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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Cho'Gath Build Guide by cauwen

Cho'gath: wrong teemo, size does mean everything

Cho'gath: wrong teemo, size does mean everything

Updated on June 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cauwen Build Guide By cauwen 5 2 42,075 Views 24 Comments
5 2 42,075 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author cauwen Cho'Gath Build Guide By cauwen Updated on June 6, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



12/21/11 - corrected some spelling and grammar errors.
12/22/11 - added pictures and color and furthermore corrected guide which seemed to be out of
12/23/11 - further edited the guide for convenience.
1/13/12 - checked up on every champions stats and updated some minor things accordingly.
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Hello and welcome, my name is cauwen. this is my first guide but due to the scores it seems that poeple really like it. when i was updating the guide, some glitches occurred and much of what i wrote was deleted or moved to a different chapter which made it seem out of place, so i might miss something that i have typed before. all in all i will be explaining how to use Cho'Gath, the terror of the void, or in this guide, i will be referring to him in several names including "everybody's favorite voidling" and so on. this guide is explaining how to play Cho'Gath and why i build him AP instead of tank. everyone knows that tanks are fun to play when they can deal godly damage. with over 200 games with Cho'Gath i can quite confidently say that he is much MUCH better off to be played as an AP build rather than a tank build. have fun reading, beacause i had fun typing.
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Pros / Cons

Cho'Gath is a worthy adversary to any champion. he is fast, deadly, and FREAKIN HUGE! if you have ever played Cho'gath, you were probably following some of the other guides on moba, trying to build tanky. well i will tell you the pros/cons of a AP vs tank cho, then what the pros and cons are for an AP cho in general.


- very high damage output
- a squishy tank
- can solo most any champion
- targeted first


- not as high damage output
- a durable fighter
- needs a team to do any real damage
- tends to be avoided because he's a tank


- damage that only the void can dish out
- godly farmer
- extremely fun to play
- intimidation is his biggest weapon


- if skills on cooldown, seems to be decently vulnerable
- overconfidence kills you
- can be focused heavily by a good enemy team
- if feast stacks are dropped, he is targeted much more often
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for runes i go for a strong early game, and items will hold me up in late game.

for marks i take 9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for the magic pen, which you will need ALOT more than armor pen because... well... your AP cho, not boring old tanky cho. the magic pen gives you a strong advantage in the starting game bush rushes that we all know of. rupture does the damage, enemy burns flash you run away.

for seals i take 9 Greater Seal of Armor for more durability in lane. this is especially important of you are solo laning due to the fact that harassment will be strongly focused on you. more durability = surviving minion aggro and regular attacks.

for glyphs i take 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power. the AP per level will help you deal extra damage per level and not to mention will help you stay in lane without having to return for items as often. more power, more kills, more items, more feed, win.

For quints i take Greater Quintessence of Ability Power. this will give you a very strong early game advantage with that harass. more AP is just better. you got your over level quints but you need some early game burst.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, i take Flash and Exhaust. Flash if for the chasing/escaping capabilities, and Exhaust for chasing. with the mastery Summoner's Wrath , Exhaust reduces enemy champion's magic and armor defense which make you that much more deadly.

Other viable summoner spells would be Teleport, Surge, Ignite, and Ghost. anything else to say? naah i dont think so.
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i have strictly AP items, no Banshee's Veil or Archangel's Staff. with the blue buff , you will have way more than enough mana regen. i take the Doran's Ring for early game AP, a boost to your health to be able to survive harassment, and some mana regen to keep you in lane just "that" much longer.

I grab boots of speed and quickly upgrade it to Sorcerer's Shoes for the magic pen and speed that it gives. the magic pen for more damage, and the speed for more maneuverability.

Rabadon's Deathcap is an obvious grab. its the butter for you bread, but not the bread. (ill explain in a minute) it gives you that huge boost to your AP which you will need if you want to cause some hell with your Rupture, Feral Scream, and regular attacks.

I quickly grab Void Staff for the magic pen which really helps out for those annoying tanks. magic pen = more damage for later game. if they get magic resist soon, it will do nothing, enough said.

