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Warwick Build Guide by SKycKo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKycKo

Can I make a Surprise?

SKycKo Last updated on November 5, 2012
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Hello everyone. This is my second guide covers the champions of the League of Legends.
I've been thinking about some champion that is fun to play and at the same time be functional. So I had the idea to start this guide. This time, the chosen champion is the Warwick.

Warwick is a very interesting play champion, for his ability to keep in lane (which is incredibly large) or choose to be Jungle. This varies from player to player, and items for items.

In this guide I will explain in very simple and complete what I think the essence of Warwick. The build I play with it created many months and I can say that it is extremely good. With it I can go either stay in the Jungle and Lane (I prefer to stay in lane). We'll look at the guide, and I hope you enjoy the work!

This build created by me, aims to be an option: Jungle or Lane . Focus on critical, attack speed and armor. This build is excellent and very useful for 1vs1 and teamfights, after all, will cause many damage and has a great reduction in damage taken.

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Gameplay and demonstrations!

Let's get started. As I like to talk, it is great to see before you play for a champion, some gameplay, to see the method of play, your skills and your points that can be exploited.

I found this video of a gameplay of Warwick, let's watch:

A demonstration of Frag: I using the build proposal, during a game:

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Positive and Negative points

Pros / Cons


+ Easy to keep in lane
+ Option to become Jungle
+ Optimal regeneration of HP
+ Movement Speed ​​ally with enemies with low HP
+ Good ability to Turret Diver
+ Fun to play


- Disables will cancel your ultimate if you're using it.
- Higher effective ganks after lvl 6
- Wards can ruin the jungle at the beginning of the game
- Possibility of Blood Scent reveal your team ganks (be aware of during the game)

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Warwick Lane and Jungle: What's the difference?

Warwick is a champion that can be played in different ways.
It is the main topic to be defined when we select the champion. There are differences large and small that ultimately define their partiicipação in the game, and yarn should be Intendis for you, player can do what he wants to play and amusement. There is nothing hard or cruel. Only one decision to make:

Jungle or Lane?

Let's talk a little about the Warwick focuses on lane:

It has a normal gameplay, like any champion in League of Legends. Go to one lane with a teammate and seek their goals. Normally, because of their abilities, spells, items, and his mastery, it becomes very durable would be in their lane, after all, its regeneration is very large and keep safe at the beginning and end of game.

And now the Warwick Jungle:

This kind of game is focused on killing the minions of the Jungle. Yes, they kill that give buffs too. But do not think they spend the whole game in the Jungle. The jungle warwick cycles or routes have to do to get the bonus XP and so sure and easy. At the end becomes practice. This goes to warwick lane to help support the team, getting kills, like a normal player. The only difference is enter or stay in Lano spend his Up in the Jungle.

Both sides have their pros and Cons. However each player with his game mode can open ahead of these cons, finding methods that are appropriate to circumvent these problems, for example, the lane ganks wards and put in jungle. Each one with practice, find out what is more correct to do.

Let's see more features and information from Warwick, before resuming the subject, making it easy to understand.

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Rune Options


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Why do i choose:

Greater Mark of Desolation

As is noticeable, the proposed build in this guide is focused on Armor, Critical Damage and Attack Speed. Therefore this rune is an excellent choice. The more armor penetration you have, the more damage will be infiltrated into the enemy's armor. This ensures easier and better use of their attack and critical hit.

Greater Seal of Resilience

No matter which game mode you will take: Jungle or Lane. We can easily observe that the more armor you have, the better we'll do in both situations. The damage reduction is indispensable. With our attack speed and critical, will damage very effective. With a good amount of armor, it is possible to make possible more kills and support team with less worry and work.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

We have here the same methodology of rune armor. The more general defense we have, the better able to meet the challenges of the game will be. With significant resistance and attack, we can explore as much of our class, in many situations.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

We have here an excellent rune. Dedicated to armor penetration, gives us a great advantage over the opponent status. With this rune, your armor penetration will undergo a major change (for better) and ensure a better use of your damage and of course a big surprise for your opponent.

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Summoner Spells: Why?

