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Braum Build Guide by DT ZigZag

Tank Braum, just Stand behind him already. (The right way to supp

Tank Braum, just Stand behind him already. (The right way to supp

Updated on June 22, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DT ZigZag Build Guide By DT ZigZag 13,938 Views 5 Comments
13,938 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DT ZigZag Braum Build Guide By DT ZigZag Updated on June 22, 2014
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Braum is one of the most dominant champions within league of legends at this current time, it is important that you know exactly how to use him in and out of lane and how you can best utilize his ever ability.

With most other supports your ADC generally requires some sort of brain power, but not with Braum this character is one of the phew supports who carry teams so much that your ADC only needs to have enough sense to right click a target when you initiate a fight.
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Explaining the build

I'm going to keep this brief, I skipped over sight stone completely as it's not an item you NEED, now you can build it and forget about build your defense up so early, but as long as you buy Green wards each time you back you're safe during your laning phase, and overall you spend less.

The health bonuses are not enough to justify it's use although the only downside is you wont always have alot of the map warded outside of the laning phase, however with braums defense being so great at the mid point of the game you should control any fight at all whether or not they have the element of surprise on their side.

In any case it is your decision to build sight stone or not to build it, this is just how I generally build Braum.

Your games SHOULD realistically be over by the time you have your 4th item (including boots) and you shouldn't have to build any further as I find Braum carries games extremely well, in the unlikely event it goes further then build appropriately to what you require most in your specific game.
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Laning Phase.

You should be aiming to sustain during the time it takes to get from level 1-6 without having to back, however at the same time to really allow you and your ADC an advantage in lane you will also aim to push their ADC out of lane or kill him altogether.

At level one just have bush control for a start to make sure your enemy doesn't try to use it to their advantage, use a trinket on their bush if you need to but try to use theirs for yourself, in which you can fire Q's from it poking down their ADC and allowing your ADC to follow up whenever they like, however your ADC at this point should leave any and all poking up to you and concentrate on farm.

At level 3 once you have your 2 defensive abilities make your presence in lane known, walking towards the ADC often and showing no fear at all, if they try to retaliate make sure to buff your armor and shield their damage following up with a Q and then follow through further with your ADC to attempt to kill their ADC.
If they do not retaliate however and choose to back away hang back again but not too far as too be behind your ADC at ANY time.

A common problem many, many, many, Braum players have is that they are often behind the ADC, you should always be in line to his side or just out in front of him, at no point whilst you are moving around lane should you go behind him unless an opponent if approaching from behind.
Just do not become very passive in lane, be very aggressive overall constantly trying to force the ADC not to farm or to poke them down over time, even if your ADC does not follow up that often make sure you're constantly harassing their team over and over.

How to retaliate to an enemy attack.

Eventually your opponent is going to start a fight with you, more than often you are strong enough as Braum to win that fight or end up winning the trade.

As soon as your ADC begins getting attacked (as the fight should always be initiated on your ADC) W to them, follow up by using your E to shield any damage, now at this point do not back away if your ADC's health is not at 50% or less just walk towards them landing a Q and attempting to get a stun, if you do this you will block most of the enemy damage and manage to cause alot more damage to them.

(However if you're playing with a random you may need to test the water and try it once, if they're not the aggressive type and tend to back off every time an enemy initiates a fight it's probably the safe to just back off with them whilst keeping anymore damage off of them.)
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Team Work

Braum would be useful all over the place however he is the ADCs support first, the teams second during the laning phase of course, this does not mean you can't roam a little though.
As long as you are in the correct situation, either their team have backed (or one has at least) or if you are dominating the lane so much that if the ADC was to get in trouble they could escape easily or kill someone before their death.

Once you're sure your ADC will be okay on his own for a short time warn them to stay safe while you roam for a second, really roaming as a support only means going to mid lane for a gank so make sure their mid laner is in a position to gank in the first place, after that make sure to hit you Q then follow up with the mid laner doing basic attacks to stun your opponent. (A fancy way to make it into the lane and surprise their laner is to W onto a minion wave they may be close to and then to Q them, but this isn't always possible.)

Team Fights

Team fights are fairly simple stuff, it doesn't take a genius to know what your job is as a support/tank in a team fight, but at the same time Braum can very quickly turn a team fight heavily in his teams favor.

First of all allow their team to bunch up and become tight, then release your ult causing mass havoc upon your enemies, immediately after you should be looking for their carries making sure to Q them and proc your passive, however if enemies jump on your carries you must address that situation and peal them away but applying stacks to them and stunning them.

The best way to get a quick stun off is to look out for whoever your ADC is attacking then either auto attack them once, or land a Q on them so that the ADC can stun them and do extra damage, you do not need to carry on attacking them after you have applied the passive to them, move onto other opponents hitting them and applying stacks, also make sure you use your Q to slow any opponents attempting to escape the fight.

When it comes down to team fights all Braum really has to do is peal for his carries and keep them safe applying his defensive abilities to them, and rotating around the enemy team applying his passive to them once so that his team mates can get the stun & extra magic damage off on their opponents.

Overall it's simple.
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Pros / Cons

Very good at harassing enemies during laning phase.
High Defense.
Brutal slows allowing him to secure kills.
Controls fights with his ult.
Is not mana hungry.

Has no gap closer without friendlies being near by.
Team fights can often rely on him having his ult off Cooldown.
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Finally overall you should remember that as a defensive champion you are also one of the most aggressive supports that there is, do not squander any chance to harass your enemy.
utilize your ult to turn a team fight at the correct time always, make sure to save it for when everyone is bunch together.

The ult turns most fights even if you are being chased off you can use it to turn a fight quickly turning on them and using it whilst having your carries stay at a safe distance they will be far too slow to ever catch them while you further harass them applying your passive.
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Here's just some proof of how this build works, now i've been opting to use Sightstone vs heavy bush hugging laners, but otherwise I don't bother getting it that quickly or sometimes at all.
This is badly cropped but as you can see as a support main I have very good braum stats and even thresh stats, take on my advice and you will make your way through ranked.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DT ZigZag
DT ZigZag Braum Guide
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Braum, just Stand behind him already. (The right way to supp

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