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Thresh Build Guide by TheKillerPsycho

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheKillerPsycho

Come out and play with Grim reaper

TheKillerPsycho Last updated on December 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Utility: 21

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Hello all mine name is TheKilerPsycho and this is mine first guide and it is about no one other than Thresh.
Now i´m pretty sure everyone saw at least once Thresh in match and i´m not amazed by that, hes great champion and great in team fights with using his Death Sentence and his Dark Passage to make and break team fights and turn it upside down, now while you guys are reading this i recommend listening to this just to add some more awesome feeling when you start playing as Thresh.

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Pros / Cons


[*]He is great in team fights with his skill set
[*]You can save someone from certain death
[*]He is amazing if you have good team
[*]He can be built many ways
[*]Big pressure in laning phase
[*]He could have Infinity armor and ap

[*]Early game squishiness
[*]Your success depends much on your team
[*] The Box slow % is lower for each broken wall
[*]Enemy champions can see soul drops
[*]CD of Death Sentence is high on low levels
[*]He is hard to play good way

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For Thresh like any other support most important masteries are found in the utility tree.

Because you need gold, mana regen and speed which all are offered by beautiful Utility tree. While some other good stuff can be found in Defense and Offense tree like CDR and health.

In Offense Tree get Sorcery because CDR is most important thing for supports, beacuse they need to spam their CC and peel targets for ADC and their teammates.


In Defense Tree put few points into blocking damage from enemy champion and put some points into Block , Unyielding and Enchanted Armor


In Utility Tree put some points into mana regen, movement speed and CDR so you can catch up with enemy champions and use your skills more often, after that put some points into Alchemist and Culinary Master , put other points into gold gathering masteries and Intelligence

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Now lets talk about runes...
I have picked these runes because i like playing aggressive with thresh (by aggressive i mean to deal a lot of damage in lane), now you may ask why and i don´t blame you. I play this way because when i´m playing support i like to play it that i´m "Boss" in lane and to decide how will enemy behave, it may sound funny but it is true when you get hit once by
Thresh auto attack and lose 15% of your total hp you would think twice before doing anything, and it helps a lot in laning phase when you go in for kills because enemy will rarely focus you instead of your ADC.

I pick these runes like i said to deal more damage in lane and put more pressure to the enemy bot lane, if you play right with your ADC partner you will get at least 1 kill every fight.

I pick these runes, well do i even need to say why i pick these runes. Thresh early game is really weak after all he starts with lowest amount of armor and you don´t get any armor by leveling so it is natural that you need armor runes.

Well i like these runes because they help vs support like Sona and Nami and even some adc got ap damage example Ezreal.

Like i said on marks i pick these runes to deal more damage in lane and dominate it faster.

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Skills Explanation

So Lets get this straight Thresh armor base stats is useless you got 12 armor at start and you won´t get any more armor from leveling, so you are screwed you will be squishier than any ADC out there... Joking thresh is champ with biggest defense in whole league only you need to work for it. Bad thing of this is that souls can be seen by enemy and they can poke you if you try to get soul drops which if really not worth it, so do not over extend just to pick one soul, it might hurt you more than it may help you.

This is how is it called... oh yea bread and butter of Thresh don´t think it like Blitzcrank hook it´s not the same.
Now lets talk about skill itself unlike blitz hook your needs to spin for 0.5 sec and then you will throw it, like blitzcranks hook, your hook too have a small box where it can hit (It´s called hit box).
Example you throw your hook straight and minion is few cm away from path of your hook, your hook will go left/right depending where is minion/champion, so be careful when throwing it.
Lets talk about second part of your skill after you land your hook your target will be stun for 1.5 sec (2 pulls) and after 0.5 sec after hook has landed on target you can pull yourself behind target you hooked, this can be useful for your combo, and don´t forget to abuse that 2 pulls as much as possible after all its better to have 1.5 sec stun than 1 sec stun.