I've tried several spells for Warwick and several times. I believe that there are some spells that help your game tremendously. I will express my opinion about each one in relation to use with Warwick:

I think Ignite spell as a great option for Warwick. Follow my point of view: You'll have 150% of attack speed and 48% + critical, chance off his armor penetration. This is very good. But to ignite, you will still cause damage to your enemy when attacking him, or when he tries some evasive maneuver. I recommend using.

This spell can be used before the start of their attacks or attempted escape hampering an enemy. How we are reducing the mastery of adding armor to the enemy when hit by Exhaust, you can use this to get even more esppel advantage during its 1vs1 or save it for when your opponent tries to run you. But remember that you have your Scent Blood, giving you more speed near low HP enemies.

Flash is a very useful spell. It can be used to evade an enemy or some Gank skill that can hit you. Or it can be used to reach an enemy instantly, which is far from its range. It is useful so you can save your Ult to a more appropriate time.

Ghost is a very good spell to reach enemies that are running and you need more time to reach it. Also very useful to run a situation is not appropriate at this time. It also serves to achieve Gank your team. However, do not really like this spell for Warwick, because remember that you have Blood Scent, which will activate when any enemy in range, get low HP. Thus, Ghost ally your movement speed, but I believe that giving to His Ult Surprise and the use of flash, determine a situation like this better.

Smite Spell is a very interesting for Warwick's interested in playing in Jungle. This spell causes a high amount of "true damage" in minions, which helps a lot to kill them quickly. This is a great advantage because it prevents losing a lot of HP and keep moving in the Jungle, you decrease the chances of Gank.

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Items Selection and explanation

We have reached an important part of our guide. Warwick can use various types of items. Those chosen to build the guide have been tested by me many matches. The point is that I will show you why the choice of these items and their importance. We also talk a little about possible items.

This boot is an excellent choice. Warwick has a great HP regeneration, in order of their mastery. As we have acquired during armor penetration and damage have also, from the beginning it is important to acquire attack speed. So also with Life Steal, we will have better results.

This item gives you everything you want: Armor, Damage and Attack Speed. His additional charge is very good, because, adds magic damage equal to 4% of maximum HP of the enemy, every hit. That helps a lot in combat because the enemy has is necessary armor and magic defense to stop you. And remember that we will still be attacking extremely fast.

This item our ally status. For him, players and minions will be easier to kill. This item provides critical and attack speed. Outside the speed of movement. It will give us a great advantage and will be a great ally of armor penetration.

Bloodthirst! This item will allow us more time in the jungle / lane. Outside greatly our ability to ally against players. With this we can damage and life steal. Interestingly, this item is your bonus. Every kill you make, will give you an amount of damage and life steal, stack up to 40 damage and 10% life steal. Remember that our attack speed is high, we have a mastery of regeneration, critical, damage and armor penetration. I think you can already imagine the situation.

This is really a different item to Warwick, from what I've seen. However, I tested it and approved. We Armor and critical chance with this item, which already expressed by the guide, is what we are wanting. In addition, 2% of its maximum HP, will be converted into bonus damage. Adds what we already have in good amount and still ensures a great extra.

The black cleaver is an item that I really like the game. Not just for Warwick but for many champions. Provides a good damage and a good attack speed. But I really like it, it's your add. Every attack on your enemy, you will take 15 armor. This effect stacks 3 times. It is a great help to cause even more damage. If combo attack speed (our case), the result is even better.

Optional Items

A good item. Adds more damage to our champion and 40% armor penetration. Can be used in place of the item "The Black Cleaver." But this varies from player, and their intended goals.

This item attack speed and magic resist. His interest is also added. Adds 42 magic attack on every attack our ally and magic defense. Can be used in place of Madred's BloodRazor or against it.

Adds an amount of damage and a lot of HP. I believe that depending on the game, might be useful to use it. His additional slows enemy movement for a certain period. Can also be used for non-use custome Exhaust. I recommend starting in extreme situations.

Guarantees Malady attack speed and Ability Power (AP). Your bonus, if the item looks like the "Wit's End." Causes magic damage with the attack. The difference is that instead of your ally magic resistance, reduce the enemy resistence.

