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Miss Fortune Build Guide by The Biggest Pro

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Biggest Pro

Cause Misfortune With Miss Fortune (S3)

The Biggest Pro Last updated on January 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pros / Cons

Fantastic harass
Good at cleaning up after team fights
Hard to catch/escape from
Really hurts early game with DMG runes
Has an annoying taunt

Easy to kill if you get in her face
If she's too close in a team fight she's toast
Perpetually focused
Has an annoying taunt

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Let's Dive Right In

There's not much to say about Miss Fortune, so I'd like to just get to it. First, some in-depth examination and advice about each of her abilities.

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Double Up is THE ability of Miss Fortune, or MF as we'll call her. Get it first and max it as soon as possible. It get's more powerful the more damage you have, so be sure to build that way. Double Up works by hitting a target, then bouncing to a relatively random target behind the original one. The second hit does MORE damage than the first one, so it is very important that whenever using this ability you are conscious of this fact. Try target minions close to and in front of enemy champions, the bullet will bounce off them and onto the champion behind the creeps (it prioritizes champions). If 2 champions are close together, one slightly behind the other, make sure it safe to fire and then Q them. It will hurt both of them, one worse than the other. Double Up will NOT hit champions side by side. only if one is behind the other. When farming with it, hit the minion with lower health first and the one with slightly more with the bounce.

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Impure Shots should be gotten at level 3, but maxed second. It's passive stacks magic damage on an enemy. When activated, it increases her attack speed and causes her basic attacks to prevent enemy healing by 50%. NEVER activate this for use on minions; MF should be farming via her basic attack only. Do not use this ability to harass. Use it when chasing down an enemy to help secure a kill or to increase attack speed while taking down a turret. If you are laning against a healer, or an ADC with life steal, it may be the best choice to focus Impure Shots on them so they don't heal as much.

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Let's get the most important thing about this ability out of the way. Make it Rain is NOT FOR FARMING. Again, DO NOT FARM WITH THIS ABILITY. It does incremental amounts of damage on waves, and saps a great deal of mana you could be using on Double Up. Make it Rain is a utility ability, and it's primary use is to slow an enemy. Just like we would a snare, we get it early but max it last, we want the slow to stay at a low mana cost, regardless of the damage it does. You farm with MF by basic attacks, and the occasional Q. However, mid and late game, feel free to drop Make it Rain in a team fight, if someone stays in it's range for the duration of the ability it can do some helpful damage.

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This is by far the seemingly easiest of all Mf's abilities to use. You'd think it's just point and click, but there's a little bit more strategy than that. Bullet Time has a wide range, and does damage to anyone in it for too long. As far as team fights go, obviously just ult right in the middle of them. If you catch them trapped fighting Baron Nashor or The Dragon, shoot them up like fish in a barrel! Or if you have sight on them, such as wards, and they're all clumped together in a bush, initiate by ulting on as many of them as possible, it will cripple them for the team fight.

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Laning Bot with a Tank

When laning with a tank, always let THEM initiate, your passive, Strut, will make sure you are in the fight in no time. The tank should of course be giving you all of the minion kills so you can get items faster. Be wary of the other team, try to hide behind your tank, MF is squishy before she gets fed, and is kind of a glass cannon.

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Laning Bot with a Support

For this role you're going to have to take a more assertive role, try initiating fights, and be sure to harass hard. Because the bonus damage on Impure Shots stacks, try to focus a target to harass. Trust in your support to ward bushes and/or heal you. Give your enemy NO safe place. If you see them in a bush, make no secret of your knowledge! Harass them all the way back to their turret (without overextending) and even then you can harass if careful.

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Solo Laning Top

If you are 1v1 against another solo, then you have no problem; just follow previous advice and you should do fine. 1v2 is the main concern of this chapter. When soloing against 2 champions, you have to be extra, EXTRA careful. Still try and be strategic with your Double Up, but be very wary of both overextending and the enemy's harass. You will most likely turret hug for most of the laning phase, but this can be used to your advantage. Make sure you coordinate last-hitting minions with your turret so you level up faster than the others, and wait patiently for your jungle or mid to gank. The enemy team will actually be overextending from harassing you so much, making them ripe for the ganking. If minion waves ever build up, be patient. DO NOT USE Make it Rain TO TRY AND FARM. You're better than that and you know it.

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After laning is finished, ROAM.

You want to be getting as many kills as possible as the ADC of your team. Once a tower (yours or theirs)is down, leave your lane to begin ganking. Strut allows MF to be very mobile, so she can just as easily gank mid as she can top or bot. Deception is not the way of MF to get kills. Because of your intense speed, feel free to just run up behind someone who is halfway or more pushing a lane. Use your E to slow them as they run, if there are minions nearby then Q to bounce, but if not that's okay. After those two are on cooldown, you should be simultaneously chasing and basic attacking the enemy, your W should be activated instinctively. When roaming, be sure to assist teammates with jungle monsters and be attentive of the map in order to counter gank.

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Team Fights

Miss Fortune is a ranged character, so obviously she should try to remain on the outskirts of the battle. As a glass cannon, it is better for her to come up in the middle of the fight and turn the tide of battle than for her to initiate because she will get focused. Unless of course you use Bullet Time to initiate, but even in that case you must be wary. MF is great for shredding tanks, but she should also help take down the squishier enemies, they will be dispatched very quickly with her attack speed boost enabled by her Impure Shots.