Up next is the bread for your butter, the Lich's Bane. if you are truely looking to cause heavy damage, then i dont know what item is better to grab than it. this item gains more and more AP damage every item you get, not to mention the 30% boost through the rabadons makes it the hellbringer for your favorite gentleman. in the end game, you will have some high AP, so this item will be the damage dealer for you and will save you from more than 1 squishy occasion. i cannot stress the importance of this item and recommend it ASAP. YOU CAN NOT DO ANY SIGNIFICANT DAMAGE WITHOUT THIS ITEM!!!

Soon after Lich's Bane, grab Rylia's Crystal Scepter. with Ruptures slow and Rylia's slow, an enemy cant escape. not to mention, due to your Vorpal Spikes, your regular attacks will slow down any enemy trying to escape. an added bonus would be the hp which would make you that much harder to kill.

as my final item, i grab Zhonya's Hourglass. this item has the beautiful feature of taking all the damage for you and you coming out unscathed. i normally use this item to engage team fights, as strange as that may sound. i rush into an enemy team (but never without a team of my own to back me up in these scenarios) and as soon as i notice that they have started targeting me, i pop Zhonya's Hourglass to take all their spells for 2 seconds, which for some reason they just keep casting. also a great skill if your under a turrent and an enemy is chasing you with low hp. a very useful item indeed.
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because of your jesus like Vorpal Spikes, you can fight off huge minion waves in seconds. combined with Rupture and Feral Scream no minion will be left alive.

for early game farming, obvious thing to do is last hit minions. due to the Vorpal Spikes, you can do more than usual damage to single enemy minions and hold back any melee champs that would attempt to harass you with a regular attack or two. later in levels you can mow down enemy minions and run right through nuetral monsters such as the blue golem, Red Lizard, and dragon because of the unnatural spikes that come out of your chest with your bidding. if you would like to, grab an extra Doran's Ring or two after your Boots if you would like to harrass just a little bit more. one thing i would like mention is that your passive gives you mp and hp everytime you kill ANYTHING. keep it in mind so you can harass with the mana boost and stay alive with the health boost. once you master the technique of using your Vorpal Spikes to kill minion waves for mana, you wont need to grab that extra Doran's Ring for mana regen.

a nice little trick that can help you get money, but if done stupidly can get you killed, is farming near a turret. well, not exactly near a turret, more like on a turret. when you push a lane to the point where you are damaging the turret and a new wave of minions have arrived, this is your time to shine. lets say your on the blue team and on the top lane. you are now attacking the turret. stand on the upper left part of the turret so that you are facing the minions wave. this will cause your Vorpal Spikes to damage the minions and help your minions to push the turret and possibly get you some extra cash. IMPORTANT! when near an enemy turret and enemy champions are present, TURN VORPAL SPIKES OFF! if you hit an enemy with them the turret will auto target you, and since you are right next to the turret, good luck getting away with over half health.
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Team Work

step 1, DONT DITCH YOUR TEAM! one thing cho excels at is keeping enemies busy, if your team is low on hp and they wont be able to get away, prevent an ace by running into the enemy and silencing feasting and rupturing away. give them time to escape. take one for the team.

step 2, refer to step one

step 3, engeage the fights. Cho'gath has the extremely good ability to not only engage team
fights, but to split up the enemy. how do you do this? well im very glad you asked.
first, see if you can engage from a brush or behind. this is absolutly vital. this will
give your Rupture a huge surprise attack on an unexpecting enemy.
secondly, spread out the enemy team so it will be easy to pick them off. how to do this
is simple. your Rupture should make them spread apart slightly due to the fact that
nobody want to get hit by a knock up and slow. right afterwards, run into maybe 2-3
enemies then use Feral Scream, if your Feast is maxed then they should run
because of his intimidation.

step 4, you excel in 1v1 but do not let it get to your head. if you are 1v2 a lane do not be afraid to call for ganks or assists. your team, if they arnt complete noobs, should come to your aid when you ask. you can chase enemies extremely well. you are the fight initiator. so do your job.

step 5, refer to step 2
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Creeping / Jungling

i was never a good jungler so i will not even go over this area. sorry
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in closing, Cho'gath is one if the most fun character you'll ever play. well at least for me. i hope you guys have as much fun as i do playing cho, the worlds most loved voidling. have fun and go NOM NOM NOM some squishys!!!!!!!! XD
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League of Legends Build Guide Author cauwen
cauwen Cho'Gath Guide
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Cho'gath: wrong teemo, size does mean everything

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