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Wukong Build Guide by dugiedugie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dugiedugie

Compact, fast and successful Wukong Guide

dugiedugie Last updated on June 18, 2013
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Introduction - Body - Conclusion

First and for most Welcome to my first express guide.
As the title suggests, this is a quick Wukong guide designed for a short but informative explanation on how to build Wukong effectively. Instead of filling your head with endless waves of information that you will most likely forget, I have instead have focused on the elements of a guide that would actually help you win. However, if you do want a full extensive description of every detail about Wukong, there are other guides out there to lecture you on it.
Note: This is my first Guide and a work in progress, I would appreciate any comments / suggestions / questions that you may have and will attempt to answer all of them. Thanks again :)

- Very important information to increase success with Wukong is highlighted in green.
- Do NOT take the build as a bible but rather a suggestion for how you should build Wukong, your build should vary from game to game depending on what is required for your team and your opponent

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Strengths / Weaknesses

- Strong burst (especially on ability carry champions in mid lane)
- Game changing ultimate with strong cc and damage (great for carrying team fights in solo Q)
- Wukong gets naturally tanky through his passive, especially when you build health (as you get bonus resists from passive and more effective when stacked with health)
- Extremely fun especially when mimicking your clone through the S stop and watching your opponents run around like headless chickens

- If your playing a counter lane, you can be easily zoned (due to his kit forcing him to dive into champions to deal "tons of damage"
- A weak ultimate and positioning of this skill can diminish the outcome of successful team fight
- can disable his decoy (w) through vision ward and oracles making Wukong less deceptive and more vulnerable

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Passive Stone Skin -

Q Crushing Blow - Great spell that deals "tons of damage" (phreak). Note that this ability can also reset your auto attack, this allows for more damage and a bigger burst during skirmishes. If the AA reset is constantly intertwined with your harass and used throughout your leaning phase, it will allow for more killing opportunities. This damage amplifier, when used correctly, divides the best Wukong players from the average Wukong players.

W Decoy

E Nimbus Strike

R Cyclone

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Wukongs Situational Skill Combo's

General harassing combination (use when far away e.g in lane or chasing):
e --> AA --> Q (AA reset)--> (more AA if possible) --> Decoy (if your about to take Damage, also extremely useful for not taking minion agro in lane)

Harassing when close to the enemy
AA--> Q (lowers armour and magic resist --> AA (as much as possible)--> E if they attempt to run OR Decoy their counter trade

General notes:
*Minions deal a ton of damage early game, most players don't realize this and essentially lose lane trading or fights because of it

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Wukong should focus on farming and small skirmishes / poke (which he excels at, especially at level 3 as he can complete a full rotation of his burst and easily escape with his clone). During the laneing phase always take the opportunity of harassing with E - AA (auto attack) - Q as explained above. This gives you the most burst in a short amount of time. Wukong excels at laneing with opponents that struggle with coutner harassing easily, I will later explain and compile a list of characters that Wukong is effective at laneing with and those that counter him for specific reasons.

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Champion match-ups

Wukong is extremely effective against squishy non mobile champions. He also excels at
For the following champions, I essentially used this website to help me:
It's useful website for a quick referral to see who your champion counters and gets countered by.
I will be using these champions listed by the website and discuss how they effect Wukong specifically in lane.

Common Champions that Wukong dominatess:
Top lane:

Mid lane:
/ morganna

Champion that Counter Wukong: