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Caitlyn Build Guide by Bommbi

Caitlyn, the red dot on your forehead.

By Bommbi | Updated on January 3, 2012

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One of the reasons Piltover is known as the City of Progress is because it has an extraordinarily low crime rate. This hasn't always been the case; brigands and thieves of all sorts used to find the city-state an ideal mark for plunder, primarily due to the valuable resources it imports to fuel its techmaturgical research. Some even theorize that it would have fallen long ago to the chaos of organized crime if not for Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover. Born the daughter of a wealthy statesman and a pioneering hextech researcher, Caitlyn discovered her natural gift for investigation when, at age 14, her father was assaulted and robbed on his way home. She snuck out of her house that night with her father's rifle and tracked down the muggers from the crime scene. At first, her parents did their best to discourage her from such risky hobbies, but she was incorrigible. Wishing to protect her daughter in the only way she knew how, Caitlyn's mother began outfitting her with techmaturgical devices tailored to her sleuthing needs.

Caitlyn quickly gained notoriety, both because she was single handedly defeating crime in Piltover and also because she soon developed into a ravishing beauty. She never backed down from a case or a challenge, and she was one of the sharpest shots in the city-state. Her services were soon requested by Demacia to help track down a mysterious outlaw who had begun committing high-profile heists. The bandit, who always left a card with an ornate 'C' at the scene of the crime, became Caitlyn's arch-nemesis. To this day, Caitlyn still searches for this cat burglar, and the chase has led her all across Valoran. She has joined the League to hone her skills and gain the influence necessary to track down the only quarry that has managed to evade her.

'Go ahead, run. I'll give you a five minute head start.'
-Caitlyn, from her book 'Target Practice'.
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Comment & help me to improve,


Thank you :)
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Pros / Cons

+High damage rate
+Good scouting char because of Yordle Snap Trap
+Nice last hitting heroes with Ace in the Hole
+No need to go back and regenerate life because of the high lifesteal
+Good escaping with 90 Caliber Net (With it you can jump through walls)

-Vulnerable to Crowd Control (Stun, Slow...)
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Greater Mark of Desolation x9,
beacause your attacks do normal damage and more armor penetration means more damage.
Greater Seal of Attack Speed x9,
because this build gives you more damage than attackspeed and youre also attackspeed dependant!
Greater Glyph of Attack Speedx9,
because you need more attackspeed.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation x3,
same as the mark's description (gives you even more armor pen.)
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Core Item build:
Berserker's Greaves
Black Cleaver

Standard build:
Berserker's Greaves
Black Cleaver
Phantom Dancer
Frozen Mallet

More physical opponents:
Just buy a Thornmail instead of Bloodthirster, because there's nothing that can help you a are squishy and you will stay squishy.

More magical opponents:
Buy a Force of Nature instead of Bloodthirster, for the same reason. It just helps you a bit, but you are a Damage Dealer, so you don't really need these, but it's up to you.
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How to play as [Caitlyn]

On a lane:

Mid lane- Just try to harras your enemy with some Headshot's and rarely with Piltover Peacemaker. Why rarely? Because under level 6 you should have one use left for lasthitting an escaping hero!
Side lane- Chill in the bushes and try to lasthit creeps. Its okay to use your Headshot on creeps, because it reloads two times faster in bushes - but care if your enemys are in the other bush!
(Dont forget to plant some Yordle Snap Trap to avoid escaping enemys or ganks.)

Harras (inflict damage to your enemy without killing him instantly):

Well, as I said in "On a lane"- Harras with your headshot and sometimes with Piltover Peacemaker. (Dont waste your mana!)


In teamfights its always best to shoot out of the bushes, if it's possible.
Use your Piltover Peacemaker to inflict some damage (try to get opponent team into the area of effect) and your 90 Caliber Net to keep an attacking enemy at the distance. But always stay at max range and behind your tank to avoid getting focused and killed in 2 seconds.
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Please read!
Because of Cait's Yordle Snap Trap you're a good scout and you can put them into every bush.
Never waste your mana for some spy-traps but dont forget them, because they are good to avoid ganks if you place them right.
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Closing words

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it helped you to kick some arses ;P
I'd be happy if you help me to improve it by


League of Legends Build Guide Author Bommbi
Bommbi Caitlyn Guide

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Caitlyn, the red dot on your forehead.
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