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Brand Build Guide by luckydodge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author luckydodge

Brand the Master Flames

luckydodge Last updated on July 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction/ Q&A

Hey everybody this is my second guide on Mobafire my first one was one Shaco it was doing okay so I decided to make another build this time for Brand hope you enjoy this guide.

1. What is Brand ? Well he's some guy who is on fire... okay but seriously hes a Ranged Caster.

2. How do I play this type of character? Well continue reading and I'll tell you.

3. Now on to the build I'm just throwing this out there this is a guide not a you must do or you will die. I couldn't enforce that anyway... So I hope you enjoy my guide I'll try and put some humor in there as well as what you came for the guide. Note that you should play this build before you rate and comment unless it has to do with spellin, grammar, tech. stuff, or you want to give me yo #. Just kidding your probably not my type anyway.

(yes your very smart Spelling is not spelled correctly.)

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This section is where I will post all the updates that happen to brand and my guide.

    Rabadon's Deathcap Ap decreased from 155-140

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Runes my least favorite part of building a champ. One because it cost IP and I like buying champs with that (my mom gets mad when I use my actual money), and two I'm just cheap I admit.
Okay so I don't have good runes the ones I put up are the ones I would get if I wasn't a cheap bastard or I could spend my actual money on champs.
Why MP(Magic Penetration), CD(Cooldown) reduction, and AP(Ability Power) well it helps me kill things so why not. MP so that you can get in that 8.55 extra damage, CDR so that you can do it more, and AP so that your spells can hit harder.

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These are better I don't have to use IP awesome so here I have the 9-0-21 combo.

In my Damage Masteries I take CDR with MP and .6 ability power because I'm a pro.

In my Caster Masteries I take Good Hands for you know what... duh reduced death timer god you have a dirty mind. I don't recommend the other one Perseverance because it doesn't help that much and besides when have you not died very few games so suck up your pride and just get Good Hands because when your back in the lane before he is (assuming you had a draw and both of you died) and can get all of those minion kills then you be sending him back next time by himself (you can get the other one if you absolutely must have it or are a pro and never die). Okay so after that get EXP (experience) booster, Mana Pool Booster, and Buff Master so when you kill Blue buff (The big golem in Summoner's Rift) it will last you for awhile, quickness to get to the quicker get it... no... no one... fine. okay CDR for the spamming of abilities. Plus the last one.

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Okay so for Items as I have said in my previous guide Items are one of the most important things, so I will spend most of your time or at least a good portion of it here and maybe more somewhere else.

Start Game: (0 minutes) Buy Doran's Ring for the health which will allow you to live longer duh, Mana Regen (1 mana per second) so that you can harass and farm more and 15 ability power which in most early game cases is all you need to kill the opponent.

Early Game: (5-10 minutes) After you got your wedding ring and have taken some gold from farming with your Pillar of Flame which you get third more on that later. Head back or die but try to head back because dieing sucks. The items I pick up are Sorcerer's Shoes and Hextech Revolver . I get my shoes for movement and MP so that I can hit them where it hurts. I get the Revolver for the AP to go with my MP and the Spell Vamp for those who don't know what that is its like life steal but for casters, Basically AP=health when casting harmful spells on the enemy.

Mid Game: (20-30 minutes) After about 10-20 minutes of game play you should have enough gold to go back and buy some more cool things. I buy Morello's Evil Tome if im doing the harassing 75 AP more fire for your fire, Mana Regen more fuel for your fire, and CDR so just a lot of fire in a small amount of time. So this just = rape unless they like it because you can't rape the willing so it would just be pwnage. Now if your getting the **** beat out of you get Rylai's Crystal Septer Which gives 500 health so you live longer may be just what you need to get back to the turret or to run to some type of help. 80 AP so that you can still do your job which is do lots of damage and a nice little slow. Yes I know he has a stun but I like the slow to. I mean you do miss the stun sometimes and your Pillar of Flame becomes an AOE (Area of Effect) slow now what do you think about Rylai's Crystal Septer? Um I have gotten a comment about Banshee's Veil so here is what I say you can take if you need it for those casters to go with or to take place of not replace RCS.

Late Game: (40-??? minutes) So now tons of team fights have broken out and you have whether you wanted to or not you accumulated some gold lets go back and pimp ourselves out. First I normally go for finishing my Revolver by turning it into Will of the Ancients which gives 80 AP and 25% Spell Vamp. 30 AP comes from the Aura it has 25% SV and 30 AP so everyone is happy
okay not everyone just your team. I like this item because it gives me more punch and allows me to live longer with SV. Next I buy Void Staff I am just going to say that this will tear your opponents to pieces and his/her pieces to pieces and so on +70 AP and +40% Magic Pen. After that I buy myself a really nice hat to congratulate my victory over the other team, its called Rabadon's Deathcap +140 AP and +30% of your total AP after that totaling it all to 530 AP at lvl 18 and if you have all of the before then well WTF ARE YOU DOING I need to see your guide!!!! Oh and you need to get a divorce and sell your wedding ring so that you can get your fancy hat. Hats before Hoes if your a lesbian or a man and Bros if your gay or a woman. Any who on to the next section. Oh and I am a guy just so I don't get any man numbers sorry I don't roll that way I'll call you if I change my mined but don't count on it.

