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Riven Build Guide by tailgating

The Riven Guide

By tailgating | Updated on March 31, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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If you're currently being confused about the item section, go down to the item section and I will explain everything

Hello I am a mid 1400 elo player and Riven's one of my favorite champion to play because she is so fun and versatile.
This is my second attempt at making a guide for Riven.
My first guide didn't receive too much love, which I think is due to it being not pretty.

I didn't want to give up there, and I learned much more about Riven since then, so I decided to give another go at making a guide.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for her guide template.

Pros / Cons


+ // Great Damage
+ // High Mobility
+ // Great in early and mid game.
+ // No hard counters
+ // Versatile

- // Falls off in the late late game.
- // Not as tanky as you want to be
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
I personally use the Flat AD runes, because it makes all of your abilities stronger and makes last hitting easier. You can also use ArPen Reds which does better in the late game, but Riven's goal is to dominate early and middle game so flat AD is better.

Greater Seal of Armor
You can't switch these to any other seals. You need armor for top lane.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
Because top lane is mostly tanky DPS, you do not need flat MR and this will help you get the most magic resist going into the late game.
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[Mandatory Starting Items]

  • : // I mostly start with this item, for its mobility and sustain given by the pots. However, I will start off with Cloth Armor against some heavy AD opponents such as Renekton or Gangplank.
  • : // I get two Doran's Blade which gives me good amount of health and attack damage early on.
  • : // Get this if you're facing AD in lane.
  • : // Get this if you're facing AP in lane, or if the enemy has lots of cc.

[If you're facing AD in lane]

  • : // Gives the stats necessary in order to face against another AD in lane and also gives you good sustain and free ward every 3 minute.

[If you're facing AP in lane]
  • : // This new item is amazing on Riven. When facing Dual AP team, the shield and the extra Mr is amazing on Riven, not to mention the bonus attack damage it gives.

[Mandatory Middle Game Items]
  • : // Gives the most amount of Attack damage, which empowers all of Riven's abilities, not to mention the lifesteal. Do not get Infinity Edge on Riven. Bloodthirster gives much more AD and the lifesteal that Riven needs.
  • : // Gives Flat health armor and magic resist, and an amazing passive. The stats will make her shield bulkier which is great.

[Possible Late game Items]

  • : // If you're dominating, you can stack this item to further your domination.
  • : // Get this when enemy starts to build armor. I usually get this item after Guardian angel.
  • : // Makes you tankier and gives you a good passive.
  • : // After you get your frozen mallet.
  • : // You can build this if enemy has lots of burst, such as Kennen or you're against a heavy AD comp. But if you're against a balanced composition, go for Frozen Mallet.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I first get all three abilities by level 3. Then I upgrade either Broken Wings or Valor first. I get Valor first when I'm going against enemies like Gangplank or Warwick that can harass me easily. Using valor before they harass will mitigate the damage, and they will waste the mana. Other than that, I upgrade Broken Wings first.

runic blade
// Riven's abilities empower her next autoattacks.
// After Riven uses an ability, Riven's next autoattack becomes stronger. This can stack up to three times. Autoattacking between abilities will maximize Riven's passive

Broken Wings
// Riven strikes and hops around three times
// After this ability got buffed, this is a very powerful ability and I upgrade this or Valor first before Ki Burst now. This can be used to chase the enemies or escape from ganks. Gives you high damage and high mobility at the same time. All around great skill.

Ki Burst
// Stuns and damages enemies around Riven
// I used to max this first, but after its nerf, I max Broken Wings or Valor first and leave this at level one for the stun. It's a failproof stun that can help you kill or escape from the enemy.

// Riven dashes to the cursor, also creating a shield.
// This ability adds to Riven's mobility and also gives a great shield. I max this first when I'm against harrasers in lane such as Gangplank or Warwick.

Blade of the exile
// Empowers your autoattacks and abilities, and when activated again, sends a shockwave that deals damage
// This ability is great. This will make every one of your abilities stronger and then you can use the second active portion of it to finish runners off. Use this before you get in the teamfights.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

[Flash]: // Best summoner spell there is. Good for escaping, catching enemies, going over a wall.
[Ignite]: // Riven's all about destroying up the squishy in teamfights, and Ignite will help you do that.
[Exhaust]: // Exhaust isn't bad at all. If you aren't comfortable with not having exhaust, then go for it.
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Early Game

Riven's early game is great. I usually start with Q, and play passively until I get all three of my abilities. If I'm facing enemies like Gangplank that can harass me well in lane, I usually get E first. And then when they come in and try to harass me, I Valor, making them waste their mana.

