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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eberwurz

Brand the CDR Burner

Eberwurz Last updated on April 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 21

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this is my first build and my English is pretty bad, because it isn't my native language.
I hope you enjoy.

Feel free to ask if your missing a chapter or some information

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Update Chapter

I gonna hold this build up to date so i added update Chapter

21.04.2011 14:00 added update chapter

21.04.2011 14:00 enabled "require comment to vote"

21.04.2011 04:30 build online

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Pros / Cons

+good Farmer early and late game
+insane teamfight damage output
+all spells(exept Sear) are aoe spells
+percent of health dot is very good early and late game
+big range + good damage = good harassment

-not a killer(especially early game)
-no escape ability
-lack of cc

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Spell explanation

Every of your spell sets your target/s ablaze when it hits.
Your passive is a 4 second dot which deals an amount of 2 percent of the maximum health of the target per second = 8 percent Life!
The simple meaning of this is that your harrasment is pretty strong.
Additionally gets every spell an additional effect when the target is ablazed.

This is spell is pretty simple:

A skillshot with a good range which deals damge and has a low cooldown when maxed.
Use it in 1v1 situations after Conflagration to Stun(the target is ablazed with conflagration and your sear can stun them then).

An Aoe Spell which damages after short delay all Targets inside. Similar to Swains W spell but shorter delay before the ability triggers.
Your main damage Spell. Use it to farm/harras in early game, and to nuke in mid/late game.
In teamfight try to use Conflagration first on a ablaze target(cast sear on somebody) to set the whole enemy team ablaze and then nuke them off with your pillar

This spell is the most predictable spell: a single target spell who turns into an Aoe Spell if the target was ablazed.
In early game use this

Your ult, i hate it and i love it(depending on the situation).
Its terrible for 1v1 fights and in teamfights its like playing ryze without aoe ulti.
But the damage output of this ability in a 2v1 fight is incredible.
Best use is to through it in the teamfight after you set multiple enemies ablazed and to hope that it will kill something and not hit some minions or the tank.
Unpredictable thats the best word to describe it.
Because your CDR maxed you can use it in 1v1 too, sometimes it gives the kick.

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Why Cooldown Reduktion?/Rune Explanation

Brand has very high cooldowns on his Spells you really need the CDR to be able to keep on casting. Without that you will have to wait full 10 seconds for your Pillar of Flame be avaible again
Runes give us 8,1% at level 18(Glyphs) and 3,28 flat cdr (2 Quints)
Morello's Evil Tome gives us 20% and 9% from Masterys

Total: 40 percent CDR cap reached!!!

For my other runes i use Magic Penetration because it boosts your damage output at all.

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Summoner Spells

I Recommend

It makes you able to change position in teamfights, chase enemys, run away,change lanes fast...
this spell is just multi useable and on brand its pretty usefull because you have no build in slow like karth which keeps your targets in range.

Best escape/opening spell ever
in my opinion a must on every caster!

What you also can use

In my opinion useless but many People use it because of the double Dot (with Ablaze)

A very good spell because you need to go back multiple times to get new items/refill mana and life

not as good as teleport but still good get it if you like it to stay longer on the lane and farm more.

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Start with Meki Pendant and 2 Healpots. You need the manareg early game to be able to spam your spells and farm.
As soon as possible, go back and buy Fiendish Codex, your first step to CDR Cap.
If you got an strong enemy mid lane also buy another 1-3 heal pots.
After that get Boots of Speed and Meeja's soulstealer.
If your not doing good or you dont like Meeja's soulstealer, just skip it and go straight on but build an Will of the Ancients after Archangel staff then.

After finishing Morello's Evil Tome you will notice that your are able to spam you spells all time now.
To make this possible we get an Archangel staff next for mana and manaregeneration and some nice ap.
Rabadons Deathcap is a must on every caster (exept Ryze) so build it after.
At this point you will have around 700 ap (depends on how high your meejas is stacked) and do a ****load of damage.
Now your maybe asking: But how can i afford this?
Proceed to next step :-)

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Early game/Mid game


The Key to Afford your items is to Farm.FarmFarmFarm.
Hit as much minions as possible with Pillar of Flame and then kill all hit minion with Conflagration.
In early game when your dmg output is low fokus on caster minions but later on it doesnt matter what kind of minion it is you will onehit it anyway.
Lasthit as much as possible and try to harras your enemy to make him stay outside of gold farm range. Dont try that much to kill him, most times you will waste your mana and not get as much lasthits as you could have get. Try to harras you enemy out of his lane and recall then to get items or push the tower. Dont let your tower unguarded vs strong pushers!

You don't need to gank that much but if someone asks for help go for it cause this is a teamgame.
In Mid game when ppl start group up and fight each other your time has come.
Your spells deal insane damage in an great area meaning that you will hit nearly every enemy in every teamfight granting you assists and meeja stacks. You will also get some kill what makes it possible to pay for your items.
But still: DONT FORGET TO FARM. Kill every minion you see!!! I end every game with Brand with 200+ minion kills.

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End game

Youre fed now. If you got kills or not doesnt matter. You farmed like crazy and now you got around 600 Ap and the enemy team has to deal with it.

I had many Games with enemys stacking magic resist and then its time to build a [[Void
Staff]] to counter that. Youre AOE spells win teamfights and you farm waves and push very
fast. Stay with your tanks cause your lack of cc and your Life is low. If they catch you in
the jungle or on a lane farming (farmtime is over now) your pretty sure dead.

If you play save and stay back in teamfights your damage output will dominate the game and help your team to win.

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Spell usage

Conflagration to set them ablazed then Sear to stun them and then Pillar of Flame to deal dmg. If your sure it will kill them use your ult now otherwise try to chase him and hit him with another pillar/Sear to finish him.

Use Sear to hit a target for Conflagration use it then to set the whole team ablaze to nuke them down with Pillar of Flame

Its NOT necessary to do it in this order.
If your Sear Missed or you dont hit a target in the middle of them for a nice use of
Conflagration then just use your Pillar of Flame(you got CDR remember (-: ) and use
Conflagration right after it to deal your aoe dmg then. By now the whole team should be
ablazed(doesnt matter which way you choosed) and its time to through your ult in. Use it on
the nearest opponent if possible becase it will speed up if he is ablazed and they have not
much chance to spread and dodge the ult.

Keep on spamming your abilitys and dont be too greedy :-)

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Thats pretty much all and i thank you for reading my guide.
+1 if you liked it and pls comment if you dont
i really want to do it better next time and i want to edit/update this build too so i need your feedback

Greez Eberwurz