an unpleasant surprise for the enemies.

If you know how to utilize Teemo's abilities, then AP Teemo is definitely more viable than ADC Teemo.

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Key Build Ideas and Role for a Successful AP Carry Teemo

The goal with this build is to attack fast so that the items make the enemies weaker and you stronger.
Cool Down Reduction : Is one of the most important part of Teemo. In the build you can see that Nashor's Tooth gives a 20% cool down. I always think that BLUE BUFF IS A MUST for a successful AP Teemo. This grants an extra 20% cool down reduction. This means that Noxious Trap will be on around a 15 second cool down timer. Blinding Dart will be around a 5 second cool down. You will also have more than enough mana for all of your needs.

Magic Penetration : This is built into some of the items on the guide. Basically this will just dig into the enemies magic resist and deal more and more damage. With Malady you gain magic penetration and Wit's End gives magic resist. This will make sure your shrooms and auto attacks just deal more and more damage as time goes by.

Ability Power : This is basic. Just build AP and your auto attack and abilities will deal more damage. This is how you build up Teemo's damage.

Attack Speed : This is also basic. Teemo AP is still on-hit Teemo. You want him to hurt as many people as possible and do it fast so attack speed is a good thing to build.

Global Awareness/Taunt : This is a meta. Something not incorporated in the game, but something innate in the player. Knowing the enemies position is crucial for any player but being able to control the map with an ability is extremely useful. Noxious Trap slows and damages a lot so kiting people into the Noxious Trap is great. You change the map for the enemy. It is something invisible that they have no control over (unless they purchase an Oracle or Vision Ward). Bringing team fights to the shroom fields will hurt the enemy a lot as an AP Teemo and slow them. It will also give your team the element of surprise which can cause the enemy to perform at a lower level than normal in a team fight.

Role in Team Fights : Teemo has an interesting role in team fights. Whenever I play him, I try to get targeted because I know the enemy won't be able to get me. I am fast, I have map control with Noxious Trap and if someone gets too close, I just blind them with Blinding Dart.

  • Kiting enemies away from the anyone squishy on your team.
  • Blind the enemy ADC
  • Pick off enemies that try to escape by closing the gap with Move Quick and shoot a nice Blinding Dart and ignite if possible. That combo deals so much damage.
  • Noxious Trap escape points
  • Lead enemy to shroom fields
  • When Teemo has his full build, Noxious Trap will do an insane amount of damage (usually around 750-1000) and he will dish out tons of poison damage to 3 targets at a time.
  • Don't die

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This is the next chapter in this guide because knowing how to use Teemo's abilities is crucial.

Camouflage is probably one of the most unused but OP passives in the game. Here is a list of things that you can do with this ability that most people don't do.

  • Stand at enemy blue (invisible) at around 7:00 (around the time they normally go back to get blue again). Make sure to take an obscure path to get there to avoid being caught by enemy wards.
  • If you know you are going to lose a team fight and running away will be almost impossible, just find a random spot and go invisible. When everything calms down again, recall and defend.
  • Using it as a common harassing technique is viable. Turn invisible then you can auto attack the enemy, Blind Dart them right after, then get at least one more auto attack in without getting any damage in return and returning to safety.
  • Remember this passive gives you a 40% attack speed increase for 2 seconds.
Use your passive not only to help yourself, but help your team. Have an ally kite an enemy to an invisible Teemo where he laid a Noxious Trap. This is one of the easiest ways to get a kill. Having Global Awareness as Teemo is essential because you have the abilities to own the map; not many champions do.

Blinding Dart is often not used to it's fullest capability. This ability allows you to get in range of most AD Carry's (minus Caitlyn, Kog'Maw, and Tristana) and deal damage, then get out with no damage in return. It is also a great zoning technique while farming. Most players back off when a Teemo goes head in because early-mid game, it usually means no good. ALWAYS use this against the ADC because it deals a lot of damage and prevents them from dealing damage for a good amount of time.

Move Quick is just an ability to move around faster. This ability is easily trumped by the summoner spells Flash and Ghost which is why I don't find this ability too useful. I use it to close gaps, finish off kills, escape death, and to just troll around. I guess this ability gives you easier access to the whole map.

Toxic Shot is a passive ability. Basically, just building AP will increase the usefulness of this ability. One shot of this and ignite will deal a ton of damage as the enemy starts running away.

Noxious Trap is definitely my favorite ability on Teemo. Know how to use this ability is the most crucial part of Teemo. Planting these traps can secure kills, spot enemies, act as wards, and help you escape. Early-Mid game, I like planting the shrooms or eggs or whatever you want to call them into key spots on the river. Getting ganked on bot lane is the least of my worries when these are planted in places like the try bush, the bush closest to the lane, and the bushes in lane. I know I am secure in lane because these will slow enemy, show enemies, hurt enemies, all while I am running back to turret. Around 10 minutes, you should have trapped those key places as well as the whole area around Dragon, and the enemy jungle around blue. Around 15-20 minutes in the game, the bot part of the map should just be covered in shrooms. You and your team mates will be aware of ganks and will be able to kite enemies into your shroom field. By 25 min in the game, start warding key areas around Baron so you know if any enemies are checking it out. By 35 minutes, Baron should be covered in shrooms.

Normal Combos early game are
Auto Attack=> Blinding Dart=>Auto Attack=> Move Quick away. This is just a harass with an almost 100% guarantee to not take any auto attack damage.
Camouflage=>Auto Attack=> Blind Dart=>> Move Quick chase (I guarantee the enemy runs every time you do this combo.)

Kiting enemies into a Noxious Trap field will slow the enemies, deal damage, and help your allies chase, have global awareness, and escape.

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Berserker's Greave Is common for most champions that deal a lot of damage on hit. This will let Teemo dish out more attacks. Get the Furor Enchantment for that chasing and escaping.

Malady gives you more AP and attack speed. The passive also gives you more magic damage. Another passive is that it lowers the enemies Magic Resistance. This stacks up to 7 times.

Liandry's Torment is a good item for Teemo to have because he starts out with very little health and is very squishy so this item will counter that. It also has good AP and magic penetration. One of the passives is that it will burn the enemies when a spell is used (which is all the time because of Toxic Shot) which stacks on top of the poison from Toxic Shot and ignite.

Nashor's Tooth This item is great for just attack speed and cool down reduction. This also grants a pretty hefty AP bonus.

Wit's End gives you the ability to 1v1 any other AP champion with a little bit of ease. The more you attack, the more magic resist you get. It stacks up to 5 times so it grants 45 magic resist along with magic damage on hit and attack speed.

Runaan's Hurricane is what absolutely annihilates the enemy team. You start to fire 3 shots every attack. The on hit effects are still the same so Toxic Shot is applied to everyone which was your main source of damage to begin with. This item will make you farm creeps and sweep the jungle with ease which will get you a lot more money which can help you edit your build to your liking.

Lich Bane is best if you know how to use it. You need to use Blinding Dart, Noxious Trap, and Move Quick to activate the passive which just gives you increased damage for the next attack. This item will make you unstoppable 1v1. It also gives you a lot of AP and movement speed which will close the gap or help you escape when need be.

Rabadon's Deathcap this is just a great item for anybody who wants to deal damage with attacks and abilities that scale off of AP. This alone should bring your AP up around 175.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is great if you find yourself getting picked off in team battles easily. It will give you more health and AP so it just makes you stronger health and damage wise.

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This will be a very basic section.

Teemo get's armor Seals because he needs it for early game protection against ADC. AP Quint and Glyphs for that extra AP for early game. Attack Speed just for more attacking in less time.

The mastery page is pretty basic. Cool down reduction, AP, magic pen. Everything I talked about being necessary for a successful for an AP Teemo.


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