After I get all three of my abilities, I can go ahead and be more aggressive. This is how I use my skill Q-Q-Auto attack-W-Auto Attack-E away. This will give you lots of free damage on your opponents and you will barely take any damage. You simply keep repeating this.

You also need to constantly ward your lane. After you go back, buy a ward always. If you're against a nocturne, be sure to ward further away from your lane, so that you can see him before he uses his ultimate.

Here are possible lane matchups and tips on how to defeat them

Renekton I start cloth armor against Renekton. Don't try to exchange with him early on. Renekton is very powerful in lane and you just need to try to get as much CS as you can, without give away too much damage. You can fight against him after you get your B.F. Sword and you scale better than him to late game, so don't try to die as much against him.

Garen You can start either boots or cloth armor. Very hard lane to win, just like the Renekton lane, just try to CS and you will scale better into the late game. After you get your bloodthirster, you can exchange with him.

Kennenn This is also a hard matchup, but not impossible at all. Try to make him waste his mana using your shield. And punish him when he's under half energy. He can't beat you 1v1 so abuse the fact.

Teemo Such an annoying champion! Just don't try to get harassed too much early on and use your shield to block his damages. You scale better than him to late game.

Gangplank Not a hard matchup. Just use your shield when he comes into parley you. When you're level 3 you can use the combo mentioned above and start to wreck him.

Tryndamere Can go either way. Just build armor and his damage will be greatly lessened. You can easily win this lane if played right.

Irelia You overpower Irelia early on. Try to get a kill or two against her so you can snowball. Asking for a gank helps also. However, if you don't get a kill and she gets her wriggles and items, she becomes very hard to kill and you will lose the lane.

Olaf Olaf is a hard matchup. Try to Valor his true damage, and ask for a gank. Once you get an edge on him, you can easily overpower him.

Udyr Udyr's very strong because his tiger does magic damage. Try to ask for a gank early on because after he gets his wriggles, it's very hard to kill him.

Lee Sin Lee sin' isn't too bad, just try to dodge his Q and constantly harass him with the combo.

Malphite This is not a bad lane. Try to shield his harass and kill him before he gets too much armor. Ganks will help.

Nidalee Annoying matchup, try to ask for a gank before she's level 6. After you get an edge on her, you can dominate the lane.

Pantheon Shield his harass and then harass back. Pretty easy lane in my opinion.

Rumble Rumble's not a counter to Riven, contrary to popular belief. Try to jump around him when fighting so he can't get the full flamethrower DPS on you. Don't fight in his ultimate at all costs.

Ryze Ryze is pretty easy. Just shield his Q's and harass him constantly. You should win this lane easily.

Shen Shen is very hard to kill but he can't really kill you either. Try to ask for a gank.

Shyvanna Shyvanna's a very strong laner and you shouldn't fight her until you get all your skills. Be wary of her level 6 tankiness and when played right you should be able to win.

Vladimir Easy lane. abuse the long cooldown on his pool and shield his harass.

Wukong Pretty easy lane in my opinion. Just keep harassing him and bait his decoy.

Warwick Warwick is such a pain in the a**. Try to shield his harass and kill him before he stacks armor. After he stacks his armor, he's basically unkillable.

Yorick Easy lane. Don't exchange until level 3 when you have gotten all your abilities. After that, you should be able to out damage him.

Nasus Not a hard lane. Try to shield him and start your combo when he comes in for a last hit. You have to keep pressuring him and don't leave him alone in lane because he will catch up.
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Mid Game

Riven shines in the middle game. Don't try to initiate team fights. You aren't as tanky as you think. But when the teamfight starts, try to ult stun the AD carry and follow him with Q. Your main goal is to kill the AD carry and then the AP carry.
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Late Game

Riven falls off in the late game, but you're still strong. Try to flash stun the squishies and separate them away from the teamfight. Also constantly ward dragon/baron and don't forget to split push.
League of Legends Build Guide Author tailgating
tailgating Riven Guide

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The Riven Guide
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