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Lucian Build Guide by Shusaky

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shusaky

CDR Lucian, the Uncatchable Caster [4.12]

Shusaky Last updated on July 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Keep in mind ...

... that this guide is under construction and formatting will be done when I have time. Thanks for your attention and let's get started if you're ready :P

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Hello everyone, this is my CDR Lucian guide. Since the 4.12 changes, Lucian sees less play in the botlane due to his decreased range and buffed his mobility. This makes him better in solo lanes, especially in the midlane, since mobility is a key-factor for roaming. This build's aim is to give Lucian insane Late Game scaling with his enormous damage as well as the ability to kite like no one else, while also maintaining a decent mid game.

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Take the above-shown runes if you're not sure who you are laning against. Although your harrassing will be a bit weaker, it will guarantee safe laning pretty much against anyone (mostly used for blind pick / Normals).

IF you know who you're laning against:

Against AD:

9x AD Marks are standard for AD Champs. I guess you could also take Armor Pen., but your laning will be much weaker in the first few levels, so keep that in mind.

9x Armor Seals.

5x Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs, 4x Mana Regeneration Glyphs (dependable, if the enemies have much AP get more Scaling MR)

3x Attack Damage Quintessences

Against AP:

9x AD Marks (see above)

9x Scaling Health Seals

9x Scaling Magic Resist

3x Attack Damage Quintessences

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Pros / Cons


+ Strong Early, Mid and Late Game

+ Good Waveclear

+ Mobility that scales INSANELY well with CDR

+ Lane bully

+ Can escape ganks fairly easy

+ Good Mixture of Burst / Sustained damage


- Not much range on spells (except ult)

- Must get into 500 Range to do something (can be a bit risky)

- Ult can be hard to hit

- Squishy

- No CC

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For Masteries, I go 21 in Offense, taking Expose Weakness, Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving because those masteries synergize well with Lucian's Kit. Make sure to grab the 5% CDR.

I go 9 in Defense because you have to remember that Lucian is a squishy Champion.

I guess you could go 9 in Utility if you're in an easy matchup, but I prefer 21/9/0.

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All item choices (as well as alternatives) are explained here


Essence Reaver: Definitely the best thing to rush on CDR Lucian, as it provides pretty much EVERYTHING he needs: AD, Lifesteal, CDR as well as Mana sustain.

Boots of Lucidity: Are pretty self-explainatory, since they are the only T2 Boots that provide CDR.

The Brutalizer: More AD as well as the Armor Penetration guarantees a nice mid game. Oh, and of course, don't forget the valuable CDR!

I call these Items the Holy Trinity of CDR due to the fact that you'll have an incredible power because you now have everything you need: Much AD, Armor Penetration, Lifesteal as well as the Mana-Sustain and INSANE Mobilty (because to your maxed out CDR).

The Black Cleaver: Many will argue to take Youmuu's Ghostblade instead of BC, but I must disagree. All stats of The Black Cleaver are really good on Lucian: Health (you must get in close range; being a bit beefier definitely helps) and the %-Penetration Passive (which you are going to max out really fast due to your Passive). In Comparison to YG, you'll get 20 Flat Armor Penetration (which get outclassed by %-Penetration as the game goes on) as well as attack speed, which is not what you are primarily aiming for as CDR Lucian (you have your passive which is getting constantly procced, no need for Attack Speed).

I guess you can say that Youmuu's Ghostblade Active outclasses The Black Cleaver during your ultimate, but I personally prefer not to have a big part of my damage come from a hard-to-fully-hit-ultimate.


Because you will trigger your passive very often, On Hit Items are very welcome.

Muramana: This combined with your passive is just ... devastating. You'll also need the mana for the sustain, as Essence Reaver probably won't be enough for Late Game Team Fights.

Blade of the Ruined King: Although Attack Speed is not that great on CDR Lucian, when buying this item you are aiming for the Passive, which synergizes (just like Muramana) very well with your passive. The Active is also super good for kiting and chasing.

If you have these Items, you are going to do an additional ~200 + 16% of max Health physical damage per use of Lightslinger.


Guardian Angel: If you don't know what to take, take this: It rovides both resistences as well as the nice passive.

Banshee's Veil: Against much magic damage and Hard Engage Comps.

Randuin's Omen: Against physical damage.

Warmog's Armor: Against mixed damage.

ALTERNATIVES: (things you can take to replace the On-Hit-Items)

These two items are good for more upfront burst:

Bloodthirster: Much AD And Lifesteal. Enough said.

Infinity Edge: Much AD, Critchance as well as the 250%-Crit-Passive.

Because of the fact that you probably won't get the chance to get to squishy targets, the On-Hit Build Path containing the BoRK (which is phenominal against tanks) as well as the ability to kite even better will probably be a better choice. Also, one thing that I don't really want to rely on is the 25% Critchance to do damage.

Last Whisper: If your team is full AD, you might want to get an LW for additional Armor Penetration, Although I don't really recommend it, as you'll get 55% Armor Penetration with BC's passive (which is kinda overkill).

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Spells & Combos

Passive: Lightslinger. This is what makes this build work, as reduces E's Cooldown and also triggers On-Hit-Effects twice. Make sure to always use inbetween your spells!

Q; Piercing Light. Very Good for pushing and harrassing in lane. It's always good to line up your Q with the enemy laner to deal damage.

W: Ardent Blaze. Tbh, not that great of a damaging skill due to its low AD-Scaling. But don't forget it's mark, as it will help you for chasing and kiting.

E: Relentless Pursuit. This is your bread and butter-skill. You are going to be nearly uncatchable if you use Lightslinger correctly.

R: The Culling. Good for Poking and sniping (although kinda hard) enemies as well as good objective control.


Always make sure to use your E first, if you are not afraid of getting in danger in the next 2 seconds. Here are 2 main combos you'll want to make use of.

Heavy Poking / Trading: E -> Lightslinger -> Q -> Lightslinger

with 40% CDR:

Chasing / Kiting: E -> Lightslinger -> W -> Lightslinger -> E -> Lightslinger -> Q -> Lightslinger -> E - Lightslinger...

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This guide is under construction, I just wrote down my thoughts about this build, I know the formatting is terrible, it will be done when I have time.

I would like you to try this build out and to hear your opinion about it! If this somehow gets popular, I'll also explain matchups.

Good Luck and Have Fun! :)