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Rengar Build Guide by Delecto

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delecto

Claws of Scrub Annihilation - A Guide to Rango

Delecto Last updated on May 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Internet. I'm a Diamond 4 Rango player. Not main, but I play him a lot.
Do you feel like you don't deserve to be in Bronze IV? Are your teammates trolling you or starting to go afk after they died once vs. AP Gangplank support?
Well don't look at any further than here because today, I will present to you the way to Diamond.
With this Rango guide you will learn everything there is to the Pridestalker and how to easily carry your scrub team.
Enjoy the read.

PS: I don't care about how this guide looks, it's the information that counts, not the formating. So please don't judge before you read.

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Why pick Rango? (Pros and Cons)

+ Can be played Top,Jungle or even as a Marksman on the bottom lane.
+ Easy 1-shots starting in the mid game.
+ Can jump from brush to brush making it very hard to keep track of him in the jungle.
+ Awesome design.
+ His scream heals him which is considered voodoo magic in some African tribes.
+ He shaves K6 easily.

- Gets **** on early by many champions like Ryze, Jax, Shen, Irelia.
- Once he falls behind glasscannon Rango is bollocks and should go to build as a tank.
- There really aren't too many cons so imma stop here.

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Early laning:
Jump from brush onto your enemy. Proceed to return to your domain aka the brush. Rinse and repeat in lane.
Midgame skirmirshes and TF's:
Stack up 5 Fero, use ult, jump on high priority target, kill it and continue to slauighter opponents.
At this point you should be 20/0/18 if the enemy team hasn't surrendered yet.
Roam their jungle with your ult as mentioned above and just pick off people at random.
With this you can make any lategame teamfight a 5v4 and because the spawntimers are sickening long in the lategame your team should always get an easy objective.

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Lane match ups

Just avoid Irelia, Ryze, Jax, Shen, Lee and Lulu and you should be good to go since every other top laner shouldnt stand a chance against your superior weaponry and fighting experise.

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Build explanation

This is a very simple one. The build centers around the thing making Rango so powerful at the moment - a bug.
Yup, a bug. His extra damage from Q can critically strike. This combined with pure AD and Infinity Edge will result in Rango 1-shotting squishies as soon as he owns Youmuu's + IE.

Decent stats for early to mid game. Active is a nice bonus to your after stealth movement speed.
Infinity Edge:
OP crits are broken. So is Rango. Best item/champion combo in the game atm.
Last Whisper:
They will stack armor. You WILL ignore it.
Ravenous Hydra:
Just an insanely broken and good item. Rango benefits from every stat as well as from every passive/active part.
Triforce: More crits more ad more everything. Tons of damage op.
Boots of Mobility:
Easy to catch up with enemies in ult especially with 12 stacks on your Bonetooth Necklace.

Replace yellow Necklace with red one in the midgame to ensure your enemy loses vision. You will keep the stacks.

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That's it.
Go out there and start climbing the ranked ladder.
If you liked this guide comment why and what I can improve.
If you don't like this guide because it isn't nice to look at then screw you it's 4 AM in the morning for me. I want to help you people to get free elo so take it or leave it.

Thanks for reading.