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Brand Build Guide by tailgating

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tailgating

Brand- With a Burning Passion

tailgating Last updated on June 26, 2011
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Brute Force
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Welcome to my Brand guide on Mobafire. At first, I wasn't too interested about Brand when he first came out. But I tried him in his free week, and he proved to be really good.

Please read all the guide and try it out before rating..

Thanks and Have Fun :D

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Your passive is another DoT in addition to your ignite. It's great to see an enemy escape with few hp to get killed by your passive.

Your Q activates the stun if the enemy is ablazed. I don't upgrade this early on because I only use it to stun in the beginning.

Your W is your bread and butter skill. It damages enemies in the area and it deals great damage.

Your E is an underestimated skill. It can also be used to ablaze an enemy for a stun. You either use this skill before Q for a stun, or after W for damaging ablazed enemies.

Your R is basically for finishing the enemies after your W-Q-E combo, or E-Q-W combo. If you use it with ignite, the enemy should die :)

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Summoner Spells

All right, my summoner spells are Flash, and Ignite.

Flash is great, because Brand is really squishy and it can be used to run away from ganks or fix a bad positioning.

Ignite adds to your passive and is devastating after your combo.

If you don't think ignite is necessary, other viable options are

Ghost- Ghost is always good.
Exhaust- to counter against AD champs.
Cleanse- if you get cced alot.
Clarity- An ok option. You should be fine without it if you use your spells sparingly.

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Early Game

Start with a Doran's Ring. It's a great starting item that gives health, ability power and mana regeneration. What else could you ask for? ^.^

Brand is a good mid-lane champion, but he can also solo top, or go in a lane. When I go lane, I get lots of kills anyway :P

You don't really need to use your W-E combo to kill the range minions because first of all, you can't kill them with the combo yet, and you're just wasting your mana. However, it's a good idea to sometimes hit your enemy with W, when they are near the minions, but do it sparingly as you can overextend.

If you have few HP and your enemy decides to tower dive you, well you can easily make them pay for their rash decision. When they are near you, just use W-Q or E-Q combo! If it's an enemy like Rammus or Olaf, you can just E them and then Q and maybe W afterwards. Even if your E-Q doesn't finish them off, they will panic after the tower hits them and forget about you. If it's an enemy likeYi Master Yi or Jax, characters that teleport? to the enemy, just use W on where you're standing and when they come Q them :)

You really shouldn't be going back to base because of mana problem. At beginning, you shouldn't use your spell too much anyway. You should go back, using common sense, and the next item you should get is the Catalyst. This will get rid of all your mana problem! and maybe get a boot while you're at it.

Brand is pretty item dependent, so getting many kills in the beginning will set you up for a successful mid-late game. Use either E-Q-W combo, or W-Q-E combo and use R and/or ignite to finish the enemies off. After the catalyst you should get the Mejai's Soulstealer and by this time, you should aim for 3-5 kills.

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Doran's Ring is good because it provides health, AP and mana regeneration.
Catalyst the Protector will solve your mana problem in the beginning.
Sorcerer's Shoes will provide you the magic pen you need.
Mejai's Soulstealer is great when you can get many kills.
Rod of Ages provides health, mana and ability power.
Rabadon's Death Cap should be in any caster's item set.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter provides great slow, and gives HP
Void Staff is good when the enemy gets magic resistance.

Optional Items
Archangel's Staff You can get this for Mejai's Soulstealer if you are having a bad start. It's a great item and you won't have any mana problem later on.
Banshee's Veil you can substitute this for Rod of Ages if the enemy team has lots of cc and if you're getting crushed by the enemy casters.

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Final Words

Thanks for reading my build!

I got kind of lazy to add pictures at the end. Maybe I will improve this guide later on.

I hope you have fun with the build.