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Caitlyn Build Guide by JoonExCell

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JoonExCell

Caitlyn - "Want to see a hat trick?"

JoonExCell Last updated on February 23, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first ever mobafire guide. In this guide i will be providing information on Caitlyn The Sherrif of Piltover I will try to be informative and clear as possible.

Lets start off by talking about her role. She is a Attack Damage carry, which means she will be the one that deals the most damage to enemy champions and or ends there health down to absolute zero.

Her ranged attacks are impressive, though you will have to keep your distance from enemy lines, or else they can kill you from a distance.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - This will help you get out of ganks

GHOST - This will either help you run away from enemy champions OR it can help you catch up to them at get that last hit in !

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For runes i take in
Greater Marks Of Desolation Greater Mark of Desolation

This will give you massive ammounts if increased damage towards your early, no questions abou it any AD ranged carry should have this as there red slot.

Greater seal of Resilience

Many contradict to take Armour or Mana Regen, personally in my very own opinion you will be better off taking armour because your more dependent on your basic attacks to deal tons of damage, you can live without the mana regen, just wait it out stay near turrets you will be fine.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

i take Magic Resist, reason being, caitlyn is a squishy champion, meaning she gets killed easily and gets focused a lot, if she does go up against an AP champion, her health will drop to the next century, Having magic resist is very helpful indeed with caitlyn.

Greater Quintessence of Strength

Finally for Quints i take physical damage for caitlyn because it will help alot with her abilities. This will allow you to harras and get more damage to your opponent very easily. This is a must for caitlyn, This will increase the damage on her ulti and her Q ability by a substantial amount.

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Skill Explanations and tips

Alright lets talk about her skills.


Head Shot
head shot is her passive ability, for every 8/7/6 basic attacks Caitlyn will fire a headshot dealing either 150% damage to a champion or 250% damage to a minion.

This ability will help you soo much during early game. Every 8/7/6 basic attacks will increase her damage/crit a whole lot. Make sure you do this mostly to the enemy champions so you can harras early game.

Regular Abilities
Piltover peacemaker

What i do with this ability is to harras enemy champions, what this will do is make them pivot from side to side, and it can annoy them, while they do this, What do you do? FARM OF COURSE. make sure you do those last hits and get those gold !

Yordle Snap Trap

I would take this ability FIRST. Reason being is that this will help alot in either lanes, Top, bot, or mid. If your in top or bot, lay those traps in the brushes, they wont even see it comming. If your in mid lane, Plant them in the middle and make it like a line so the enemy champion whoever you facing with wont get through, they will have to get through your traps first, this will have you farming alot !! PS. THIS HOLDS ONLY 3 TRAPS !!!!

90 Caliber Net

Once this ability is activated it will fire a net slowing an enemy champion or minion by 50% for 1-2 seconds, and it wil deal 80-280(+80% of ability power) magic damage, Then you will get hit by a recoil, thus making you scoot backwards and if flash or ghost is available use it to get your quick escape. For this ability i obviously use this to escape in sticky situations, for example lets say im getting chased down by a tryndamere and he slowed me down i can use this ability to get further back and flash away or run away !

Ace in the Hole

Ace in the hole , my favorite ability to use to last hit enemy champions. What this will do is once pressed R, a circle will apear, which indeed has a radius. Once you press on to a enemy champion, its LOCKED ON !!! the enemy cannot escape it, UNLESS(DONT GET YOUR HOPES UP!!!) a teamate of the enemy champion takes the hit for them. This can be very frustrating to most people, especially me ! haha. Make sure you are alone with that enemy champion and lock them on without any other teamates of theres gets in the way ! perfecting this will make you a great Ace in the holer :D

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THIS IS VERY VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT FOR CAITLYN. FARMING IS A MUST ! Lets say your in a BAD situation where you are going 0/9 and its mid to late game, What you can do is either go jungle or farm. BOTH ARE GRRRREAT. Getting those last hit farming with gold is very helpful. I have gotten in a situation where i was useless, then i farmed my whole game and got out of the way from team fights, Once i had my items that i needed i was able to help them and get those damage outputs for them and make sure either you our your teammate to get those kills.

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For items i start off with a Doran's Blade, building my way on to a BF Sword Vampiric Scepter , Moving on to BloodThirster , This will give you the ammount of life steal to be able to farm. Next will have to be indeed the Infinity Edge This is a great source of damage, helps with crit. Then i would take a Phantom Dance for the farming and quick killing. Finally if things go tough and theres alot of tanky champions going around and you want those quicker kills get a Madred's Bloodrazor This will help you a ton, you should be getting this wil almost any AD Ranged Carry.

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Who and who to not focus

Obviously you want to evade champions such as tanks(NEVER FOCUS TANKS, REPEAT THIS TO YOUR SELF OVER 9000 times , and you will get this), Never be alone 1v1ing a tank, its just going to get yourself killed. Always go for the squishy ones first.

Champs you should focus :
The AD Range carries
. Graves
. Sivir
. Vayne
. Ashe
. Caitlyn
. Corki
. Kog'Maw
. Tristana
. Twitch
. Ezreal
. Urgot
. Miss Fortune
. Twisted Fate (unless he goes AP)

basically the AD range carries are the best ones to focus in team fights FIRST.
Then you may want to go for the AP carries.

Then Focus
. Ahri (careful of her charm)
. Brand
. Cassiopeia
. Karthus (DEFINETLY KARTHUS 2nd After the AD, if hes on the opposite team)
. Kennen
. LeBlanc
. Ryze
. Xerath
. Ziggs

NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER FOCUS TANKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont try and go 1v1 with Volibear or he will fling you to there turret and or enemy lines, Dont 1v1 Rammus Either or he will taunt u to death.

Most Deadly tanks imo

. Shen (IF FED)
. Rammus
. Volibear
. Nautilus
. Singed
. Amumu

So remember focus the squishes first !

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Team Work

Teamwork is the key to victory

although caitlyn cant do much in team fights, just keep your distance and help your teammate get those damages on those little maggets !!!

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Pros / Cons

. Great damage output early game
. Great Farmer
. Great last hitting champion(still be careful on ulti)

. Very Squishy in any part of the game
. Not a team fighter
. Keeping distance is crucial

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Ranked Play

Alright all you ranked people lets get a little info on this one ! 100% of the time you must go bot lane. AP Goes mid. Bot lane , IF , THATS IF you have a good laning partner, which must be a support or tanky support, that does NOT STEAL YOUR FARM. I HATE THIS ALOT, ALOT OF PEOPLE LIKE TO TROLL AND TAKE YOUR FARM !!!!!!!. You are the Carry you must get those last hits in A.S.A.P !!! and carry your team to victory !!!

This is all the information i will give you on ranked because im not much of a ranked player !

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Here are my final words on caitlyn, Do your best on laning, Farm if you have to, take all those last hits (You must be annoyed by now) Never give up, Dont be aggresive with caitlyn she is a squishy champion. Stay out of enemy lines. Help your teammates deal damage!!! you are the damage dealer SO DEAL THOSE DAMAGES


Well thats it to my guide, i hope you like it thanks for reading it i will be making more guides in the future !!!!

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