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Veigar General Guide by TheRealCefor

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRealCefor

Closing in on the Top-List, a Veigar Main

TheRealCefor Last updated on October 23, 2014
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Threat Champion Notes
Twisted Fate Twisted Fate isn't really anything special, just keep an eye out for his predictable moves. Side step his Wild Cards, stay away when he has Pick A Card and Stacked Deck active, and finally save that Event Horizon to easily counter Destiny.
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Introduction & Champion Summary

Hey there, my name is Frank (summoner name Cefor). I'm currently Gold V and only started playing ranked in the middle of Season 4 where I started out as Bronze 1. I have been playing league since the end of Season 2 but I only played normals up to this point. I had several mains before I chose Veigar, and I believe he is honestly the best champion in the game (no, seriously hear me out).

Most people think of Veigar as a one-trick pony that can be easily shutdown, with his long cool-downs and his very low starting 355 Health. In truth, being underestimated is a great way to start off a match. I created this guide to help people who aren't in diamond or master tier to understand that Veigar is perfectly viable in the current meta.

Veigar is an AP Carry who is often looked down upon (and hates short jokes). He has some serious harass with Baleful Strike and his Event Horizon can turn any fight in your favor. His entire kit is "counter the weaklings" which he excels at, Veigar is a true master of evil that has the fastest 100-0 burst in the entire game.

"Even Death trembles in my presence" - Veigar, 2009

My performance as the Tiny Master of Evil

**This guide will be constantly updated, like all the time**

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The Pre-Game Set-Up


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Health

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

These runes are fairly common for Veigar, most people will say flat AP Quints are more important then Movement Speed Quints, but that is highly debatable. AP Quints only provide 15 AP, which is not enough damage to truly make a difference, especially mid-late game where you'll have over 600 AP. The MS Quints however scale nicely into mid-late game since they are percentage based, so this is EXTREMELY helpful throughout the entire match for harassing, engaging, escaping, and creating an overall heavy presence. Veigar normally starts out with 340 MS, with the MS Quints, that MS is now 355 which is basically starting out with a free pair of boots, the 11 AP provided by the Glyphs is enough to get you through your lane-phase. The Health Seals are also EXTREMELY important, since it will help Veigar take more AD and AP damage early game. More about the starting Health advantage is covered below.


These masteries are also fairly common and can be found in almost all guides. The 9 points in defense are needed because the mid-laner WILL always try to harass and kill you. With the Health Seals and a Doran's Ring, you will start with 624 Health which is intimidating, even to look at. Most junglers will only start with around 550 Health, most mid-laners will usually have the same (maybe even less). This bonus Health will help shrug off damage in trades and WILL keep you alive in fights and ganks if there is chance of escape.

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Core Item Build Order

Some top-list players will argue that Crystalline Flask is the best starting item for Veigar, the problem with that is most of us aren't top-list (not yet). A Doran's Ring is the perfect starting item for mages, it even says so in it's description, and why would Riot lie to us? The stats it provides is just what Veigar needs to stay in lane for what is the roughest part of the game for him, one mistake will get you killed and even worse, make you lose farm. The Health, Mana-Regeneration, and 15 AP will give Veigar a strong early game (well, strong enough where you're not a complete push-over).

Does Veigar look like he has any Health-Regeneration? Buy pots.

As for wards, Veigar is a greedy bastard and needs his Gold. So why buy wards if you can use this trinket for free?

This item is the definition of overkill. Use this item's active if you want someone dead, simple as that. Be careful though, there will be some situations where you set this bad boy off and then you're unable to deliver your intended skill combo, particularly because of a douche called Thresh and his stupid lantern. As you might have noticed, the Void Staff is not part of this build. One of the main reasons for this is this item, it's active does percentage Health damage and obliviously the increased Magic damage. Because of this, it will help Veigar overwhelm the target's Magic Resistance. This active is single target, so chose wisely.

For intended purposes, we will call this item "Risk & Reward". Most players would be building into a Rabadon's Deathcap for a second item, but please hear me out on this one. This item is very cheap, its even cheaper then a Spectre's Cowl. By this time in the game, getting 1,235 Gold will take about 5 minutes. Your Deathfire Grasp will give you all the kill potential you need at 10 minutes in game, so why not steal some souls in the process like our "good" buddy Thresh. Rushing Mejai's Soulstealer as a second item will give you enough time to get full stacks 3-5 times over before a nexus implodes from a Lee Sin falcon kick. Since the Gold cost for this item is very low, you'll be getting your Rabadon's Deathcap in no time. Here are the two key reasons why I suggest getting this item. 1) max stacks provide 180 AP and good cool-down reduction. 2) Final Boss Veigar says a nice little quote when you buy this item. If you for some reason just don't want to buy this item, go right into your Rabadon's Deathcap and get a Void Staff as your third item.

