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League of Legends Build Guide Author Holbech

Brand The Insane Mid

Holbech Last updated on April 25, 2011
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+ 2

The magic penetration in the early and mid game phases is an incredible Utility for Brand (one guide suggests cooldown reduction boots, but that is because that is a build for people who want cooldown reduction, not magic penetration)

This item is a must when you are dominating in a game and the enemy is not building magic resistance. The stacks provide 8 ability power each with a maximum of 160 ability power + the 20 ability power it has naturally. And at 20 stacks, you get the ever-so-amazing 15% cooldown reduction addition. If you reach 20 stacks with this item, the game should definitely end in your favor. The reason I do not recommend this in most of my builds is that if you build it before your

Different builds provide different items, but in all cases you get at least 120 ability power from the natural 40 and the passive 3% of maximum mana conversion. God-like mana regen means that you can spam your abilities a LOT and you will want to since the builds also include cooldown reduction.

This is fairly obvious as Rabadon's provides a massive amount of ability power and then adds even more with its unique passive. It is not in every guide because I would only recommend building it when you are building all-out AP so that its passive benefits you the most

This item can be very useful for the player that is having trouble hitting enemies with aimed ability on Brand. By slowing the enemy with each spell, you would be able to set up the following combo a lot easier:

Sometimes, the enemy team has a lot of AP Heavy champions and you need some magic resistance. How about 50 magic resistance and block any spell every 30 seconds. I say yes. The health also provides more survivability and the mana gives you more health regen through masteries and more AP through

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Skill Sequence

Level 1 Conflagration
Level 2 Pillar of Flame
Level 3 Sear'
Level 4 Conflagration
Level 5 Pillar of Flame

The Damage rises 40 per Level. It is easy to Evade. Single target. Not a good farming tool. No Team fight benefits by maxing it first. The stunduration does not rise per Level Up.
Not a good Option for maxing it before the other Spells are maxed.

Damage rises 47,5 per Level. Hits everytime. Single Target/In-Combo-Multiple targets. Bad farming tool. Team fight capabilities high because Area Damage.
Not the best Option, because: Only good for farming when used in a Combo, don't waste so much mana on minions.

Pillar of Flame
The Damage rises 45 per Level. It is not so easy to evade. Multiple targets. A good farming tool. Team fight capabilities high because Area Damage.
The best Option for maxing it first.

Well Maxing Sear first is not a good Option, it's benefit per Level up is just 40 Damage, which is not even much.
Maxing Conflagration could be an Option, but i can not explain why i max Pillar of Flame first without comparing those 2 :

Pro: Pillar of Flame
Combo Damage
Farming Tool
You can harass enemy and kill minions in 1 Spell.
Longest Range (You can even harass under enemy Tower)

Pro: Conflagration
Damage (but it is tiny difference)
Hits every time

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Summoner Spells


Flash saves life or give you the chance to take enemy lif and are Useful for getting to the enemy to finish them off, hop across the Baron barrier, dodging certain attacks, and escaping multi-man ganks

You can get enemys on the wrong foot with Ignite much easier, when they are careless.
1) They don't play super safe: You get some kills.
2) They play super safe: Minion Deny!
3) They are Agressive: Eat my whole Brand combo and die or play safer!
Even make kills/prevent when enemy Ganks/Towerdives or Countering Heals is possible.
I explain by showing the difference with and without Ignite:

Level 4 you hit Conflagration + Pillar of Flame + Ignite + Blaze
= 250 Magic damage + 150 True Damage and you have still Auto Atacks + maybe the 25% extra damage of Pillar of Flame when u use the Combo and Sear.
400 Damage with Capabilities to much more.
Without Ignite 250 Damage.
(I do the maths with 700 Health enemy at Level 4)

Try to think as your enemy:
"I have max health 700 and right now i have 350 Life(50%). I don't recall or Tower hug, I fight. Oh there comes Brand what the hell do you want?"
And whoops Brand alone does 400 easy and sure Damage + Auto attacks and a laning-Partner!

