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Cho'Gath Build Guide by chokoryu

Top Cho'Gath

Top Cho'Gath

Updated on February 20, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author chokoryu Build Guide By chokoryu 5,585 Views 0 Comments
5,585 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author chokoryu Cho'Gath Build Guide By chokoryu Updated on February 20, 2021
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Runes: vs Sett

1 2 3 4 5 6
Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide


By chokoryu
This is my diary as a Cho'Gath in the Bronze elo. I plan to record each interaction I have with lanes and experiment with what wins lanes, and games more importantly.
VS Garen
You should feel confident in this matchup, but like any match up never be arrogant.

-With Grasp+E(level 1 to 2) you can already trade well with Garen at lv1-3.
-Main things to watch out for is his tankiness. There is no need to be aggressive and try to go for a feast stack. If you do want to go for a flash+feast, then you have to act fast and land Q and flash in with E to finish off with R. Garen regenerates health fast, so make sure you back out of his tower if you miss the Q that could get you the kill.
-Garen benefits a lot from ganks. Watch out for "body behavior". To back out from a gank Criteria to look out for 1. You are at the halfline, or overextended, 2. Garen was playing passive afk farm, then suddenly decides to Q you aggressively, 3. If JG could not be found on the map/or you don't know last whereabouts.
VS Gnar
You should accept that you have to farm passively. By passive, if there was passive then neutral then aggressive in terms of lane attitude towards your opponent, then you got to be closer to passive because Gnar can punish.

-Watch out for rage meter. If his meter is 60% full, that is indication to start backing off. If it is 90% full and Gnar is passive, assume that Gnar will jump to you then mega Gnar.
-If you can dodge his skillshots in Mega Gnar, you have a better chance of trading even or even more with extra attack speed from legend:alacrity.
-Flash out if stunned and HP is less than 50% (if you are closer to tower)
-for more aggressive laning against Gnar take for runes legend:alacrity and presence of mind. This is to stop Gnar from snowballing momentum into your teammates.
-Since you won't be Q and walking into Gnar with E, you don't really use approach velocity to its max, so you could swap it for Biscuits+Time Warp and take Corrupting Potion for start.
-For overall game, if you take boots+approach velocity, make sure to abuse it by ganking other lanes. This is especially good if Gnar is freezing lane or not in lane.
VS Irelia
My experience with Grasp-Demolish-Conditioning-Overgrowth + Triumph-Legend:Alacrity
Irelia is not an easy lane.

-Irelia can outtrade you early game like a piece of cake.
-Juke her stun and you can farm a bit, but if you get stunned, better flash out if she got corrupting+ignite.
-She can dash for free to minions she can ohko, so a fighter minion below 50% is when you should take caution. Caster minion below 60% take caution to not be near the minion unless you want to be stunned.
-Avoid being in the open area especially with minions. Irelia excels at taking advantage of Cho's lack of escape, so you have to play it safe.
-Rush Bramble Vest to have better survivability. Add plated steelcaps for a better chance to survive. Notice I said survive because Irelia will be difficult to kill solo unless you are fed.
-Q to level 3, E max, W max, if you can catch Irelia out in the open, for example in the river where there are no minions that she can dash to, then silence (2second silence) and knock up. If teammates are nearby, make sure to be a bit patient in case Irelia decides to dash in. Usually look for how fed Irelia is. If fed, will likely go for an outplay.
-You can also Q predict on a minion Irelia might land at and follow up with E. This would be a good idea if you are pushed into your turret or are slightly ahead. Otherwise, it could end up backfiring as Irelia has way more firepower potential.
-Irelia can juke my Q's easily as long as she has my minions around. For example, whenever I Q Irelia, she can dash/attach to one of my minions at nearly the last frame to avoid getting hit. Hitting a Q will be easier if she doesn't have anything to dash towards. In late game, W the 2 second silence and Q. W in a bush since it is hard to actually land the W in a teamfight.
-Remember, Irelia is waiting for you to use Q so she can dash to a teammate. You could instead engage with E, wait for her a bit unless she is about to assassinate your teammate, then W and knock up.
VS Mordekaiser
It's hit or miss with Mordekaiser
-You can raise Q level to 3 and farm easy, but try to dodge every skillshot that you can to avoid chip damage
-You can solo kill if you are fed by at least 2 kills and even or higher in cs.
-Try not to fight Mordekaiser alone. But if JG is trying to gank, then make sure his health is below 70% otherwise try not to unless your JG is fed and/or you are fed too. Make sure to CC and deal damage fast as possible so the jungler does not get isolated and die. Same applies to you, don't get caught in but if your JG is doing dmg then apply dmg to Mordekaiser fast before his ult.
VS Ryze
You should be kind of worried, but not too much.
-Build negatron cloak
-get Q to level 5, E to level 3, then W to level 5
-Dodge skillshots, I took Unflinching for this instance and take extra tenacity if other enemy team members have annoying CC
-Kind of smurfing if Ryze is top at least in Bronze elo.
VS Sett
-Sett is a 50/50 lane. If you can dodge his skillshots you have a good chance to trade even or outtrade.
-Say Sett pulls you in and you want to escape because you can't do enough damage back, then try placing Q about 2/3 with the other 1/3 near Sett's side. That way he can't easily sidestep the Q or walk straight towards you.
-If you don't die within the first 10 minutes, and pick up a Bramble+Plated Steelcap, it's basically significantly more difficult for Sett to injure you hard.
-In a teamfight, try not to Q Sett because he can ult away from it or flash. So W to silence Sett and E, and save the Q for a squishier champion with less escape.
VS Shaco
Yeah, I know it's a weird top lane pick. This Shaco I played ran a Hail of Blades, Kraken Slayer assassin type of build.
-You gonna need some tenacity for Shaco
-Take unflinching+tenacity items
-Shaco's turrets chip away health and fear effects take forever to subside that's why it's better to take Legend:Tenacity over Legend:Alacrity for this one. I think Unflinching is optional. Overgrowth is probably better still.
VS Shen
Shen does so much damage, can TP anywhere. Very tough

I used a Hail of Blade-Cheap Shot-ZombieWard-Relentless Hunter + Legend:alacrity-Coup de Grace build against Shen

-I was able to burst down Shen's health by maybe 40% easily with E level 1-2, but after Shen's bami cinder or tank items, it was increasingly difficult to burst down his health.
-It is difficult to fight Shen's shield, wait for it to be down before fighting.
-Wait for ganks to secure a kill. Shen can dodge your Qs with his dash, but after Shen dashes from jungler gank, that's the chance to Q for free since Shen is pretty slow. Try to get very close and E if possible before Q so you have more room in case he flashes.
-Next time try using Grasp-Demolish-Conditioning-Overgrowth + Triumph-Legend:Alacrity
VS Wukong
Powerful, and with ult can kind of delete you.
-I wouldn't waste too much mana trying to Q Wukong (looking for positive trades) because he can use his clone.
-But like any Cho combo, it's better to land the Q, then aa, E, and back off or keep going depending on the damage potential by enemy laner. In this case, Wukong can outdamage Cho if he is fed or evenly fed.
VS Yorick
It feels kind of easy, but at level 6 it is about over unless you are fed..

-His little minions deal a surprisingly a lot of damage.
-His candle/Jarvan IV knockoff skill is basically like your Q, but worse because you can't escape from it for a while.
-Yorick outtrades you in damage. Slightly weaker potential than Irelia, but damage is up there.
-I would just try to chill and farm, Q to disengage.
-I need more experience vs Yorick.

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