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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Current Meta HeimerDinger (Offtank/Control Style)

LoL Guides Last updated on December 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Latest Heimer News and Edits

- Heimerdinger can now place down with UPGRADE!!! after cast.
- H-28G Evolution Turret will no longer be effected by Catalyst of Aeons, Pillar of Filth, or Crystallize

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Tactical 1: This Heimerdinger build is to more of CONTROL the team fight. This allows you to deal very heavy damage yet slowing almost everyone in the area. This will make it harder for opponents to participate in fights. In team fights you want to basically run around and through your turrets and kiting them for a kill.

Tactical 2:
This is a build that covers about everything with durability, damage, and control. You will have the same strong early game but once you get into about mid game team fights you can stay in longer and be more aggressive. You can still control the battlefield but with the durability you will be more IN the fight trying to force enemies out and pushing them back.

Hardhitter 1:
This is a great build for being the threat of the fight and really pounding the enemies with damage. This is for a more aggressive early game and for hope of getting fed. One con to this build is you have very little durability until your . You can still dish out heavy damage while in late game you will have a better use for Auto Attacks.

Hardhitter 2: I would not completely recommend this build for competitive play as its an extreme risk. It isn't anything but a DAMAGE build. It is a Huge risk for a late game(which is what you want) but you still deal VERY heavy damage while you have an almost endless mana supply.You can become a huge threat in the late game and possibly carry your team to victory.

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-Great DoT in team fights.
-One of Best Champions whole can control the fight
-Very good kiter
-Good Escape artist with and .
-Provides a great slow.
-Solo middle MASTER
-Pushes like a boss
-Destroys Structures in instants
-Can force enemies out of killing your turrets


- Not the most durable
- Targeted often(good sometimes)
- Cannot carry(usually)
- E is slow as hell

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Skill Selection

This is the ability on Heimerdinger that makes him unique. The decision between a good Heimerdinger and a bad one is all on turret placement.

Max this out first, Its his main ability and it allows you to control your lane. If your playing against an aggressive team, Bait them toward your turrets and kite.

Heimerdinger best burst damage ability. It works great in lane to poke at enemies and harass if they stay away from your turrets. Also has very short CD.

Get this a level one over H-28G Evolution Turret because if an enemy champion comes up to 1v1 you before minions spawn you can at least harass him a bit. If you got your H-28G Evolution Turret then all they need to do is drag you away from it. Also Lvl 1 H-28G Evolution Turret isn't that great overall. So it wouldn't help much for farming.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade Very Underestimated ability. I enjoy it alot. I know that everyone hates its speed but you have to note its main use isn't harassing. You want to use this ability when enemies come near your H-28G Evolution Turret. If your H-28G Evolution Turret attack enemy then stun them and force them to suffer 100 dmg every .3 seconds.

Level this up last. You won't use this ability much in early game and the damage is increased more by AP(good scaling). Also the cooldown isn't such a big factor in the early game.

I love this ultimate. I would prefer it to do more than just slow with H-28G Evolution Turret(maybe deal bonus damage) but nevertheless its a great ability. It gives Cooldown reduction which is pretty fatal on Heimerdinger. Also active gives your H-28G Evolution Turret slowing ability which is AMAZING with Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Other recent bonuses are your Hextech Micro-Rockets shoot 5 instead on 3. And your CH-1 Concussion Grenade has increased missle speed.

Level this up whenever you can as like all ultimates.

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Summoner Spell Options

Always take Flash On Heimerdinger. He is a naturally slow champion so escaping isn't very great on him. If your about to die just stun with your CH-1 Concussion Grenaade and Flash away. Trust me, this spell comes in handy often.

Like i said, Heimerdinger is a naturally slow champion and this can get you out of sticky situations. If you are in trouble you can ult to slow targets chasing you and you can Ghost for a guaranteed escape.

If you don't have many pushers on your team i'd take this so you can push lanes back that are being pushed. And keep your Team turrets alive.

This can be used on people when they charge in your H-28G Evolution Turret. They can take a hard beating in there. Though i wouldn't grab this over spells above because your have your ult for slow and Rylai's Crystal Scepter for one. Unneeded spell in late game.

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Why Zhonya's is Better Than Rabadon's

Why pick Zhonya's Hourglass over Rabadon's Deathcap?