Without Ignite:
"I have max health 700 and right now i have 250 Life(35%). I may should use a Potion or play a bit safer until my Health regs up to... Lets say 50%. Oh Brand comes i have to get out of here."

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo with Ignite you get them on the wrong foot much more often.

Other options?

Exhaust: Nope. Ok Prevent DPS enemy to kill you but you already have Flash. You don't need the slow for offense

Ghost: You already have Flash. Sure it is a good Option but not better as Ignite. And in my Opinion making a kill with Flash is easier and more unexpected as with Ghost. You may change Ghost and Flash if you are more skilled with it.

Clarity: Nope. Every Champion has Mana Problems at start but in endgame it gets nearly useless and it does not improve your battle capabilities. And since i want to buy Catalyst the Protector u don't need it.

Cleanse: Mostly only useful if you combine it with Ghost or Flash to escape. It is a good Option too still i think Ignite has more benefits.

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Don't waste Mana, count how many you would use for a gank. At best keep 300 mana safe, so at Level 1 You can use 200 Mana to harass and the Mana you regenerate. At best Harass Only with Pillar of Flame.
At Level 4 Harass the enemy to the Point you can kill, Brand is a killing charakter, do it. At Level 4 you can burst easily 400 Damage (Just read the "Summoner Spell" Section where i explain Ignite.)

Against aggressive Range Enemys:
The one who can better evade Skillshots and who can Skillshot better wins.

Against aggressive Melee Enemys:
Don't be scared. Your Damage Output is amazing. You have Ignite and a team partner and then you have Flash. Just Auto Attack + Spells don't be a chicken, as a last resort you have still Flash. Well Check if they have Ignite you may use Flash a bit earlier if they have.

Against scared Enemys:
3 Strategys:

1) Push (Against Champions who are not good at killing Minions or with a low Mana Pool, like Solo Laning Malphite)
Kill enemy Minions and attack the Enemy Tower as much as possible.

2) Minion Deny (Against Enemy Melee Champions or very scared Range)
Do not damage the Minions, only last hit and stand in Enemy Bush or between Enemy Champions and their Caster Minions. You aim for getting Experience but the enemy is not in range to get Expirience. Also you get more gold because the enemy Tower kills a few Minions and you last hit all of the enemy Minions.
Make sure you are in Bush when new Minions arrive, so they attack your Minions and not you. You want your own Minions to die! But they have to die while Enemy Champion is too far away.

3) Extreme Minion Deny (When enemys are really really scared and Tower hugging, at best against a Solo Laner)
Just stand in the Bush and Concentrate on enemy Champion. Don't Harm Minions. Don't Last hit. Don't give him an Option, if he is somewhere where you are only his Death waits. Like a Brand Mundo Combination with Ignite and Exhaust. You harass like Hell and when he would come close he dies because of Exhaust Ignite and Damage. You have Item disadvantage because you have no Gold, but you can live with that.
I'll explain.
At some time the mid Lane or the other lane a tower falls, 5 vs 5 starts to begin. So they have lets see:
Your Teammates levels: 7 7 7 7 9 (Side Lanes + Midlane)
Enemy levels: 2 6 7 7 9 (1 Side Lane + Your minion deny work + Midlane + Jungler)
(Of course i expect the enemy Jungler does not get fed, but well don't push when enemy has a Jungler, buy wards, and at Minute 7-9 Start Warding Dragon, Gank him and Push. You know countering Junglers.)

You may have not 200 Health and 20-40 Ap more like normal Side Laners, but when you are 5 levels above 1 Enemy a single Spell of you deals ca 50-100 Damage more than his ones, and you have Ultimate.
It is totally worth it.

You may ask "Where is the difference to normal Minion Deny?"
Well, in normal Minion Deny you get an army of Minions because you do Last Hits, then you go to the Tower and the enemys get Gold and EXP. Still not as much as they would get normally, but they do get some. Minion Deny Extreme does not give them such an advantage.