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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Chogz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chogz

Cho'gath AP-tank Burster

Chogz Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow players! Welcome to my Cho'gath Guide.

Let me start off that this is my first guide so please point out any mistakes or ideas that you think would suite the guide.

Cho'gath was the first champion I played when entered my first match and I fell in love with him straight away. He by far in my honest opinion is the strongest ap based character in the game. Why you may ask I will tell you in the next chapter.

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Pros / Cons

- Not very item reliant and immensely overpowered with them.
- You may play him wherever you want he works perfectly solo or with a partner.
- His ultimate grants you extremely easy TANKINESS.
- His passive allows you to leave the lane only when you need to buy something (or when you get harassed badly and have 10 hp)
- You can harass with Rupture very well (average 30% of targets health at early/mid game).


- Relies on placing Rupture (That's why people start with Feral Scream on him sometimes).
- Pretty mana hungry early game (Not that much of a problem thanks to your passive but still).
- If you think you can down somebody with your ultimate and it will take longer than 1-2 minutes you miss out on your stacks of Feast which may lead to your demise.
- No natural escape other than Rupture (That is one of the reason to not take boots at start,
so tankiness/burst over movement speed. I mean everybody likes to see targets drop to 50% after one hit right?:) )
- YOU ARE NOT A TANK Remember that! You can take lots of dmg with your 4k hp but trust me without tank items you are just as squishy as the LeBlanc next to you.
- Once you learn to control Rupture you will have a way to hit people with it. The problem is people learn fast.

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Summoner Spells

Since you have no boots you will want to make sure your Ruptured target goes down so he can't outrun you right? So basically Rupture >> Flash >> Feral Scream >> Autoattack + Ignite >> Feast. If you learn his average dmg he can dishout at the right moment you will know when you can kill somebody or not so try to play safe till then harassing people with either your E by hitting mobs or by using Rupture.


Ignite sounds as if it was created for Cho'gath. You will rage multiple times when you will feast on a target that flashes away and runs with 10 hp. Ignite solves that problem. My advice? SPAM IT ALL THE TIME! From masteries you get 5 ability power and 5 attack dmg when its on cd so it gives you that extra "oomph" when somebody survives with 10 hp.

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Skill Sequence - How to make'em fly.

Rupture is probably the most op and up ability in the game. It has like 0.7 sec delay before it hits. The range of it is smaller than one may think. And there is a bigass cloud on the ground that people recognize immediately. So one may ask how do I manage to land it then ?
Well the answer is quite simple think how you react. If you see a player attack minions you just harass him so you come closer or you keep your distance but not too far. So the answer is simple. Attack minions and people will never expect a Rupture. Or cast a Rupture behind them and rush at them they will most likely retreat straight into your Rupture.

Feral scream is usually mistaken for it's range. The range of the ability is actually longer than it shows. There is not much I can say about this ability other than you should combo it everytime with Rupture.

Vorpal Spikes is very fun ability: provides easy no mana cost harassment, gives you a double attack, thats why Lich Bane is made for Cho'gath! You basically take the fight to the enemy Lich Bane will pop of your AP causing your attack deal extra dmg AND Vorpal Spikes scale of your AP making it very strong late game.

Feast is an awesome ability. You just need to remember to use it on minions to get stacks since it has a short cooldown and if you wait too long the lack of stacks may get you killed.
It deals good dmg to a player ~400 early game and ~1000 late game so you can imagine you can kill people fast.
It always deals exactly 1000 dmg to a minion/monster/creep you call it. Which means that baron stealing as Cho'gath is very easy! What you do is flash through wall feast on baron and rupture the whole group before they notice what's going on. You may manage to kill few of them if you get lucky and then die or you may get a penta if you are fed. If your team comes you can probably tank them till then and ace the team.

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Range of Abilities - IMPORTANT!

That's the actual range of Rupture. It may not be ideal what I've done here but always thinking of it that way will save you trouble.
Like I said before it's not perfectly ideal to what it is but you should try to keep that in mind If you see that a person may end up little behind the actual range you can still hit him.