"I'll make weapons from your bones!" - Veigar 2014

It is a cap of death. Buy it.

"My power is over nine thousand!" - Veigar 2014

This is another item that seems out of place, but let me remind you that everyone needs an angel watching over them, even soulless little Veigar. The Armor and Magic Resistance is life saving mid game and the passive certainly is as well. Keep in mind of its insanely long cool-down though, even with this item you want to play it safe. The benefit of this lovely item is that enemies will have to think twice about focusing you or they'll end up blowing a few ults just to see you rise from the ashes. If for some reason you don't want to build this item, go ahead and start on your Zhonya's Hourglass as your fourth item but keep this one in mind for your final build.

"Let's run it back!" - Veigar 2014

Why build this item last? In my case, its a very troublesome and costly item. This item is perhaps the most expensive in the game and you will need to farm the Seeker's Armguard to get its full benefits. The active is a hit or miss, its nice to have to save yourself from a bat-**** crazy Zed diving in like a mad man but sometimes the stasis backfires. An enemy team will gladly spam /laugh while you wait in your cocoon of false security. Sometimes hard cc will make it even impossible to use the active in time, that's why I prefer Guardian Angel's passive but that is just my humble opinion. Certainly this item is great but save it for last if you can, you shouldn't be putting yourself in danger where you have to use this item's active anyways, let your teammates front line instead (and hope they peel for you).

"I am invincible!" - Veigar 2014

These are Veigar's most worn boots, Boots of Mobility are currently being used by most top-list players but I prefer Sorcerer's Shoes instead. The 15 Magic Penetration is needed for a good boost in Veigar's damage, especially when you don't build a Void Staff. Overall, Sorcerer's Shoes are a safe purchase for any match-up. Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard is often the best choice of enchantment because its highly defensive utilities, very few champions can escape a Veigar with over 700 Movement Speed.

As for when to buy Boots of Speed, wait until you buy your first item into a Deathfire Grasp. Right after a Fiendish Codex or a Needlessly Large Rod is the best time, upgrade into Sorcerer's Shoes whenever you finish the Deathfire Grasp. Fully upgrade into Sorcerer's Shoes - Homeguard whenever Veigar has some spare Gold, I normally rushed it right after getting my Sorcerer's Shoes.

Mana Potions will help Veigar for a great deal of a match. Its Mana-Regeneration will make up for the fact you aren't building any Mana items. Buy Mana Potions whenever Veigar has a free item slot, I normally make sure I always have 2 potions at all times until I need that final item slot.

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Preferred Skill Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

No matter the circumstances, Baleful Strike should always be maxed out at lvl 9. This is Veigar's bread and butter. This is the move you harass with, farm with, and do consistent damage with in team fights. At mid-late game, Baleful Strike will do around 400-900 damage, no more is needed to be said.

Dark Matter and Event Horizon should be ranked up simultaneously, some people say to max out Event Horizon second because it is the best stun in the game (and in fact they're right!). Others say to max Dark Matter second since the damage it does is mind-boggling to say the least. For both these reasons I say to rank them up at the same time, if you decide to max rank one skill before the other, then you lose out on what makes the other skill useful. A full rank stun from Event Horizon is nice but you'll curse yourself when your rank 1 Dark Matter doesn't cut the cake, letting an opponent survive (and possibly kill you as punishment). The same goes for maxing Dark Matter first as your 500-700 burst of damage is easily side-stepped because your Event Horizon couldn't hold a stun for more then 2 seconds. Rank them simultaneously for best results.

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In-Depth Look into Spells

Equilibrium - Because of this passive, Mana-Regeneration items on Veigar seem a little redundant. This passive increases the benefits of Blue Buff and Mana Potions tenfold, basically making Veigar drunk on Mana for their respected durations.

"The magic, it calls to me!" - Veigar, 2009

Baleful Strike - This is the move, the move that the enemy team will quickly learn to hate. Sure Dark Matter packs a bigger punch and Event Horizon might make a player uninstall, but Baleful Strike is a magic missile conjured straight from the bowels of hell where loved ones have gone to suffer. At max rank, this skill can be set off every 2-3 seconds, last hitting anything with it will of course make Veigar stronger. Even if Baleful Strike doesn't last hit an opponent, Veigar will receive 5 AP regardless along with any kill. A huge bonus to Baleful Strike is that it is a click and forget skill, following dashes, jumps, and (my personal favorite) Flashes.

