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Orianna Build Guide by Secrono

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Secrono

Clockwork Nuke Orianna

Secrono Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Under Construction

As of now I am putting the finishing touches on the first build while also starting 2 other builds.

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Hey, this is my second build but please do not ignore it because of that. When I play LoL, I switch between ranged and melee characters, although I mainly play melee characters that have jumps (i.e. Irelia's Bladesurge and Jax's Leap Strike.) That being said, Orianna was a big change for me to get into the state of mind of playing her. I will place screenshots up later.

People may question why I build Orianna as a nuke instead of a dps but in truth, the only part that isn't support is that i get Attack instead of Protect. I build her like this because not only is it more fun, but it works as a late game support, which actually makes sense because without much Ability Power, you won't be able to help out all that much.

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Pros / Cons

~ Great at zone control
~ Nice shield support
~ Insanely helpful slow/speed up
~ Great nuke

~ Pretty squishy
~ Usually focused in team fights

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Build 1:

Here is the Nuke Build for Orianna.
With this build you should be able to solo lane or lane with a partner with ease.

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Summoner Spells

- Ghost is another great skill because of it's many moments of glory. You can use it to get away from enemies (obviously). You can also use it to chase down enemies. Another use for it that people usually think is a waste, is to use it to get down a lane to help your team in a team fight or in order to defend a turret.

- Flash is another great and extremely useful skill. It is by far the best skill for getting away. You can flash through pretty much anything and that itself should prove worthwhile.

- Ignite is another plausible option as it does help from time to time. If someone were to get inside your zone of control, you can start nuking them with your skills and then use ignite during it. You can also use it if an enemy is going to go with little health. You might be saying, "why don't you just use your ball?" This is in an occasion that you know that your ball wont be able to reach them in time so ignite is an easy solution. It also helps if you're out of mana.

- Teleport is more of a situational skill to me. If your team is in immediate need for support or more damage then you can get to them easily. Another situation, although it would be pointless late game, is if your turret is being destroyed, you can teleport to it and attempt to save it. The reason why I said it was pointless was because the enemy might be able to rush you and destroy you since you are a squishy champion.

All other skills with are pretty useless. Clarity is only helpful early game. Heal and Exhaust are pretty useless other than having a slightly better chance at getting away. And the only other option would be Fortify, which in all honestly, is more or less a waste unless you know that you will be heavily backdoored or if you are failing (which won't happen with this guide).

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For runes, I chose Insight and Force runes because The Magic Penetration and Ability Power will make sure that you eliminate your enemies. The Magic Penetration will help you tear apart your enemies since all your spells do magic damage. The Ability Power runes will help your spells do more damage. With both of these you, will be pulling off a lot of damage.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say here since I put most of my explanation in the introduction. I feel that this build is the best because the shield has saved me many times even though it's weak. That being said, the attack and slow will help you annihilate your opponents.

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- Definitely the best starter item that you could get as Orianna.

- This is an amazing item to get early game. Towards middle or late game, you will notice that you will almost never run out of mana.

- With Orianna, one of your most needed things is cooldown reduction. These boots will give you some speed and that needed cooldown reduction.

- Morello's will cap off the maximum cooldown reduction while also giving a ton of ability power and some mana regeneration.

- Rabadon's Deathcap will increase your ability power beyond reason. Once you get this it is most likely good game since you will be destroying your enemies.

- Void Staff will give you a lot of ability power while also giving you some more Magic Penetration.

- It's about time we make that Tear of the Goddess into something.

- For the 6th item,Rylai's would make this class a masterpiece. You get that slow. You nuke them. They die. You get more fed. You win. They cry. :)

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There isn't really much to explain for this mastery. You need the cooldown reduction that way so you can hit 40% exactly. Of course the point in Ghost can be moved from Ghost to Teleport or if needed, ignite. The reason that there is only one point in Intelligence, is because that and Sorcery will give you 5% cooldown reduction. Then Morello's Tome and Boots of Lucidity will give 35% cooldown reduction. Together you get the maximum cooldown reduction (40%).

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Build 2:

This build is more of a mess around and have fun build.
It hasn't been tested but my friends and I have discussed that it would be fun.
This build is required to lane to become good.

Writing up build 2:
What this build will cover is some of the more diverse aspects about Orianna such as her passive. Her passive makes it so that if you attack the same target continuously within a certain amount of time, you will start dealing bonus damage equal to a certain percentage of your ability power. Every consecutive hit, you deal more bonus damage but it stops increasing after three hits. In this build, Orianna will be faster and depend more on her auto attack to kill enemies. Take note that this build works best if you have someone else (preferably a tank) that is being focused or is more in front. That way you can build up you hits and destroy them while in the background.

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When farming, you have to be aware of enemy champions and that's about it. You use your Attack and Dissonance if you want to attack a large number of minions. Then you can also use Protect as an attack. To do that, all you have to do is target a friendly unit that has an enemy between the ball and the friendly unit.

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Team Fights

When entering a team fight, make sure you put your ball on the person who's initiating. Then use your Dissonance when they enter. Then you can attack, use your ultimate, protect different people, or anything else you want.