Well well well this is mine favorite skill that Thresh has it can make miracle happened, you are being chased by Jax that is almost onto you with his stun and all of a sudden you see green light falling from the sky in front of you you grab it and BAM you are saved from Jax that almost killed you, joking aside this skill can be used for both defense and escape (only always) but only if they click on lantern.

This is your main skill for bullying enemy bot lane it scales with ad and it can knock back and slow enemy/s, only bad thing is that it takes charges before you can deal whole damage, and with new nerf that thresh got, you need to stop attacking and wait for some time before it start charging.

This is your ultimate it is nothing special but at the same time its great, what the hell do you mean by this Psycho? You must be asking that yourself that right now well its awesome because the slow is awesome but only on first wall, after that it only keep going under and under and only one enemy can hit one wall, so why is it bad well:
1.Only one enemy can break one wall which means lets say
Zilean and Karma are chasing you (like that would ever happen) and you use your The Box, only one of them will be slowed if they hit one wall, what I mean is if Zilean hits the wall he is slowed and Karma isn´t and vice versa.

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Skill order and tips


For skills max out first E for damage than Q so you can use it more often than ultimate and last lantern. You can max out W 2nd if you like it, but i prefer Q because it will give you more damage and you can spam it more often and make more pressure in lane, and I have been in so many situation that i would not get double kill or even triple if i maxed W 2nd.

Basic tips

  • ->->auto attack
    This combo can be used to deal a lot of damage and get a lot of kills in early game.
  • ->->
    This combo is good for making sure that enemy either use his Flash or dies.

Advance combos
  • ->->->auto attack
    This is combo for getting your teammate behind enemy in few easy steps.
    1.Hook your target
    2.Throw lantern to your teammate
    3.When he grabs the lantern pull yourself and him to enemy
    4.Make profit
  • ->->->->auto attack
    This combo can be used 2 ways first to use it as i wrote it up there:
    1.Hook your target
    2.Throw lantern to your teammate
    3.When he grabs the lantern pull yourself and him to enemy
    4.Use your ult to trap the enemy
    5.Throw the enemy into one of your walls with your

Now let me share some tricks that you can use
  • ->neutral monster/creeps
    You can escape your chaser by throwing your hook onto neutral monster camp and pulling yourself to that monster
    Spoiler: Click to view
  • You can pull other champions only over this wall that i have painted black(so far that´s only wall i have found and it is bound to be fixed one day)

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Main build

After Face of the mountain got its nerf its just useless on thresh well not useless but not worth buying, so i went back to this item it gives you a lot of gold, up to 5 gold per minion death that is 30 gold each wave + 35 every 2nd wave. Well stats are good on supports and active is great too especially for someone like Thresh he can rush over to someones aid or speed up to hook someone overall nice item.

I love these boots they are amazing just amazing that speed you get is just what you need on champions like thresh you can roam you can catch up to save someone, you can do anything, neat right?

This item is great for support like Thresh with your Dark Passage and active of Locket of the Iron Solari and your Face of the Mountain you can shield up to 720 damage which is alot and stats it gives are good again that 10% CDR is usefull.

Do not start flaming on me that item is not usefull anymore and stuff like that, it still is usefull you might not be able to buy more than 3 wards but this item gives you hp and wards that you can put and now from S4 you can put 3 wards instead of 2 and if you get to late game you can upgrade it to Ruby Sightstone .

I take this item because when i play Thresh i like to be main target so mine team can take down other important targets like ADC and mid laners, so this item helps me with armor and health that gives me and it help mine team with the damage every 1 sec to all enemy champs around me.

This is really nice item to finish this build with, it gives you the final thing you lack which is MR, it gives you health and passive that can work really well with Thresh .

It gives nice stats and awesome passive to counter adcs and their attack speed or someone like Tryndamere.

