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Ahri Build Guide by WowSuchCarry

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WowSuchCarry

Charm your way through Elo Hell: A simple guide on Ahri

WowSuchCarry Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello and welcome to my second ever guide. I chose to do this one on Ahri because I personally think that if played right, she can be a beast in mid lane. Ahri has a lot carrying potential in games and if fed, can easily take out the whole enemy team. Playing a strong Ahri relies a lot on your ability to land skillshots and how you position yourself. All in all, I think Ahri is a mid lane god and can be mastered in no time at all. Sit back and enjoy!

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The main reason that makes Ahri so good is her charms, if you are good at landing your charms and if your lane opponent is someone with no leap, charm away. My general strategy is to autoattack and mid-auto, land a charm. One of the main reasons you need sustain is so that you can use all three of your abilities together and have enough mana to follow up.

Use this combo when you hit level 2 before them and try to land a charm, for this combo is is necessary to land a charm or else you won't be able to land your Q. Keep a close eye on your mana XP bar and then land a charm so you can follow up with your Q = E+Q+auto+auto. This combo can only be affective if you land a charm on the enemy.

This is your full item build combo, as always make sure you land your charm in order to finish the rest of the combo = E+DFG+Q+W+Ignite+ INSTANT KILL.

Make sure to focus out the main damage dealing targets in fight or even better, before the fight or in a small skirmish.

When you are being chased, use your charm because it slows their movement speed and allows for you to use your combo while running away. When ready you can get out of a bush and unleash your full combo with DFG and W.

Besides keeping a close look on your mana bar you should always keep a close eye on your passive. Yasuo's passive is that on every 8th ability, it heals. Normally the passive will show a blue orb with a number on it, on the 8th time, it will be green. On this ability make sure to use your Q on a large wave of minions to maximize healing potential.

I recommend before playing Ahri in PVP, play a lot of bot games or 1v1s with ahri to make sure you have mastered her charms.

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Runes and Masteries

I chose to go 2 magic pen quints and an AP quint because Ahri's main goal is to do tons of damage after she lands a charm. Mana regen, AP, and CDR are just a few small factors that make your laning a little easier.

I chose to go standard AP masteries with a little of sustain because with all the poke, you have to be able to stay in the lane longer then your opponent. I like the biscuit mastery because I don't have to buy mana pots and can just buy biscuits.

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On Ahri, my main focus is complete ability power and penetration. Some people get Rylais but I prefer zhonyas if you get caught out of position, those few seconds where you are invulnerable really are crucial. I feel like the void staff is crucial to help you do the most damage and make sure to get it almost every time on her. DFG on her helps with her burst and consider it the best item for ahri, I make sure to use it when they are charmed and then unleash my Q, W, and ignite on her. Archangels staff is a necessity on Ahri because of the healthy mana regen and AP. rabidons and magic pen boots are self explanatory.

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I get Q first because it makes it easy to CS with and is easy harass in the very early laning phase. Always get charm second and be prepared to go all in at level 2. I personally think that her charm is the best ability because of the long time they are vulnerable to your spells and attacks. Even at level 2 a simple E-Q combo can be simply devastating. I do not really like Ahri's W and that is why I get it third and max it after my Q. I do not find it useful for CSing but works for Ahri's burst. Ahri's ult is amazing for positioning yourself in fights and small skirmishes, it also offers easy escape and chasing potential. Because it has 3 charges on it, it offers a long range and is easy to dodge skillshots with.

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Thank you for reading all the way through my second ever guide. If you like it can you please give it an upvote or a helpful comment. Feel free to request other champions and I will tell you if I can play or make a guide with them. These last few videos and pictures are just a couple of Ahri montages (all rights to the owner of the videos, I did not make them). As always, thank you for reading my guide!