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Cho'Gath Build Guide by awwsmm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author awwsmm

Cho gath AP tank: how to play cho pro

awwsmm Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Cho Gath is one of the best tanks in the game of League of Legends, he can stun silence and cripple the other team fairly easily. In this stack I try to make it so that cho gath is still a great tank but also can dish out some awsome damage. Just because a cho gath is not a all out tank does not mean it is not good.

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My runes for cho gath try to utalize the begining of the game, the extra health is great for making cho gath hard to kill, while the magic penetration and cooldowns are great for hitting off a Rupture Feral Scream combo.

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The masteries I have are set up for great damage out put and even better durability. The combined magic penetration from runes and masteries will help dealing awsome amounts of damage in the beggining.

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Optional Items (READ THIS)

- This item is great, if you are having a hard time getting enought hitpoints then get this instead of Frozen Heart. The extra health and slowing work great if you dont like rylai's and it is a overall great item.

- this is a great item, if you are struggling with keeping alive and need some good resistences this item is great.

- Get this instead of Frozen Heart if there is alot of enemy AD champions

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I think that the Regrowth Pendant is great to start on cho gath because other then his passive to regen health it is hard and if your lane is getting controlled then it is good for regen while not having to kill your mana just to get to the minions. This is good for low ELO players who have a hard time farming and in lane. Doran's Ring is better for the more expirenced player for obvious reasons. The Mercury Treads are nice because cho gath can nom sombody in the reduced stun time and get a kill. Catalyst the Protector is just to stick around in the lane for longer, so always stay in the expirience line! Rylai's Crystal Cepter is extreemly good for Cho'Gath because it allows him to catch up that much quicker for the Feast. Additionally it gives great stats. And if you get to it Zhonya's Hourglass could also be used to tank or save your precious Feast stacks allong with giving great ability power. Force of Nature is awsome for constant pushing and speed along with great magic resist.

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Explanations for Builds

Build 1: The first build was meant for lower ELO players as mobafire is used to help struggling players do better. It is good for less expienced people because you can use Feral Scream to lead into your rupture for the slow and stick to people becuase of vorpal spikes. This makes Rupture easier to land and not to mention you can get them with your ult faster.

Build 2: I have recently recieved a whole storm of downvotes because of the fact that my build has a rylai's... this depresses me that people can not just get another item so I have made another build. Rylai's is a great item but you can live without it, so I've tested alot of things and have now decided to make this build.

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Skill Sequence

I use the skill sequence for maximazing damage output. Even though you could do well with just ranking up Rupture or Feral Scream it is better to rank them both up at the same time and use them as a combo in a fight. This deals more total damage and makes you rely less on just one ability. I recomend not ranking up Vorpal Spikes because the are really only good for killing minions without wasting mana. And always take the Feast upgrade whenever you can.

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Summoner Spells

As such a monsterous tank you need to be everywhere, telport allows that and lets you quickly grab an item and then going back to feast on some minions.
Some Other Great Summoner Spells

Ghost and/or Flash: good for maintaing feast stacks whether you need to run away or catch up to eat them they are both great for cho gath.

Exhaust: Great for getting first blood, killing a annoying dps champion with madreds blood razor or just slowing someone down so they can get Feasted.

Ignite: I normally dont like ignite for Cho Gath but the reduced healing does come in handy when you need someone to die, along with some damage over time it makes it easy to get off a Feast.

Heal or Revive?: Although most people think these summoner spells are only good for noobs they all have a time and a place. Even though revive has a very long cooldown it could be very usefull becuase as a tank Cho Gaths presence is always required. Heal is a good spell for Cho Gath it could keep a push going or even save a team mate or preserve feast stacks.

Clarity: If you have problems farming on Cho'gath and maintaining mana then this is a good option, if you are comfortable sustaining your mana pool then this spell is worthless, only take it if you know that not taking it would ruin you.

Cleanse: This is a great spell that is just not used enough, I would only use this spell if I replaced mecury treads on Cho Gath but it can save your life or help you get a kill. Avoid this spell unless there is HEAVY crowd control.

Bad Spells For Cho Gath

Rally: Cho Gath does not need the extra help in a team fight due to the large amount of Crowd Control he has. Even if you do want this spell its only real purpose would be to push a tower.

Clairvoyance: Since Cho Gath is relitivaly slow and short ranged this spell would be pretty much useless.

Fortify: This can be a great spell, making your tower invincible and giving it crazy attacks speed. In my oppinion Cho Gath does not need this becuase he needs other spells much more.