"I smell death" - Veigar, 2009

Dark Matter - A meteor falls on someone, of course it will do 800-1300 damage late game. Although this skill takes plenty of practice to master since of its 1.2 second delay, it simply is a must to land. Use this move with caution, for it has a rather long cool-down and a large Mana cost. If a lane needs to be pushed, use it freely. A well-timed Dark Matter can steal jungle creeps, a contested dragon, and even baron since it packs a heavy punch and has a very large casting range. For best effect, use this skill instantly after landing Event Horizon making sure to guarantee a hit or to scare an opponent into burning Flash. This skill also provides great zoning capabilities, using Dark Matter to cut off an opponent's path while either going in for an engage or trying to escape can make a HUGE difference. Dark Matter can also be used to grant sight if needed.

"Got a present for ya!" - Veigar, 2014

Event Horizon - This skill is often the shining feature of Veigar's kit. This AoE stun can stop an entire team in its tracks, but beware of its troublesome cool-down and high Mana cost. Be sure when you use this skill, that it wouldn't have been better to save it for a few more seconds for a greater effect or that you will have enough Mana left to use your intended skill combo. Also be wary of opponents waiting for you to cast Event Horizon, for most cases they have their finger sitting on the Flash key or Quicksilver Sash which an ADC will build if Veigar becomes an issue. Landing the stun instantly isn't always the best choice, if you know the opponent you're closing in on has Flash on cool-down and has no other way of escaping, then trap them inside. This is also a VERY effective form of cc since they physically can't leave, don't forget that Event Horizon lasts twice as long as the stun it causes. The trapped opponent might even get stunned anyways before the skill fades, any allies with knock-backs or pulls can slam them into a stun, or the opponent might simply walk into the wall because of tunnel vision. This skill takes just as much practice as Dark Matter to master, in order to get the best out of Event Horizon, you literally need to trick and out-smart your opponent.

"Would you kindly stop moving?!" - Veigar, 2014

Primordial Burst - This skill is hilarious, the damage it can dish out is insane (1500+ late game w/out its bonus 80% AP passive). Be sure to Deathfire Grasp before ulting, unless you know exactly how much damage this skill can do and/or you're intending to overkill an opponent. Be wary that you don't overestimate your kill potential since magic resist, healing, in-vulnerabilities, clones, and spell shields can (and in most cases will) negate Primordial Burst completely. Use your best judgement before using this skill, for it has a very long cool-down and can be ignored easily.

"Toasty!" - Veigar, 2014

Flash - A must on basically every champion in league. This summoner spell should be used with care and only in dire situations. If you're going to die or about to be caught if you don't move instantly, Flash. If you see an enemy carry out of position and they know it, catch them with Flash before they can safely escape.

"They'll never reach me!" - Veigar, 2014

Ignite - This spell does wonders for Veigar, it helps with secure kills throughout the entire game. It also helps weaken champions that self-heal and use life-steal religiously.

"Boil in mud, you meddling fool!" - Veigar, 2014

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How To Play

Lane Phase -

As Veigar, you must play with extreme caution. Get caught out of position once and lights out, GG. Ward near lane whenever you can and maintain map awareness, although you should be careful, help your jungler if you see him/her in trouble or asks for your assistance. While in lane, farm with your auto attacks, your Baleful Strike should only be used to throw at your opponent's face. Most mid-laners run Crystalline Flask but constant harass from your Q will still be effective. When you go in for a harass, don't chase too far. As Veigar, early game you should always be positioned behind your minions. If your opponent is keeping their distance, it is ok to farm Baleful Strike but keep in mind you always want 80% of your mana-pool to continue relentlessly harassing. When your jungler comes in for a gank, save Event Horizon until the enemy mid-laner is at their most vulnerable. At lvl 7, you can start to farm Baleful Strike freely. After your first recall, drop an Event Horizon < Dark Matter < Baleful Strike combo instantly when you return to lane to stack damage. When your Event Horizon is off cool-down, chances are you harassed Baleful Strike a few times already, a full combo can finish off any opponent with 600 health or less.

Mid-Late Game -

When the lane phase is over, objectives are key. Do your best not to travel alone, but if you have to, be wary for ambushes. As Veigar, you can ambush extremely well but be sure its a carry and not a tank that you surprise. This is the part of the game where anything can happen, be prepared at all times. Stay positive and support your teammates, although Veigar tends to pick up most of the kills, it is his back-up that he needs most.


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