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Items - Breakdown


Rod of Ages
People don't pay attention to what the item actually says.
It gives you each minute (up to 10min cap) extra ap/health/mana FOR FREE
So other than the basic stats which grant you ap, mana and health you also get EXTRA POTIONS per lvl! So this item allows you to harass. Engage and try to kill taking some dmg. And then rupture a pack of creeps and it will make you ding, get mana and hp from passive and rod of ages and also with every minute your stats increase. So this answers why should you always take it as fast as possible.

Lich Bane
Mana, ap awesome passive that works great for Cho'gath what else a man eating ant would want?

Rabadon's Deathcap
So now we got already some ap now lets add to it the extra "oomph" and kill people with one combo shall we ?

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Adds up to your ability power, extra tankiness and slows your target. It does work for Vorpal Strikes!

Sorcerer's Shoes
Pretty selfexplanatory speed and magic penetration.


Mejai's Soulstealer
If you're doing well squeeze it in between boots and rylai or before and you will secure yourself endgame dominion.

Morello's Evil Tome
CDR, ap and mana regen very nice item for endgame Cho'gath.

Lots of ad carries ripping apart your team and you? You have enough hp to outlast them enough dmg to smack them this is an awesome way to help and 100armor is really nice.

Guardian Angel
Extra tankiness,avoids death AND YOU DON'T LOSE STACKS!.

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Farming and other tips

Basically you should always try to last hit to make as much profit from your passive as possible.

Try to place yourself so that the Vorpal Strikes will hit the enemies or at least mistake them into thinking they will always better if they are further than closer.

DO NOT turret dive unless you are 100% sure you can secure the kill and get away above 30% hp.
I can not even describe how important it is to use your abilities rather than turret dive! Learn where people always hide for example tiny bit behind the turret or the the right, left of it. Place your rupture there and they won't expect it.

FERAL SCREAM IS A SILENCE! That means wait for that cheeky Katarina to jump on you and pop her ulti then scream at her or rupture her either one will interrupt the ulti!

There are few champions which will cause trouble to you. For example a Warwick with Madred's Bloodrazors. He has a passive lifesteal, his madred's cause him to do 3% of your hp extra to his normal attack dmg. Which may cause your 6 stacks and big hp pool to be your main disadvantage.

LeBlanc is a glass cannon so easy to kill but... She can turn your 4k hp into 2k within a second with her q,r,w combo. The q can silence you if another ability hits, that's why good leblancs always start with q and follow it with another ability as fast as they can and that also is their main dmg source.

Tryndamere may cause trouble because of his ulti but... You can feast on him when he is above 500 health causing him to die. Why would it work? Simply a smart Tryndamere always waits for lowest point of health possible before he pops his ulti to use as much as possible of it and when its about to end pop heal straight away. So if your feast won't kill him or he popped his ulti if you manage to survive you need to ignite him so he cannot heal. Endless Rage lasts 5 seconds start counting down to about 2 seconds left then pop ignite that should make you win the fight.

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Team Work - Partners

Here is a quick list of champions that work great with Cho'gath.

Janna - Imagine having a double Rupture and a double slow. Yep that's what this girl does with you.

Soraka - Mana/HP/Magic Resist and reduces enemies magic resist so you will hit even harder.

Amumu - Probably best tank to have around. Has 2 stuns and decent dmg if he pops his ulti on a target that will grant you a 99.99% chance to get the target dead.

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Basically your role is to down anything in reach. Your dmg output is so immense that you don't have to choose who you want to kill. But priorities are priorities so:

Support>>AP/AD Carry>>Anybody who is fed>>Tank

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Being a Big Fed Cho'gath

Cho'gath is great for the fact that even if your team is doing badly you can be doing extremely well with him. You will notice that people will start using you like a shield or a beacon to keep around with and the enemies will keep running away from you. You probably have met many times a tank and you turned the other way because you knew he can outlast you and even kill you.
Same thing for Cho'gath but his dmg is much much greater.