Last but not least this is trinket you want to buy it is great for support, why you may ask here is why in S4 pink wards are destroyed and not worth buying so we got this item to replace it and dam it works good it is not good as pink ward in S3 but it is better than S4 pink ward.

Other good items

This item is good because 90% of times enemy will be hitting you if your ADC isn´t close to you, so why would you just let them hit you for free when you can punish them. I find this item really useful for Thresh , he can use it really well with Sunfire Cape, it will give you damage when they attack you and they will take damage by standing near you and you can´t get away from Thresh .

Warmog's Armor Is good on champion like Thresh , you get a lot of health which is always good and nice health regen which makes you even harder to kill.

What can i say about this if you Sunfire Cape, Thornmail and Frozen Mallet you can go and start killing ADC, they won´t stand a chance against you. You will watch them go from 100% hp to 0% in front of you.

This is really nice item it gives you MR, HP, CDR and nice passive, overall nice item worth buying.

Maw of Malmortius can work really well with Thresh , you get MR, nice passive and AD to boost your damage from Flay .

Get this only if you had bad start and you lack armor or they got full ad team other than that it´s not something you want to buy every game you already got full CDR and you can get better stats from some other items .

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Warding is still one of most important thing in the game only this time it is not shifted only on support, now whole team must cooperate and ward together if they want successful warding but here is some places you need to ward as support. I will divide in 3 types of warding: Defensive warding, Offensive warding, Objective wards.

Defensive Warding

[*]Blue-Defensive warding: You should ward here when you got wards but don´t make it top priority there are places that can be more useful to you and your team.

[*]Green-These are the location that should be warded almost always when you are being pushed back, almost always you will find someone getting killed or ganked on these location when they are not warded.

Offensive Warding

[*]Red-Warding these places is only important if they have someone like shaco or zac that jump over walls and catch you unguarded.

[*]Grey-These places need to be 100% warded they are really important, they will give you a lot of vision and these are places that 90% of other players will use to get to you or prepare ganksfor you.

Objective Warding

[*]Black- These are location of important objectives.
Buff spawn points are not in the warding map because you shouldn´t put your limited wards on stuff like blue buff or red buff, only ward them if everything else is warded, now you should ward baron and dragon as soon as they respawn and keep track of how long they have been dead (even if you aren´t jungler).Keep denying enemy vision on these buff with your trincket or vision ward so they can´t see what is going on with baron or dragon.

Brown-These location are the places where enemy will probably try to go to see what is going on with Baron/dragon, so you need to ward before you start baron/dragon fight it really helps because you know when enemy is coming to steal your baron/dragon.

Yellow-This bushes should be warded only if no one else wards them, but with your limited number of wards, it should be warded by someone else.

Purple Side

Blue Side

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Team Work

This is the one thing that will make you see diffrence between good support and bad one, and that is ladies and gentlemen how you work with your team not only in team fighst but in laning phase too if you can synchronise with your adc (team later) you will do amazing stuff and kill enemy team if they are not synchronised.
Early game:
In early game you should focuse on gathering your souls and bullying enemy and try to get some hooks and kills.
Mid game:
You should start roaming and help other lanes to win their lane if your is pushed if not than try to avoid protecting lane over team fights because you never know what might happen while you are defending tower your enemy champs might kill your team mates and push more and you might lose a wining game.
Late game:
Now when you are here you should focus warding important objectives like baron and dragon but not alone if you go alone you might get caught and killed which will make your team
vulnerable to team fights, but when team fights happen and you are in it, your objective is to try and hook important targets and use your cc to peel other targets for your ADC and most important to protect your ADC with your team.

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There are not many support champions that can match up with thresh but there are some which are really annoying when you play thresh and here are some:

This annyoing fairy/yordel combo can hurt you from great distance make your combo go to waste and save hers adc from situation that seemed like you got 2 kills when all of sudden your adc is squirl and you are powerless to help him, when playing vs her try to dodge her Glitterlance and after that attack with auto attack do not try to engage alot without jungler because you might get killed easly.