Zhonya's Hourglass gives i think 50 armor and 100 AP. Heimerdinger is a fairly squishy champion and because of his disruptiveness in fights he will often be the target on enemy champions. Most carries in the League of Legends are AD and Deal most damage over time. When the carries come after you they won't kill you fast enough from the Armor it gives and gives you a great chance to survive fight. Also if enemies realize this they may switch targets because of your noticeable slight tanking ability. Another thing with Zhonya's Hourglass is its Active ability that makes you invulnerable for 2 seconds. A lot of people underestimate this Active but especially for Heimerdinger it is critical for his gameplay. One tip is to allow enemies to rush into you and in between your turrets then go invulnerable. After they get pounded by your H-28G Evolution Turret they will most likely be at low health and attempt to run away. At this point their carries are low and unable to fight and you won team fight.

Rabadon's Deathcap This is by far the best mage item in the league. It gives AT LEAST 200 AP and could give up to 400 AP at most. It will defiantly make your H-28G Evolution Turret brutal damage and become a deep threat. While this is a great item it can still cause you to be targets of enemy champions. Without any defenses at all your champion will die in the matter of seconds. And if you actually though about it, you would actually deal overall LESS damage than if you had your Zhonya's Hourglass. The only time I'd recommend this over Zhonya's Hourglass is if your team has a mage or DPS champion that i a bigger threat to enemies and is OBVIOUSLY being targeted more often.

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Turret Placement

Turret placement is the most important subject when in comes to mastering Heimerdinger.

There isn't a whole lot to it but misplacing H-28G Evolution Turret can be devastation.

Q: Do i place H-28G Evolution Turret in bunches or spread out?

A: Usually Spread put. Any AoE will dominate bunches. Also your H-28G Evolution Turret can control more area when spread out. The real only plus to bunches is you can guarantee the H-28G Evolution Turret will hit same target.

Q: Where do i place them in Laning Phase?

A: I like to place near the walls of middle lane. It really widens out how much control you have over lane. Another option is behind enemy minion if your looking to farm from them.

Q: Where do i place H-28G Evolution Turret in teamfights?

A: Place in brush if you have option. If your H-28G Evolution Turret are hidden you can really bait enemies.
Also id place them straight in middle of combat. Push your enemies out of their comfort zone. If you don't have that option i'd place them on the widths of you. Initiate at enemies and make them charge at you. Run back to H-28G Evolution Turret and use Zhonya's Hourglass if in trouble.

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Laning Phase

Heimerdinger can play in almost any lane at any situation. He can dual lane and help harass enemies.

He can 1v2 lane and prevent enemies from pushing tower.

He can also Solo Mid(and yes he's the king)

Preferably solo mid because he pushes very well and prevents enemies from getting early kills and gold. You will also farm tons of gold from this. You want to get gold early so you can control the team fights with abilities.You want the enemies to hesitate and make hard decisions.

From level one you just dish out rockets for harassment and to push minions far. You then get your turrets in which makes mid a 2v1 situation for enemy. You need to play aggressive and make your enemy make the decisions.
You want to like i said control and harass the lane. Don't let your foe touch you.
If your fighting an enemy in mid that can harass very well(ex. Karthus ) you pretty much just want to run in circles while your turrets farm.
Try not to go back for mana and HP. You should never be touched by mid enemy, if you get ganked then just flash out and stay. Your health in this case should never get low. Your mana will probably get low but just calm down and stop spamming rockets and let your Meki Pendent get you refilled. Also don't go back for items until your about level 9-12. You should have about 3k gold and you can go on a mega shopping spree for your mane 3 early game items. Chalice of Harmony Sorcerer's Shoes Hextech Revolver

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As Heimerdinger your job in teamfights are for you and your H-28G Evolution Turret to be as disruptive as possible. Slow enemies with Ultimate and CC them to death. Your H-28G Evolution Turret should cause plenty of Havoc and confuse enemies. Dish out CH-1 Concussion Grenade on AD carries to blind them. If you ever get targeted use your Zhonya's Hourglass

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Pushing and Defending

Coming Soon!

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Im fairly new to MOBAfire so don't rip on me as much.

NOTE this is a build that works for me, if you don't enjoy it please state your concern below.
I won't change anything if you don't explain your problem reasonably.

Also Please Be Polite when explaining your concern or again i WILL NOT listen to you.

And BEFORE you criticize PLEASE try it out. If you are negative and say you haven't tried any of these out i won't listen to you.

Thank you! and enjoy!

IGN: parnellyx