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Lee Sin Build Guide by Didakhos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Didakhos

Bruce Lee Top Lane AOE Kicking for days

Didakhos Last updated on March 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Lee Sin

Lee Sin is referred to by many as Bruce Lee. Since my league name is wanye123, people call me Bruce Wanye123. "Im Batman." Haha JK. On a serious note, Lee sin is a very mobile and very strong champion. He excels in extreme diving, initiation and also being the carry. If your fed, its pretty much GG.

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Why choose Lee sin?

I may not be the best to give advice about any champions but I feel that during my past games as Lee Sin as well as an easy won ranked game going 19/2/7 I feel I can give some advice as to how to use him. The reason why I say to choose Lee Sin is because he has great potential to keep enemies off of his carry as well as chase down champions that want to get away. His mobility is incredible and with some slows he is nearly impossible to get away from.

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Spells and Skill Order

As Lee Sin Top lane, I will always take flash ignite. The reason for ignite is not for late game but early game they will get you early kills as to snowball into and unstoppable force of death and destruction. As Lee Sin I will always take my Q first basically because its a safe choice besides W. His Q can check bushes and buffs/camps and help with leash over W. The reason I dont take E first for the leash is because being safe with your early skill is much better than a good leash with just 1 skill. I take E second to farm easier and get W third so I have all skills to either chase down or get away from enemies early. I max E first when im top lane mainly because I will usually be against a top lane bruiser. Maxing out E first gives you great damage as well as the extra slow and decrease in enemy attack speed. Maxing E will allow easier early game 1v1 fights rather than maxing your damage Q because most likely the enemy will be tanky and your Q wont do enough to break through, whereas the E will slow their movements giving you more time to attack and react and their attack speed is slowed so you will bring out more damage than the enemy. Every game I tend to max W, the shield second because having a good shield is always good regardless of who you are going against.

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Items for REE SINGUR

Many people during ranked games would usually see my build and say im crazy, then I carry them and they honor me. I will now tell you why I build Tiamat early then go into Hydra. The reason for Tiamat is because it works SO WELL with your E its unbelievable. Your wave clearing is extremely fast and your basic hits give off an AOE effect making your farming attack surrounding enemies and minions. I max E because I take Hydra and them combined is the best 1v1 combo. If you can get that combo off you will get a kill if you have the damage. It is truly your choice on what boots to take but its better to take Armor or Magic Resist boots. I then rush a Last Whisper because most likely you are now fed against your top lane enemy and the armor penetration will help with the guys building armor against you and your ADC. Then I take an immediate Randuins so I become instantly tanky with a slow to go with it. I take as my last 2 items Guardians Angel and Warmogs to take on the damage that comes at me because I usually carry unless my ADC is super pro.

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Runes and Masteries for a Bruce Lee Carry

The Amazing Bruce Lee runes are Armor Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Flat Damage Marks and Quints. They are standard top bruiser runes although Bruce Lee uses them most effectively. Masteries are 9/21/0 Standard AD masteries and obviously he doesnt take any in the utility tree because he doesnt need it.

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Bruce Lee is the best!

Now you know the best way to play Lee Sin Top. He be too pro, thanks for seeing this guide BAIIIIII