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Okay so skills let us view them first shall we?

Q.Sear Brand launches a ball of fire forward that deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+.65) magic damage.
If target is ablaze, Sear will stun the target for 2 seconds.

W.Pillar of Flame After a short delay, Brand creates a pillar of flame (God I want to put an "s" at the end of flame) at a target area, dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+.6) magic damage to enemy units within the area.
Units that are ablaze take an additional 25% damage from Pillar of Flame

E.Conflagration Brand conjures a powerful blast at his target, dealing 70/105/140/175/210 (+.55) magic damage.
If the target is ablaze, Conflagration spreads to nearby enemies.

R.Pyroclasm Brand unleashes a devastating torrent of fire, dealing 150/250/350 (+.5) magic damage each time it bounces up to 5 bounces.
If a target is ablaze, Pyroclasm's missile speed increases.

Passive.Blaze Brand's spells light his targets ablaze, dealing 2% of their maximum Health in magic damage per second for 4 seconds.
for those who can't or don't want to do the math that's 8% of their health gone.

Okay now that the boring stuff is over lets talk about it.
First I want to say that passive is awesome because its like an in game ignite which I still take as one of my summoner spells.

Second the R. or ultimate or utli as you might see in game Pyroclasm is great for making your enemies want to stay away from each other now don't cast when minions are around as it might just hit them after the first bounce assuming you cast on them and not a minion.

Third the E. button Conflagration I normally use this it set people ablaze so that I can stun them or deal massive damage its perty much a sure fire way to set someone ablaze. Also if you Sear a minion (a strong one that won't die in one hit) then use conflagration on it and then pillar of flame all of the minions on fire you farm great like that. Just saying its kind of a big deal...

Forth the W. Pillar of Flame button this spell is your main source of damage. Is there a group of enemy champs? Well just use your farming ability combo Sear, Con., PoF and boom they are on fire maybe dead but defiantly thinking twice about standing near each other if they aren't then throw a Pyroclasm their way.

Fifth the Q. button Sear Is used mainly for its stun and last hitting those runners or stunning them and playing with their little minds. Whatever you prefer.

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Pros / Cons

Can stun almost as many times as Annie maybe more I never have counted
Has an in game ignite
AOE slow with Ryla's
Great farmer (not the one that makes food)
Weak if caught will die unless pro or very lucky or both.
Can't do **** to turrets because he's a caster. (well he can but its not as much compared to Xin Zhoa Xin Zhoa

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How to play

Okay so you have everything except how to play well I'm hear to tell you that I don't care.
JK I do care or I wouldn't be making a guide on Mobafire well any website actually... Okay so hear it is.

Early Game: lvls 1-2 Harass the hell out of the enemy and try to get solo but don't be a noob and feed if you don't get it or QQ the whole game about how you would have won or done better if you had mid or top because I'm here to tell you how to play both. Okay sorry about my rant so harass the enemy and last hit minions till you get to lvl 3 then farm and harass only if you need to you shouldn't have to they should be afraid of you by lvl 3 because you did nothing for 2 lvls but piss them off.

Mid Game: So if you kill their turret move on to a different lane only come back to your to get minions away from your turret or if a team battle breaks out. If the turret has not gone down see if one lane can spare some time to help you kill your turret. After its dead gank like its going out of style or there's no tomorrow or both your choice I prefer both. Just ghost out the brush and Con. then Sear and you win unless your dumb and don't have help and went in 2v1 or hit a tank.

Late Game: Stay with your team own some noobs. How that's done depends on whats going on.
1.If they are running then stun them.
2.If they are fighting then stun and/or Damage them.
3.If you are Losing then Stun-n-Run. Sorta like Shake-n-Bake
4.If you are Winning then continue what your doing.
For everything else spam everything that's not on CD unless there are no champs around then find some and repeat one of the steps above.

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Kick some *** and report back to me send me pics of your amazing games and comment on what I can do better Thumbs up if you like and if you don't please give me a chance before you thumbs down so that I can fix the problem and keep commenting and given thumbs up if you want to see more. I have one other on Shaco its pretty cool but it hasn't gotten recognized yet so check it out. Love you hope you love me and have a good one.