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Game Play

Early Game
To start as cho gath make sure you use abilities rarely, this will not allow mana starvation easy. If your oppents attack go all out, make them pay for attacking. Also try to last hit minions for health and mana, even though it is not too much it will add up and will give you lots of gold.

Mid Game
In mid game cho'gath can dominate, you can efficiently solo lanes if you gain good expirence for Catalyst of Aeons and stay healthy. Feast things when you have a chance unless if you oppenent can get Feasted easily. Once you hit 6 stacks on Feast now its time to gank and become a true beast.

Late Game
Hopefully you have your ((Feast)) at full and are making the other team run at your presence. If not play very defencive and avoid team fights if possible. The ((Gaurdian Angel)) makes cho gath near invincible and if you control the field with your moves (which you should spam) then the enemy team will not be able to touch your squishies.

LEARN TO LEAD! whether it be on the road to battle or with your ((Rupture)) it is extreemly escential. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can kill a minion to save your life in the middle of a fight along with peck down your opponent. Also do not give in easy, one time I was ganked by 3 people, a Ryze, a Garen, and a Pantheon. I was fed so I bit off ryzes head, then I started attacking garen since pantheon was retreating. I kill garen in 500 out of 4000 helth and pantheon stuns me. So I knock him up to the air a silence and normal attack him for the kill All the time in 150 health. Use your abilities as a burst, if you have full stacks you can just ((Rupture)), ((Feral Scream)), and then ((Feast)). That little combo with either kill them or let your team finish it the poor crippled champion off.

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Ranked Play

If you decide to go into a ranked game with this stack keep in mind you want minions, they can keep you alive in very nasty situations. Be extreemly cautious in the beginning, that is when you are weakest and if you are having a hard time getting up feast stacks just Feast on some creeps in the jungle. Also make sure to save your allies but keep you Feast stacks safe. Finding the right balance between being suicidal and careful is essential when playing Cho'Gath

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Team Work

As cho gath you have to help the team, be the meat sheild. If a ability power nidalee throws a spear at your squishy ashe you step infront of the spear, you take like 2 damage instead of ashe getting half healthed. Dont let the enemy get to you ranged champions. Use Rupture and Feral Scream to slow them down and silence them, they will be easy to pick off once you do that.

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Farming on Cho Gath is a essiential part of his gameplay. Without it he would not have as much durability. if you are laning and they attack postion yourself so when you Rupture and Feral Scream it also kills some creeps, refunding mana and giving lots of health back due to cho gath's passive; Carnivore.

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Pros / Cons


    Lots of health
    Good damage output
    Great tank
    Good Farmer
    Good Utility

    Needs stacks to dominate
    Slow to start
    Somewhat long cooldowns
    High mana cost abilities

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Games Using the Build:

Kage's game:

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Replies to Comments

Not all of these are exact quotes but


"ap cho sucks"-Try it

"This build is too squishy"-I think this is a troll vote, this build give Cho'Gath at least 150 resistence in each stat, honestly if you stack Cho' all out tank he will such because you will knock em air borne silence them and Nom the squishies, that does altogether with no AP about 1000 damage at level 18, just enough to half health a squishy. But if you go AP and you get 250 Ability power you deal about 1650 damage with the combo, that can almost 1 hit some squishies. No one will care if you go Health Cho' or High resist cho if you cant deal any damage. Sure you can slow them down but what do you do after that, normal attack them for 50 damage and wait for the 10 secs for the cooldown. No, you get some AP and you cripple them for coming close to you squishies, Even on a heavy tank the combo can deal over 1000 damage to a strong tank.

"Attack speed runes suck on tanks"-Changed it, was it worth the down vote, I got those cause the Vorpal Spikes give a slow and with AP deal more damage

"Cho is either AP with some resistences or a all out tank"- No, try the build then tell me if it works or not. Honestly most of these votes are ******ed and this is no exception. Cho'Gath is not a all out mage and he is only known to be a tank for his one amazing Feast passive. First off the passive is meant so that you can build other stats and not foucus on health as much if you are a tank then you can get a Guardian Angel earlier or a Force of Nature, in my stack I balance the two to make a Cho'Gath that uses Ability power health items and resistence tank items which are essential for survival. Basically I couldn't disagree more.

Recently there have been people downvoting because of later RoA and no Abyssal Mask so I have decided to test some of these ideas into my build, I actually liked them alot so I have added a new build. I still think that thoese factors are not enough for a downvote because you should make the build a little unique in your own way.