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Corki Build Guide by KamikaCZe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KamikaCZe

Corki, The flying Dragon - First try (Under construction)

KamikaCZe Last updated on February 14, 2013
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Corki's Builds

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Hi, this is my first guide/build for one of my fav. champs, Corki!!! I hope you will like it!
I'm not really skilled so It's going to be really short. (pros and cons)

- good escape ability
- nice burst damage
- long range with R
- can detect his enemies in bush with Q
- good farmer
- armor pen. from passive
- weak like other ad carry
- no CC
- someone can say: Low damage
- run out of mana really fast

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Fast spell info.

His passive gives him some armor pene. which is good agains tanky supports like Alistair or Leona and good against combo: Graves + Taric.
His Q is really good. As I said before, you can use it to reveal enemies in bush and do some medium damage. With some mana, you can use it to farm minions really fast or harras enemies.
His W is good survival ability. You can use it to fly over the walls or just fly away from danger.
E is in my opinion not really useful spell but some armor reduce and is good with your rockets and auto attack of course.
This is my fav. skill. It has great range, nice damage in combination with Muramana. It also have small radius and every 4th rocket has bigger radius and damage. On the other hand it's sometimes hard to aim and it stops after hitting a minion.

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Bot Lane

In this section, I'm going to try to tell you something about support options.
Imo, Taric is a best option. He has heal, stun + he can boost your def. stats which make you more resisted to enemy adc. In combination with his stun, you can kill enemy very easily and his heal can save you in dangerous situations. Also, he can boost your damage so it makes you even more dangerous then before.

Janna is another good option. With her boosted speed and slow you don't need to waste your W to chase enemy and you can just catch them. Also, she has CC - Q, which can save you in dangerous situations as well as her Ult. The greatest thing is her shield, which give you some bonus "healths" and give you some more damage.

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I just wanted to try a small build. It's not full guide and I want make this guide more properly in the future. I'll try to add some colorful colons, add more information and make it way better.
Leave a comment, give me some tips and rep+, if you liked my small build.