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Brand Build Guide by slooots

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slooots

Brand Mid - Burning your way out of silver.

slooots Last updated on September 26, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there. I recently started playing with Brand as a mid-silver, so take my experience with a grain of salt, but I wanted to share the way I play with the community because I've experienced really good success with him. I've never gone negative K/D/A with him, and have a 77% w/r at the time of publication.

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Pretty standard rune setup - MPen for early damage bonus and to negate late game MR builds, AP for power, and Armor to block some basic attack harass and the creep aggro.

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Again, relatively standard masteries. Taking 23/0/7 with all the AP masteries in the offensive tree, and picking up some movement speed and health regeneration in the utility tree.

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Here's where my build differentiates itself. First and foremost, I rush Rod of Ages because it provides unreal lane sustain through Catalyst's passive, and gives a generous boost to Health, Mana, and Ability power. This item makes it unnecessary to pick up a mana regeneration item or Tear.

For boots, instead of going for the Magic Penetration, I go for the CDR because that opens up better build options that don't have CDR on them.

After you've picked up some boots and your RoA is completed, you can move onto your Haunting Guise and then Liandry's soon thereafter. This item has amazing synergy with Blaze, Brand's passive burn, and is the reason why I choose to build Rylai's thereafter. Once you've picked up your Rylai's, you're not only burning people for huge chunks of their health, but also have no trouble burning through tank champions and squishy carries alike. This also adds awesome utility, because combining Brand's massive range with a slow makes it super easy for your team to close the gap once you land a pillar on one of the carries.

At this point, you should be getting focused in team-fights, which makes it critical to have a Zhonya's by this point. You can, of course, rush it early depending on whom you're laning against. With a Zed, it's hilarious to drop a pillar under yourself when he ults, then pop your Zhonya's to watch him get hit by the pillar while spamming "lol" in chat. But, hey, that's just me.

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You have a lot of really fun combos available. I'll run through a few of them, from basic to otherwise.

Easy combo that lets you apply Blaze with E, then follow it up with a Q to land a 2 second stun. As you get more comfortable, you can actually cast Q first and apply your E when the projectile is still flying to reduce your time spent near the enemy.

Followup on the above combo, but with a Pillar to do tons of damage.

Longer range stun potential than the E-Q, but requires landing your W and adds more potential for missing both spells. Pro-tip, cast your Q while pillar is still casting if you think you're sure to hit for a nearly instant stun.

Great combo for demolishing minion waves. Q applies blaze to first minion, E spreads it to all around it, then W cleans up.

This is a great way to use your ultimate while laning near minions. If you can apply blaze to the minions that the enemy is standing near, the pyroclasm will bounce from the minions to the enemy champ. Try to cast your ultimate directly on the enemy champion, because that means it'll bounce champ-minion-champ-minion-champ as opposed to minion-champ-minion-champ-minion. This combo is super fun for when an enemy is running away and thinks they're safe. Chuck a W deep into that minion wave, and launch your pyroclasm onto the burning minion and it'll bounce onto the enemy champion. Kill secured, peasant.

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So that's about it. I'm not diamond or challenger, not a streamer or even really that good at League. I've just been having a lot of success with this build and style of play and wanted to share it with the community. This is also my first guide, so please pardon the lack of pretty pictures or formatting. Feel free to add me on NA, slooots, if you want to talk more about it or see me play. You can also see my previous games and see the success I've been having with it. Cheers :)