She is little hard to play against but you can win lane if she misses her Aqua Prison alot.Her healing can be annoying but do not forget she can only heal if you are near her adc. Overall nothing that will annoy you too much just be carefull not to get washed away by her ult and you are fine.

This guy is real pain in the A$$ (no pun intended), his stun is annoying, his heal can deny all hits you make against his ADC and that ult is just insane, when you play against Taric play aggressive because if he starts attacking first there is big chance that your ADC will die and you might follow him soon enough.

Well when you play Thresh vs Zyra just remeber to dodge her Grasping Roots or you will take alot of damage when she uses her Deadly Bloom on you, and hers plants can do alot of damage if you try to focuse on adc and lets not forget that ult which can destroy your whole combo and that passive that can turn around the fight if she hits you or your ADC.

Well there is not much to say about soraka you attack hers ADC she heals him you do a lot of damage she heals it, so how to win this match up? Well you gotta play aggressive and poke her ADC as much as possible after certain amount of damage (when her adc got his hp around 400 or less) go in but be careful she might still have some trick up her sleeve like her ult to turn around tide of battle.

Well this guy is easy all you need to do is poke him from afar and hook him once in a while if he trys to hook your adc punish him by hooking him, if he succedes in hooking your adc just throw your lantern and pull your adc away from him.

This cow can mess up your combo heal your damage and tower dive you and still escape, so why is he in orange zone why not red, well his knock back can sometimes even help you because if you are standing in open and he rams into you he is open for your hook (if you have fast reflexes that is) and even if he tries to ram into your ADC you can still just use Flay on him and run away or turn around and kill him.

She is easy to lane against her poke is good but your hook is like it name says Death Sentence, if you hook her its over for her. But she can turn your lane upside down with her Crescendo so be careful post Level 6.

Janna can be annoying for your ADC and sometimes even for you if you don´t watch for her tornado, hers Howling Gale can mess up your hook if you don´t react fast enough and hers Monsoon can stop your whole combo so i recommend post Level 6 don´t use your The Box right away wait for her to use hers Monsoon and use after that, if you do use it early you will just get blown away for nothing.

Now lets talk about the one and only queen of all supports Leona ! Well she is annoying enemy to lane against one wrong move and you will have one big shield in your face or your ADC, but good thing is you can use your Flay to counter hers Zenith Blade , be careful post Level 6 or you might get stunned and die before you can do anything. Overall all you need to lane against Leona are reflexes, if you have them than you are 70% safe other 30% depend on your ADC.

Oh boy here we are... when preseason started a lot of AP became pain of all support nightmares, Annie is just one of them, she can stun your ADC and kill him in matter of seconds, oh and i didn´t even start talking about her ult that Summon: Tibbers this bear is real pain, when she uses him she can stun both you and your ADC and both of you are probably dead.

She is fun to play against. She can stun you, block your path and do a lot of damage with her combos, but there is nothing to fear for once her Crystallize can be countered by your Death Sentence and Dark Passage combo, her Flash Frost needs to be near you for her stun to work, she uses a lot of her mana for her skills so use it in your advantage of it.

Like Annie shes annoying, you try to hook someone if you miss you get spear in face and if you hit your hook you will get spear in your face, her heal is insane if she goes AP, and trust me she will go AP so just try to focus on her ADC and kill her after you killed ADC.

Adcs will be added when i get more experience around them on higher elo

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Well guys i hope you enjoyed reading this i owe it all to jhoijhoi she did awesome job explaning how to make a build. If you do not understand something or have something to correct me or add be sure to say i accept all kind of critics be sure you are open do not have mercy on me just because im new here.
Good luck on ranked games and i hope you play Thresh more after reading this build.
- Face of the Mountain has replaced Talisman of Ascension
-Name of build has been changed
-"Champions" section has been expanded
- Face of the Mountain has been replaced with Talisman of Ascension