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League of Legends Build Guide Author ranaklos

Carry on Twisted Treeline

ranaklos Last updated on April 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Evelynn is a GREAT champion if played correctly. She can carry a whole game by herself if played the right way. She can also be a total fail, as most of you probably think she is all the time!

In this guide, I will share with you my play style, build, items so you can give a road test to this champion that is not really used as often as it should.

Also, if you got some spare time, I would also like to have your feedback on how to improve my build and play style.

This guide is meant for Evelynn on TWISTED TREELINE (3v3). It MAY applies to 5v5, but I do rarely play 5v5 nowdays.

English is not my primary language, so forgive me for any mistakes!

Thanks and have a good reading!

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My rune choice is pretty straightforward for a melee champion. I use :

  • Greater Mark of Desolation : Armor Penetration is proved to be the best choice all around the community. You could also try Magic Penetration, but it is a lesser choice.
  • Greater Seal of Vitality : More HP is a great choice for Evelynn. You could also opt for Armor runes, which is also a great choice, but I do prefer HP for tower dive-in.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction : CDR is a really good idea on her since it will allow you to use Hate Spike more frequently, which will proc Sheen more frequently. The base cooldown is .8 sec, means 3 times per 2.4 seconds. We want to reach as close as 2 sec as possible to maximize Sheen proc. In order to achieve 2 seconds, we need MAXIMUM 20% CDR. With runes and masteries, we get a bit more than 11%, which will be perfect.

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Masteries are also pretty straightforward : Offensive tree for more DPS and Defensive for a bit of Armor, Magic Resist and HP Regen. Just note that [[Evelynn] is not a crit based champion, so I took no mastery for that, instead I used Armor Penetration and Magic Penetration, which bot applies really well to [[Evelynn].

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The build order on Evelynn is really important.

First off, start with a Doran's Ring. It will help you with a really welcomed +100 HP, good mana regen and +15 AP which increases Hate Spike really well.

Once you get 1000g (which is fast I can tell you -- read more in the laning phase section), teleport back to base and buy Boots of Mobility. Now is a great time for the first gank if you wish to.

The next item you have to buy is Sheen. Once you have 1260 golds, buy it. This is one of the best damage increases on Evelynn. This, with Hate Spike, gives you a double damage strike every 2 seconds. This is a LOT.

After that, the next time you port back is to buy Madred's Razors, which is a really great item for jungling a bit. Then, you get Madred's Bloodrazor, which really rocks on her.

Then, conver that Sheen to Trinity Force, starting with Zeal, then Phage.

This is the core build, and most game ends after that.

If the game is still going on, I like getting Hextech Gunblade. It has a great ability on it, plus giving you a lot of life steal with both spells and physical damage.

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Skill Sequence

The general skill order is Agony's Embrace > Hate Spike > Ravage > Shadow Walk

I like to start with Hate Spike because this helps you a lot during the laning phase to get gold, but also because this is a great damage skill to start with if your team plans on ganking. I used to start with Shadow Walk to stun, but in the end Hate Spike is better than a 1 sec stun.

Then, you get Shadow Walk. Get 2 ranks of it, 10 seconds is not enough to gank properly.

At last, move to one rank of Ravage before getting Agony's Embrace at level 6.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite and Smite are the best in my opinion.

Ignite is pretty much self explanatory. But, why the heck do I take Smite ?? Really simple. You can do so many things with that! Every 75 seconds, you can get a free minion kill +5 gold with mastery, so lets say between 30 and 45 golds depending on the stage of the game. Also, it helps you to jungle, and you can also stealth and steal the dragon buff easily with that!

Overall, Smite really helps me get more money. If you calculate the way I do, which means a free kill +5 gold every 75 seconds, this is a 5 golds per 10 sec item as a spell. I do like it.

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Farming as Evelynn is pretty easy. First off, always use Smite when available since it's free money. Then, use Hate Spike to kill creeps, it really do work well. Go int he jungle often, anyway people will leave you there alone as they will think you are still in lane, stealthed.

I never got gold problem on Evelynn, and I don't see how it could happen. If it ever happens, what you could do is level Hate Spike faster and leave Ravage behind.

The best way to get gold is killing ennemy champions. Go for it, you are made for it!

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Team Work

Evelynn is all about team play. Alone, you are strong, but with a team, you're ten times stronger. In Twised Treeline, she is all about turning a 2v2 in a 3v1. When 2 ennemies engages your 2 teamates, you rush in stealthed, kill one really fast with Agony's Embrace, Ravage and Hate Spike, then the cooldown on Agony's Embrace is refreshed and it's 3v1. Use Agony's Embrace again, kill the second one, again it refreshes your cooldown. Rush to a tower, use Agony's Embrace to take it down in 5 seconds.

Even if Evelynn is a strong character, I strongly advise you against engaging the ennemy ALONE. Your strength is to make a 2v2 into a 3v1, but if you engage them first, it can easily be the opposite.

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Taking down towers

This is the part I do really love with Evelynn : destroying the ennemy base.

With only Sheen, you can already take a tower pretty easily. If there are enemmy minions around the tower, it is EASIER. You use Agony's Embrace for insane attack speed, focus on the tower and use Hate Spike to hit minions and trigger Sheen, thus allowing you to get free +100% damage on the tower.

Usually, what happens with her, is the following :

  • You see 2 ennemies engaging your 2 teamates.
  • You stealth, kill one of the 2 ennemies, finish the second one.
  • You rush in a tower, destroy it
  • You might get the third kill if the other ennemy comes to protect the tower (which is useless against Evelynn, she will take it down too fast and it will be a 3v1 again.
  • Repeat that X times.

If the ennemies are overextending the game, you can also stealth into their base and kill their base before they notice you are there. Make you partners bait them outside, and kill then fast with Agony's Embrace

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Evelynn Role

Evelynn is a funny champion to play. I already hear you say : But what about Oracle's Elixir ? That kinda mess you up?

No it does not. In fact, it messes up the other team. Your role is to make the other team buy those Oracle's Elixir as soon as possible, and as often as possible. If they don't buy Oracle's Elixir, you either fail hard as Evelynn or they are average players.

When they buy Oracle's Elixir, they lose 400 golds, which means they get late into building their items, which means you team will get stronger than them sooner, which means you will win this game easier.

Your primary role is to be feared. Where is Evelynn ? Back up, Evelynn is MIA. When they see one of your teamate alone, he is now considered to be a bait, so they don't rush him.

In fact, your role is to mess your ennemy game. That is pretty funny. Plus, you are an excellent tower diver, tower killer and solo champion killer. That sounds like a nice champion and play style to me, what do you think about it?

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Another option with Evelynn is to jungle. It is actually a pretty solid option when well executed, and you are constantly MIA which is really a great thing. You can gank more easily that way!

Start with a Cloth Armor and 5 x Health Potion. First item to buy would be Madred's Razors, before Mobility Boots. The rest of the build should be unchanged, but you could trade Madred's Bloodrazor for Wriggle's Lantern for a better map awareness. You can combine it with Zeke's Harbinger, which, combined with the lantern, offer a great replacement for the Madred's Bloodrazor.

Skilling order would be Hate Spike, Ravage, Hate Spike, Shadow Walk, Shadow Walk, Agony's Embrace, then go back to original build.