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Akali General Guide by TK3Huynh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TK3Huynh

Crimson Blood Assassin (MID)

TK3Huynh Last updated on July 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Akali is a mid lane assassin that relies on AP to deal tonnes of damage to the enemy target. Akali is an extreme mid laner once she gets to level 6. In this strategy and build page, it will have the top 10 tips, which may summarise the other few chapters. Hope this guide helps you to start making people bleed in mid lane.

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10 Akali Tips

1. Always use your Q to last hit minions. Don't run up to them because it gives your opponent a chance to strike or harass you.
2. As Akali, I don't leash. I stay in lane early to get the early CS so that you can be ahead of your opponent
3. Level 1,2,3,4,5 are the weak phases of Akali. Play safely and hug turret when they push. By the time I get to level 6, I hope that my score is 0/0, meaning that we are equal. However, you have the upperhand since you're an assassin.
4. In team fights, you should usually be the 2nd or 3rd depending on how fed you are. If you are carrying your team, come in 3rd so they don't go for you first.
5. If you are thinking of using your combo, always place the shroud after using it so it keeps you invisible and they can't strike back.
6. If you are fed, feel free to roam. It's your chance to get my kills!
7. Once you are behind your opponent, you're in a bad spot. But don't worry, keep farming up and soon you'll be able to assassinate people.
8. After using your combo, DON'T WAIT FOR YOUR Q TO COOLDOWN BEFORE YOU STRIKE AGAIN. If they're on low HP just Shadow Dance at them and then you have the kill.
9. This isn't much of a tip but ALWAYS ward. Once you are caught in a gank, you're going to be behind! So just be mindful.
10. Always ping for assistance and warning if your enemy is missing. They could possible be roaming at top/bot getting kills so that they have the upper hand against you.

Akali's Full Combo

If the enemy is not dead yet and you are not in turret range always use:
again and if necessary.

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If you want Akali to have exceptional power, always get AP Quints, and Flat AP Marks. This allows Akali to be more stronger and be and aggressive laner. I take Armor Seals so that if I'm against an AD mid laner, I would have some defensive power. And MR Glyphs are for the defense against mages and AP assassins like Katarina.

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For Akali, the recommended starting items are Cloth Armor, 5 Health Pots and A trinket. But I do not follow this, I take Amplifying Tome and 1 Health Pot so that I have AP and it reduces the time for the build of Hextech Revolver.

During your first recall I aim to have enough gold for Hextech Revolver and Sorcerers Boots. Hextech will give you the AP to deal damage and the Sorcerers boots will help you chase any slow targets, and it also grants you MR.

After recalling again, you must get Hextech Gunblade first!. Akali's passive grants her bonus spell vamp, and with Hextech Gunblade she will be durable in lane as well as powerful. Next you should build Lich Bane so that her every basic attack deals massive damage. Lich Bane becomes extremely useful when roaming Bot lane as they are usually weaker than the mid laner.

My final build would be Hextech Gunblade, Sorcerers Boots (Homeguard), Lich Bane, Zhonyas Hourglass, Rabadon's Deathcap and Guardian's Angel. Once it gets to 40 minutes in game, you should always get Guardian's Angel. If you are being relied on, the team cannot lose you, since it would like forever for you to respawn.

As I have already explained, Hextech Gunblade grants you extra Spell Vamp, AD and AP. I take Sorcerers for Mobility and Speed. Take Lich Bane (To be continued)

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Akali's Abilities and Summoner Spells

For Summoner Spells, I take the usual Flash and Ignite. Ignite comes useful when early laning (eg. Level 1-6). Once you get around 1-4 kills, Ignite will only be an alternative just incase they flash. With Akali, you would be able to demolish the enemy champ once fed. Always max Q first. The reason is that your damage after using this ability is massive. It is similar with Vayne's silver bots, but only needs the cast of the ability then a second basic attack or use of your E. After that, max your Crescent Slash for the damage and then finally your Q for stealth and more MR. Same with any other champ, upgrade your ult (Shadow Dance) whenever you have the chance to.

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Farming Early Game/Late Game

To farm with Akali, I recommend that you do not leash your jungler. You should stay in lane and take the cs before your enemy arrives. If you are against a ranged champion, you are likely to get bullied and harassed during early game. So always stay back and use your Q to CS. If you run and harass your opponent, run back and take cs. At no circumstances should you attack so early, since mages have a strong burst early game. If you have lower CS than the enemy champ, it's all good. Place your W (Shroud) onto the enemy minions. This will put pressure on the enemy. Putting the Shroud may mean that the enemy is getting ganked as it adds a slow effect. Then just walk in the shroud, wait a bit then use Crescent Strike. Late game if a lane has a minion wave, farming is straight forward. You should just use your abilities to your advantage as you use energy. Not Mana.

At my opinion, this is what I think


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Team Fights

If you are fed, you should usually stay behind your crew because it's likely that you'll be the one they target. So ping and let the tankiest ally go in first. Then, wait a bit, then it'll be your time. Use your full combo at the strongest enemy. Then, continue to jump at different champs. If your team has a good support and a powerful tank, it is certain that you'll win the team fight. Although Katarina has her ult for the multiple target damage, Akali is a stronger champion to 1 v 1 with. HOWEVER, going in isn't that easy. If you are to use your shadow dance, you must remain in the middle or at the back of the group. Once you're in the front, you have a likely chance of being killed.

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To conclude this guide, Akali is an exceptional carrier and should be played more from our summoners. Although I make it sounds like she's so weak early game, her power is still useful, no matter if she is losing lane or not. Just remember to not panic in team fights, and to not panic when behind. Always take your cs whenever you can and strike with your full combo at level 6. Thanks fellow summoners and have a great time playing Akali.


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