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Warwick Abilities

  • Eternal Thirst: A small Life Steal. His mastery will heal you when you attack. Extremely useful in the game. So much for lane or Jungle. This skill keeps you much time in front of enemies, while some will have to return or use potions, several times.

  • Hungering Strike (Q): His first ability to cause damage. The damage is very good and very useful to spend enemies in the lane or remain in the Jungle. She also has the effect of heal you, based on 80% of the damage with the skill.

  • Hunters Call (W): This ability is very useful. Increases your attack speed and the champion of all time who are near you. Always use it before you attack something, so that you better enjoy your life steal, critical chance and regeneration. Also very good when its had to do it is a Gank. Do not forget to use it on those occasions.

  • Blood Scent (E): My favorite skill. All enemies in a given field of view, they are low HP will increase its speed of movement. This is very good for hunting enemies or to escape situations where you will die and your opponent is low HP. This ability marks opponents suffer effect with a symbol on their heads. Be careful, if Gank in disable this ability because if an enemy is already low HP, you know that you are nearby and will run or alert the team.

  • Infinite Duress (R): His Ult. Applies the effect of "Surprise" on your enemy. For 1.7 seconds, you will attack equivalent to 5% of its 33 damage each. During these attacks, you will earn 30% life steal. It has a fixed magical damage that is applied when the enemy gets the effect of "surprise." Use it whenever an enemy is running or you want to keep an enemy stuck to you as your team gets.

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Team Work

Many people, in their first game or even a few games, have some doubts about how to react upon certain occasions. Therefore, I will explain according to my opinion and from what I played and I saw him play, how to react in the main doubts in general.

He was walking and found an enemy. How should I react? (Let's keep in mind that both are full HP)

Use your skill Hunters Call And go to meet the enemy. After that attack him normally, after all, have a lot of attack speed and critical. Our armor penetration is also an extreme help. Use your skill initial Hungering Strike to cause more damage and heal themselves after receiving a great deal of harm. Use their Ult Infinite Duress in case the enemy trying to escape or if your HP down fast, because the 30% additional life steal and will regenerate your HP.
Use spell Ignite to assist in damage while attacking. If your Infinite Duress has already been used, just run back from the enemy (or use your Exhaust). If he has any advantage over you, use your flash or ghost and go to the Jungle. Prepare a method to use her Hungering Strike again and again to attack him. But it is guaranteed that there will be no surprises. If not work, just get out.

What should I do when my team is preparing for a Gank?

Turn off your Blood Scent to prevent you and your team are discovered. After that wait for the moment that his team will attack. At this point, use your skill Hunters Call and turn their Blood Scent. Try to go in the magic champion, for his attack speed and your critical chance are great for this. Use your Infinite Duress whenever consiguir not meet someone and if you exhaust, to remain alert to use. Do not forget that his Hunters Call benefit all your team. Do not forget to use. If you are an enemy and his team need help in another release of the target in time, his Ignite and continue their hunt. Remember that your Blood Scent gives you speed then ganks you should be aware of low HP enemies who escape to hunt them.

These are usually the main questions. But remember that every game is different. There may be situations that require more care. Others will ask for more aggressive measures. Just remember that your Life Steal and HP regeneration are great, no more miraculous.
Try to stay in lanes that have, magic or ranged champions on your team, so you can come up with more tranquility in their enemies. The rest, you will discover how to react playing and helping the team.

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In this guide, unlike my first, I had more technical and already knew how the system worked better to create Guides in mobafire.

I tried to let it all well explained and well detailed. In this guide I avoided a lot of visual pollution and large text, to make it more attractive and quiet to intend.

This build is different from more posted at some points. But do not lose quality and is extremely good. Ever tried to go and Jungle Lane with her and had no problems. However feel free to change the order of items the way that works best for your game. In the future I will be posting screenshots of my frags and games with this build.

I think Warwick is a very easy character to play and fun. As a guide, we'll explain the basics for who makes the gameplay, it's you.

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope that has helped you in some way. Review and opine that we may find out more about this Champion and this guide, grow.

Until next time!!

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Last Guide/Build Edit: 03/04/12