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Irelia Build Guide by Tafe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tafe

Classic 5v5 Aggressive build

Tafe Last updated on March 14, 2012
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Hello dear readers!
I am Winztafe, and this is my " Irelia - Classic 5v5 aggressive build". This guide won't provide any in depth explanation on what each single item/spell/ability do, but it will give you a briefe about what the build will give Irelia.

keep in mind that this is a build guide! Not a complete guide on howto play Irelia. The gameplay examples is by personal experience, and how "I" work the best through this build.

Hope you think this was usefull :)

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Pros / Cons


+ Great ganker
+ Bladesurge for easy entries and escapes
+ great slow and stun with Equilibrium Strike
+ Easy to harraz with

- Low mana at lowlevel.
- Does not go along against slows.
- Needs expencive items to be effective.
- requires alot of kills to carry.

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Runes, Spells and Items


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Critical Damage

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed

  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed: Will make sure Irelia does significant damage while the target is slowed.
  • greater mark of Desolation: Prefering armour penetration will grant you an great advantage. This will give you a start with +14.94 armour pen. It will make you hit effectivly, even if the target has high armour.
  • Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Cooldown reduction will make you gain abilities faster. with a total of +5.85 cooldown reduction at early game, you can clearly be quite active in offense.
  • Greater Seal of Critical Damage: Critical strike is something I consider a must on irelia. her stats wont be Superhigh, but starting off with +crit damage, she clearly hit higher then expected!

The spells of choise

Exhaust: Gives you the ability to slow targets, and decrease their damage done.

Ignite: Ignite gives you that extra damage that safes a kill. dots for 5 seconds.
Flash: Gives you the ability to quickly enter or escape a fight.


With this build, you get an extra life uppon death and attackspeed. You also break armour overtime, which stacks!

+55 attackdamage
+30 attackspeed
+68 armour
+38 magic resist
Without stack: Target -15 armour, revive with 750 health & 375 mana
Full stack: Target -45 armour, revive with 750 health & 375 mana
With this build, you get more mana and magic resist, and lifesteal will stack uppon kills.

+15% lifesteal
+60 attackdamage
+375 health
+375 mana
+50 magic resist
Without stack: +30% lifesteal, block 1 negative spell.
Full stack: +40% lifesteal, block 1 negative spell.
  • : Tenacity is an essential part in this build. You will more easly avoid traps, and kills will be easier to get if the target slows/stuns/silences/taunts you.
  • : With movementspeed, crit chance, AP, AD, attackspeed, mana and health, this is the second essential part of the build. also the first stack you would want to get!
  • : What gives you great advantage, is the ability to crit alot, therefore, Infinity edge gives you a +50% crit damage(AD*250%) and +80 attack damage. With this, your Bladesurge will deal significant damage!
  • : With some AP based abilities, you would need this item, mainly because of lifesteal, spellvamp and abilitypower. After you get Hextech Gunblade, your ulti, Transcendent Blades, will deal incredible damage!

    The next items would be of your choise. Both of the builds i showed above is what i think is the most beneficial items you can get.

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During the game

How i play Irelia, is in a more stealthy way. I quickly find people who is alone, and i approach them through bushes or walls. After getting Trinity force around level 10, ganking is alot easier. As i grow longer in the build, i try to "observe" teamfights and take out the weakest first.

teamfight scenarios:

  • If the team is taking 1 by 1, you should be aware on how you use Bladesurge. You want to lasthit the target with Bladesurge, so there would be no cooldown.
  • If the enemyteam is dropping low on health all together, you want to even their health as low as you can, then use Bladesurge to snatch them 1 by 1.

-How i start out, is that i level to level 3, then start harraz the enemy lane.
As they run low on HP, i quickly take them 1 by 1 with help by my teamplayer.
-Attack them while Equilibrium Strike is active.
-Use Exhaust on them.
-Use Bladesurge to catch up the kill.

Mid game:
As time goes on, i usually push lane, but i keep an eye on the other lanes. As soon as people starts to gather, i hide in bushes nearby and target the weakest enemy for easy kill.
If i run low on HP, i go in jungle and get back HP by lifesteal.

late game:
you should stick up with the team and you push mid lane as hard as you can. You are supposed to lead the ganking at this part. Your build should be past Hextech Gunblade and you should probably have Chain Vest around 40 min. As always, go for the easiest kills first, and always harraz the strong ones when you can.

What to avoid:
  • Entering bushes where you think there might be enemies
  • avoid strong players till you have a solid build
  • avoid going solo at late game!

If you succeeded on this build, you probably should win.
I would say this build is so strong that soloing 2 enemies would be Easy.

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