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Gangplank Build Guide by dragonstripes

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dragonstripes

CritPlank for Dominion

dragonstripes Last updated on October 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Yarg! This is my first build here on MobaFire! Er, or anywhere else for that matter ^.^ Anyways! This is how I have been playing Gangplank for Dominion. I've noticed many people have been a bit slow to get some guides up here for dominion or they just add another champion to their current build but those can be hard to find sometimes. Credit goes to reddaug here on MobaFire and his CaptainCritical build for Gangplank. Much of my insparation and ideas for this build come directly from here, with modifications to make it suitable for Dominion use. I know there are many errors and it doesn't look too fancy but once I get this initial build up I will clean it up gradually. So take a look!

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I am going with all CritDamage runes right now because with the fast paced item build in Dominion it is quick and easy to get CritChance from your items as well as some health for tankyness late game when everyone realizes that you're kind of a big deal 'round here and tries to blow you up on sight. With Infinity Edge and Crit Damage runes your Parrrley as well as your auto attacks will HURT. 100% crit chance by the time you hit your Cloak of Agility for your Atma's Impaler and over 3x the damage on crits instead of 2.5x with just the Infinity Edge alone. I'm not into theorycraft or math to figure it all out, but I know it puts big red numbers on my screen and bodies on the floor, fast.

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Pretty straight forward build here, with some wiggle room for personal preference. Points in Archmage's Savvy are just kind of there to build up the tree, but they do help your Cannon Barrage and Remove Scurvey a little bit. Same for the 1 point in Sorcery it can be moved around to suit your preference. 6 points in the defense tree to give you just a slight bit of survivability. Many Dominion fights come down to a 1v1 somewhere and end with just a sliver of health. Those 6 points might make the difference. Now I know many people go down to get the dodge and movespeed but come on. Is Gangplank Jax? No. 2% Dodge? 1 in every 50 attacks you will dodge? not worth 4-5 points in my book. The point in haste is usefull and the other 2 points are there because I really don't know where else to stick 'em >.< Any suggestions on this let me know.

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Critical chance and damage! Seriously what else is there? Ok so the last 2 items give you more surviveablity, but other than that... It's CritPlank no secret what we're trying to do here.

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Skill Sequence

We are trying to max out Parrrley first here so we can blast away at enemy health bars. This is your go-to move. One Parrrley in and you've cut most champions health in half! Either go in and finish it with auto attacks or dance around a bit, wait for the CD, then blast em again.

Raise Morale is our second priority here because it is benificial to the entire team with its damage boost as well as the speed boost. You should almost always be activiating this ability whenever it's up. Team fight? Running to another point? Start of the match? Everytime you're at the pad? Always.

Remove Scurvy is only so-so in Dominion. The remove CC part is amazing as always, but the heal is really lackluster. With the nerf to heals on Dominion this already kind of weak heal becomes almost useless. It is much more important for us to do damage and boost our allies whenever possible.

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Summoner Spells

I almost always go with Ghost and Flash here.
Not a big fan of the two new summoner spells Garrison and Promote. Both are very situational.
Cleanse is so-so but you have a built in one already.
Ignite is meh, you have Grog Soaked Blade that will usually finish off runners for you.
Exhaust can be ok but again Grog Soaked Blade keeps them from getting away. It's only really useful when an AD carry is beating on you and you just can't get away.
The other summoner spells don't even warrant mention really.

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CritPlank. Does crits. They hurt. Enemy calls you OP and QQ a lot. GG. Have fun! ^^