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Caitlyn Build Guide by BOSS KrazyBonz

Caitlyn= You-go-Boom

By BOSS KrazyBonz | Updated on January 17, 2012

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Hi I'm Krazy Bonz and this is my guide to Caitlyn the sherrif of piltover. Caitlyn is a very powerful ranged dps that does a huge amount of damage from a very large range she is one of my favorite champions because she is not only fun to play when she hits it hits like a bus.
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Pros and Cons

Great farmer
Giant late game Damage
Great Range (650 longest in the game without any spells)
Traps are great for team fights, and give great sight map awarness
Passive adds tons of damage can crit close to 2000 damage if built right (against minions)
Great in team fights stays out of the battle and can harass from a great range

Very Squishy
Useless spells late game
Not the best hard carry
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I choose attack damage marks Greater Mark of Attack Damage to help with last hitting early because if you can get some early last hits you can get your items faster and carry your team to victory as fast as possible but you can also get armor penetration Marks Greater Mark of Desolation if you are a good enough last hitter.

Next I choose mana regen per 5 seals Greater Seal of Replenishment mainly because I spam hard with traps to help see the bushes mid and I spam hard on Piltover Peacemaker to not only harass my enemies but also to help with last hitting.

For my glyphs I go with attack speed Greater Glyph of Alarcirty or cooldown reduction Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. Attack speed is really helpful with early harass against squishy champs. Cooldown reduction can also be good for early harass if you can spam your Piltover Peacemaker enough and your hitting DO IT!!!.

Finally my Quintessences I prefer Greater Greater Quintessence of Health this gives you enough health to stay in the lane a little bit longer get more last hits and maybe beat the person who you are facing in a duel. Although Greater Quintessence of Desolation goes great with Greater Mark of Desolation if you choose to get armor penetration.
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I chose to do 21 0 9 for masteries making sure to grab exhaust and ghost masteries I then took the basic ranged carry masteries extra exp extra gold and health and mana regen just because that lets me spam so hard with my spells
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Caitlyn can hit very hard if built correctly if built incorrectly she can be almost a useless champ

Core Items

Doran's Blade Doran's Blade Infinity Edge Phantom Dancer
So when you are playing Caitlyn these items are the items you must get they make her hit hard just like every other carry they don't hit very hard until they get their infinity edge and then the phantom speeds up the attack speed and adds some extra crit chance I always set a goal for myself before when I play a character my goal for Caitlyn is boots Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads with two Doran's Blade and my Infinity Edge at 20 minutes

Situational Items

Phantom Dancer Bloodthirster Black Cleaver Last Whisper Banshee's Veil Guardian Angel

Most of the time I try to get another Phantom Dancer for the extra attack speed and crit before I get any other items this makes you hit faster and makes your passive Headshot become more active and makes your auto attacks hit way harder. After the second Phantom Dancer you have to look at the other team and yourself

If they have alot of armor I mean 3 out of the 4 people on the other team have some kind of armor or if 2 or 3 of them have 65% reduced physical damage get a
Last Whisper that 40% armor penetration is crazy it will tear the armor right off of them. Although other items give more damage Last Whisper gives giant damage with the armor pen i usually get it as a 3rd or 4th item
If they're still not going down too quick get a Black Cleaver if noone on your team already has one

If you are getting focused with stuns from people like Sion, Taric, Amumu , Annie or really anyone with a stun best you get a Banshee's Veil or [[Quicksilver Slash] it prevents the stun and gives you a little MR on the side not bad

If you are dying slowly not getting focused or you don't feel you have enough damage get a Bloodthirster or two they really amp up your damage and bonus keep you alive with huge lifesteal before getting Bloodthirster .

Finally if you are getting focused the whole team is coming after you because your so op and you keep dying get Guardian Angel it not only brings you back to life it gives you some extra armor and MR that Caitlyn needs so much.

Items To Look Out For

Warmog's Armor Wriggle's Lantern

These two items aren't necessarily bad but i would not recommend them because they are situational they do stuff that other items do just not aswell like Warmog's Armor may give you alot of health but a Guardian Angel gives you armor and magic resistance and brings you back if you die.
Wriggle's Lantern Doesn't really give you any benefits a little armor a little damage and a little lifesteal the only bonus is that it gives you a free ward but buy your own wards it's cheaper and you can stack them

Finally at the end of the game I usually sell my boots and get another Phantom Dancer it keeps you at enough movement speed and almost if not makes you have 100 percent
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Skill Sequence

The skills sequence on Caitlyn is very simple Max out Piltover Peacemaker first it is your only real damage other than your auto attacks. Upgrade this whenever you have the opportunity. At level two and level two only get Yordle Snap Trap this gives you some awareness around your environment whether it's top or mid and you can also use them to push towers by putting them in between you and the tower making your enemies be afraid of falling in the trap because you can attack them freely for a few seconds. Finally get 90 Caliber Net at level 4 since it's your only real escape move and it is a great way to chase somebody upgrade this spell second after you have already maxed out Piltover Peacemaker. Finally get Ace in the Hole whenever you can just like every other characters ult
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Summoner Spells

So for summoner spells i choose Exhaust and Ghost this is because 1 it gives you a way to escape with Ghost and Exhaust which allows you to win 1v1s and also can save some team mates or yourself with the slow and decreased damage.

Some Other Spells To Think About

Ignite Flash Cleanse

Ignite- not really my favorite summoner its more for mages but it can be used as a lead up to Ace in the Hole so its not terrible

Flash- I love flash but Caitlyn has a built in one. This summoner spell may be a good choice if you are feeling uncomfortable with just 90 Caliber Net

Cleanse- It is a great spell but Banshee's Veil kind of takes it's place but if you are playing in ranked and you see there team has tons of cc grab cleanse instead of Exhaust because Ghost is so useful and saves you more often than Exhaust
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It is important that you are either given mid, solo top, or bot with a support champ (who will not take any last hits) you need to farm if you don't have atleast 120+ cs at 20 minutes your doing it wrong this is very important because minions = gold and gold = items and items = power and power = game. You must farm well if you don't you will not be able to carry until late game the only exception if your not at 120 cs+ is if you have enough kills to make up for it or if you help with dragons.
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Creeping / Jungling

Jungle creeps you don't really need to grab them but late game if there there grab them if you have Bloodthirster it's free stacks and make sure your team gives you red, red is so helpful to ranged dps they get a built in slow to help out with a D.O.T it can really turn a game around if you get it.
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Team Work

Team Work whenever you recall buy wards it helps the team so much and better map awareness for your team = a happy team happy teams don't rage and are usually the team that comes around and wins the game. Also call mias not that your teammates should have them map awareness wins games but it is polite and can really help out. One Last thing in team battles try to lead your team tell them who to focus your the carry you are the boss try to use all your skills in team fights and yes that includes your traps 1 good trap can basically win a team fight for you and never use your ultimate unless you are sure you can get a kill with it your auto attacks do more damage this is a long range finishing move use it to end a battle.
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In conclusion Caitlyn is a very powerful carry and in the right hands with the right build can turn around any game and win it if she gets farmed. Tell me what you think of the rune choices masteries and if you find any other builds more effective. Good luck with Caitlyn and give me any comments on my build or anything you would like to add.
League of Legends Build Guide Author BOSS KrazyBonz
BOSS KrazyBonz Caitlyn Guide

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Caitlyn= You-go-Boom
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