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Sejuani Build Guide by TheDemoTeam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheDemoTeam

Climbing God Sejuani w/ Video Guide

TheDemoTeam Last updated on November 11, 2017
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Tank Sejuani

Sejuani Build

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Grasp of the Undying
Grasp of the Undying
LoL Rune: Font of Life
Font of Life
LoL Rune: Conditioning
LoL Rune: Overgrowth

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Cheap Shot
Cheap Shot
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward

+65 health and +9 ability power or +5.4 attack damage, adaptive

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Video Guide

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Hi Guys im TheUrfGod (even though my account says CapnClippers im going to switch it soon) im a Plat tier Jungle main, at the beginning of the season i was Bronze 1 so i have climbed a long way and if i can do it in one season i can definitely help you climb as well you should check out my YouTube channel for video guides that can help you can give you a more visual explanation.

Click here^

Sejuani has had the highest win-rate for awhile now and i think she is a great champion to start off on if your looking to climb through that low elo. Sejuani's Kit comes with cc in all of her ability's which makes team fighting and ganking super easy.

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My Personal Favorite Runes


Greater Mark of Mana

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

I know what you must be thinking and yes these are some strange runes for sejunai but thats just because im broke and spend all my Ip on champions XD and i only have 3 Rune pages one for hecarim,AD and AP rune pages so i have to use that rune page for all my AP champions, however if your one of the few who has a lot of IP to spend the highest winrate Rune page is this

Most played Runes in Plat+


Greater Mark of Mana

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Mana Regeneration

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
(2nd best sejuani in NA)

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So my masteries are also a bit different from what Majority of players Build
however i always find bond of stone to be a little bit more useful because it can help your carry's and its Bot lane meta currently XD thats why i sometimes like to build knights vow, idk why but for me its easier to win more games going a support style.
but if you want to test out the recommended go ahead.

Most played mastery setup

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Stalker's Blade

This is the best jungle item on Sejuani, it gives you more cc to slow your targets so you can catch up the the enemy and proc your E (only melee champions can proc your E so it gives them a better chance to catch up)

Warmog's Armor

this is a really great item on Sejuani and it makes you super tanky really early. you will always see everyone build this as their second item and there is a good reason behind it, once you get at least 2750 Hp you regenerate 5% of your hp per second if you have not taken damage for 6 seconds which means you can escape fights and engage after you heal

abyssal mask

this is a great item that can help your AP teammates do more damage as well as it gives you more HP,CD reduction,MR and mana. a lot of people usually don't build this item but i kind of like it if you decided that you don't want to build this item just go Gargoyle stoneplate instead

Ninja Tabi

build this item if the enemy has a lot of AD or a hypercarry/fed ADC

mercury's treads

Build this item if the enemy has a lot of CC or a fed *** AP mid laner

gargoyle stoneplate

This is a core item i always like to build on sejuani because it gives you bonus 40 Armor and 40 magic resist when your near 3 enemy champions and if you press the active it can give you 100% bonus health which makes you unkillable for 4 seconds it also works great with locket because when you activate locket it gives you 65-434(+2-36% of the caster's bonus health)which gives your teammates a hefty shield and is great against those Aoe damage champions like Katarina,brand and Miss fortune.

locket of the iron solari

this is a great item that gives you decent tank stats like 30 armor and 60 MR but you buy it because of the Active it gives you which shields allays 65-434(+2-36% of the caster's bonus health), this item is great with the gargoyle stoneplate active and is great against AOE champions

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Skill Sequence

This is the skill sequence i like to go however you should only Start off with W if your starting raptors, if not level up E>W>Q but still max out W first. The reason i like to max out W is because it gives you the most damage while clearing, E also does not really scale that well.

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Pros / Cons


  • + High CC
  • + Strong early game
  • + Easy to learn
  • + Good Engage


  • - No Damage
  • - Can be kited
  • - hard to hit ult on high priority targets late game (who have peel)

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Ranked Play

Sejuani is a great champion to climb with as she is currently really strong and has the highest winrate

as you can see sejuani is currently a great champion for climbing so you can get that sweet juicy elo, although just because sejuani has a high winrate does not mean you can can just win all of your games and become a god like faker.

First you need to realize when its a good time to actually pick sejuani, if your team needs damage its probably not a good idea to just pick sej every game (thats what warwick is for..XD)

if you want to climb in ranked you need to first be experienced with her, so play a few normal's or flex games to get the hand of playing,

One thing i have noticed from climb from Bronze 1 to Platinum is that playing a supportive style won me more games (i know its pathetic but its for that juicy elo) its very important when you play sej to gank as much as possible so after every half clear look for an opportunity its also a good idea to look at the lanes with free cam while clearing and looking at the map in between autos. only gank if you can 100% get a kill/tower

Don't get lazy, often i see a lot of junglers get lazy its important to always be doing something to gain good habits like buying a pink ward after you back and pinging your laners to care when they are pushing with low HP (i often see junglers not ping their laners then when they get ganked or die they flame XD) i often find myself not warding/pinging when im tilted so make sure to only play normal's if your tilted (or don't play)

quick review

    (1) don't play tilted!
    (2) Practice before ranked
    (3) Make sure to always Ping and Ward
    (4) look at the mini map in-between autos
    (5) also look at lanes with free cam
    (6) after half clear look for ganks
    (7) only gank if you can kill/get a tower
    (8) make sure you pick sejuani into a good team comp

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Thank you guys for reading this. comment any improvements you think i can make because im new to guides :)

In this guide we talked about
-skill sequence
-ranked play