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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Orianna Build Guide by Bush Monkey

Clockwork Windup Orianna

Clockwork Windup Orianna

Updated on September 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bush Monkey Build Guide By Bush Monkey 5,641 Views 1 Comments
5,641 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bush Monkey Orianna Build Guide By Bush Monkey Updated on September 26, 2011
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Under Constuction

INCOMPLETE, give me a bit =/

9/26/2011 - I've Updated most sections and will be continuing to add more as i have the time.
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Guide Info (Read this part at least)

THIS IS NOT an Attack Damage/Attack Speed build (AD/AS) This is AP/AS!! If you do not know how to play AP Orianna please go learn from another guide before attempting this guide, I won't be going into much depth on the use of her abilities and strategies. 80% Of AS/AP Orianna is the same as AP Orianna. I'll be covering the other 20% to make her complete =D

I'm to lazy for a fancy guide, but I promise this works. This is how I ALWAYS build my Orianna now, I didn't just make this for some attention. I've applied this build over 50 times and mostly come out carrying the team for easy wins.

This guide will help you fully unlock Orianna's true potential, there is no use in letting her passive Clockwork Windup be usless! You can still have insane attack speed with 500+ AP and Almost Max CDR!!

Attack Speed, Cool Down Reduction, and Ability Power are the core of this build. There is not a whole lot to go into with this build if you are already familiar with Orianna, if not I suggest you try to play her as just AP from any of the Top rated guides.

Her passive is what makes this possible, 20% of your AP is stacked on your auto-attacks and 15% more for each consecutive attack capping at 3 stacks. This plus Lich Baneand a death cap to back it up, it's just to fun to pass up.

One great thing about this build is that at anytime you can sell back your AS items for AP item late or mid game if your auto-attack damage isn't working as well anymore, due to ARM and MR. HOPEFULLY you won't have to do this, because you will end up with 500+ AP and 2.00+ AS and to much CDR, so damage shouldn't be an issue.
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Clockwork Windup ( the back bone of the build )

Orianna’s autoattacks deal an additional 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 (+20% of ability power) magic damage every hit. Additionally, subsequent attacks on the same target within 4 seconds deal an extra 15% magic damage per hit. This extra damage bonus stacks up to three times.

So I am not approved for video game math, but lets try! ( I could actually be completely wrong with this, but these are the numbers i generally get in game before you consider in defenses.)

So I don't feel like I am being unreal when I say that i get 500+ AP 99% of the time late game with this build, SO:

You are level 18 and you have your Rabadon's Deathcap and you have 500 AP!

500x.20= 100 (Every Auto attack will hit at least 100 extra damage at this point)

But this ability stacks THREE TIMES!! This ability doesnt stack on the enemy either, it stacks on Orianna which is nice, unlike say Vayne's Silver Bolts which stacks on target and can be blocked, nullified, or Cleansed.

Each attack stacks another 15% of damage up to 3 times which is 45% more PLUS the 20% already in use.
15% of your AP is 75, times 3 Stacks = 225 Plus the initial 20% = 325 extra damage just off of this buff.

You will also get another free 5/10/15/20/25/30 damage added to the passive. Now we are at 355 Per auto attack.

Lets not forget about Malady which is another 20 Magic Damage that also lowers MR.

SO now we sit at 375 Damage per Autto Attack.

But WAIT there is more!!

Lich Bane this will allow your attacks to have 500 more Damage every 2 secs ( You should be Spamming your abilities easy with this build )

500+375= 875 <====== 875 every 2 seconds and 357 every auto attack inbetween which happen at a rate of 2.00 ( 144% AS ).

So for a 2 second period of time, just from auto attacks, you can dish out around 2000 damage.

Nuff said.

That's my bad explanation of why I use this build.
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I choose these runes for the support of Orianna's Passive Clockwork Windup

Greater Mark of Attack Speed Greater Quint of Alacrity: 19% Attack Speed boost, great to have in your runes, this save your from having to buy even more AS items in game which will take away from the amount of AP you could potentially have.
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Masteries are for maximum damage output from your passive auto attacks. 21/0/9 You have Exp boost to make mid lanning even more beneficial. And Arm Pen and Mag pen on offense to help maximum damage output.
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The core items for this would be Malady, Nashor's Tooth, and a Rabadon's Deathcap. These give considerable boost to your abilities and auto attacks. Most items are based on situation and choice so as long as you are ensuring that you get AP. If Orianna has no AP or not enough, she becomes free food and a bad support.
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Ability Usage

Skill sequence is completely up to you and depends on the situation, if you need more output or damage reduction, but i suggest that levels 1-6 you put 3 points in to Command: Protect, so that you can take just about any harass to the face and return 2-3 auto-attacks.

Command: Attack This Ability is used just as you would normally use it on an AP built Orianna, use it for quick harass, see in bushes, or get a kill.

Command: Dissonance This is a great ability for chasing or running, AND ONLY FOR THAT PURPOSE. Do not Harass with this!! You will burn up 100% of your mana in no time flat if you use it for anything more than getting a kill or getting away. MID-LATE GAME, when you have your Blue buff you can spam it all day.

[Command: Protect]] Is the Core skill of this build IMO, you will need to be constantly auto-attacking for the benefit Clockwork Windup

Command: Shockwave You know what this does, we have all been caught in this ****. Just remember when using this ability you can cast it while your ball is on a friendly champion that has just initiated.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust!

Ghost is the best spell to have with her W, It will allow you to stay in range of really fast champs like Rammus and allow you to always support your teammates.

Exhaust, does exactly what it's suppose to do! This is will allow to win most 1v1, or turn a team fight by taking out a Kat or Xin mid combo, be smart.

Clarity is an option, but not needed Mana wont b ea huge issue.
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Strategy to an auto-attacking Orianna

If you are a new Orianna I don't suggest trying this build, it requires a decent knowledge of all the other champs and FULL knowledge over Orianna. So that being said I'll be covering what new ways should you be using Attack Speed AP Orianna.

Example 1 Orianna v Katraina: ALWAYS ALWAYS KEEP your ball on you when going 1v1 a heavy AP nuke.

(incomplete I need more time lol)
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Early Game

First thing you do, get your Command: Attack. 90% of the time you will only need an Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion. The more AP Orianna has the more Shielded damage she can take! Take yourself to any lane.

If you ended up in Mid somehow, that's okay this build is a great for Mid! When you show up to lane, I always try to stay out of sight ( In mid I never risk a 1v1 at level 1 ), you will notice that the 19% AS you get from your runes make a huge difference in her auto attacks. These will be her harass for this build.

at level's 2,4 and 5 get Command: Protect. Try to always conserve enough Mana for at least one Command: Protect at all times. At Level 3 get Command: Dissonance AND DO NOT USE IT FOR HARRASSING. If at some point you decide you want to use this build and start spamming Command: Dissonance you will ****ing fail and die to a Noxious Trap.

Only use Command: Dissonance when you are sure you will get a kill.

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Also don't forget your blue buffs! LOL
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