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Darius Build Guide by SubtleHD

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SubtleHD

Darius Build+quick guide

SubtleHD Last updated on October 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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As you probably know, this is a Darius guide. I'll make it as short and informative as I can since most people come people to find a build during loading screen anyway. Also, this isn't a jungle guide so look elsewhere if you want one like that.

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9 flat AD for reds since Darius has some nice scaling

3 armor pen quints because you need it or 3 more flat AD since u get 25% armor pen from e

9 flat armor seals because other seals suck

9 MR/lvl blues because same as above (ip cost efficiency)

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21/9 if against easy lane and planning to be carrying your game. Examples would be singed, nasus, vlad, chogath. Extra 6% at the bottom of the trees is really good with your passive but it's not so useful if you get melted down in a second.

9/21 is probably the best way to go because you won't survive in the midle of enemy teams...which is probably where you're gonna be at. Run this page if ur team isnt especially tanky or you are going to be in the front lines taking a beating. ALso useful if vs an annoying and hard lane like jayce, kennen, nidalee, teemo.

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Skill order

Take points in all 3 skills at level 3
Always get q at level 1 unless your jungler is ganking at level 2 in which case take e
Get e second if ur vs a ranged laner and u want to be early aggression (vlad)
Get w second if your vs a melee laner who's probably already going to be dueling with you (riven)

Put points in ult whenever possible

Max q

Max w second

Max e last (mostly for utility, it doesnt add much burst)

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Enemy laners (some)

Vlad - Even lane. Vlad has short range on his skills so you have pull him in and get a ton of dmg on him if he gets too close. His damage early game is also really weak but darius gets kited easily, and can lose an exchange if vlad plays it properly. Vlad also outscales you really hard so I wouldn't recommend picking darius vs vlad

Kennen - Just really annoying. You're gonna have a really tough time. Make sure to grab merc treads. Some armor and lifesteal should keep you in lane as long as you dodge those qs. If he lightning dashes at you it means someone is ganking. Or it means hes a ******. In that case, slice him up and kill him.

Teemo - Can kite you so hard and blinds you if u manage to pull him in. Probably one of the Hardest lanes you can face

Riven - A bad player will feed you ... hard. A good player will most likely out trade you. It's a pretty even lane IMO. BUT if she gets first blood on you from a jungle gank or something...the lane is pretty much over

Singed or nasus - EARLY AGGRESION!!!! Push him out or kill him at level 1 or 2. Get w at level 2 and just start cutting him up. Watch out for jungle ganks but do your best to harass and zone him before he gets armor. Should be an easy lane if you trade at every opportunity

GP - get a little bit of armor and some lifesteal. Pull him in if u can, he cant fight you head on and will run out of mana if just spamming his q. Slice him with q if possible when he goes in for a shot.

Jax or irelia - Even lane. Darius has an edge early on but doesnt scale as well as those 2. Play smart and you should be able to win lane.

Shen or malphite - Up to you if you want to be aggresive. If you can get an early kill you can snowball lane but if not you will probably have taken more damage from the trade. Once they get a ton of armor the lane quickly turns into a farm lane. They scale pretty evenly. Shen and malphite contribute in terms of utility while darius contributes with pure damage

Jayce - Almost as bad as teemo...even if you pull him in he will just knock you back. Ask for a gank and play safe

Garen - You scale a lot harder than garen. Survive the laning phase and it should be k. Get ninja tabi and a bit of armor and garen does no dmg anymore

Rengar - not too sure about this lane. Should be pretty even though

chogath - dodge his ruptures and you will win lane. Trade hard at level 1. Try to zone him if you win that trade. Once he gets both vorpal spikes and q he will be pretty tough to deal with. Get some HP items to survive his true damage. Pretty easy lane if you know what you're doing.

Rumble - Rumble cant take darius. theres no way a rumble can fight or trade with dariu.s Just watch out for ganks and remember to get a good lead and dont chase too far out because you will end up being kited by e and q and lose the trade. Go in when cooldowns are up and rush phage and damage (maybe hexdrinker) to get kills.

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Build 1 for normal build

Build 2 for dont give a damn kill everything build (super snowball). Feel free to switch out trinity force for frozen mallet though since its so good on darius.

Items like hexdrinker are obviously game dependant. Get it early if vs ap laner and finish into maw if u bought it in lane. Wriggles is a nice item too if vs a tough Ad lane. Brutalizer is good for general snowballing and for darius phage is also a great snowball item. If possible, get a bloodthirster for huge damage increase but some games you wont finish it. Last whisper only if you're carrying your team on your back and enemy stacking armor. GP5 on build on darius is good if you;re losing. Build supporty like philo stone + heart of gold and aegis then finish shurelias and randuins. Gaurdian angel is a good item late-ish into the game since in teamfights you're the front line and likely to be die a lot.

Don't get crit items. Not good on darius. I dont recommend atmogs either. It's not cost efficient.

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Other things to note

-Even if you don't get a refresh on ult, it's a very short CD
-Ult damage increases with passive stacks. Ignite is stacks well with passive stacks. Passive is very OP
-Q has pretty high range. You can even use it to harrass ranged opponents
-When your jungler ganks you can save pull for after the enemy laner uses his escapes or use it to initiate the gank (flash, dash, etc)
-when pushed to tower you can pull someone in for free harass (unless they want turret aggro)
- W refreshes auto attack. get the most out of it by auto>w>auto
-When winning lane you're probably pushing hard. Ward your lane
- Darius has a variety of items he can build. Use this to your advantage and counterbuild to win lane
- If fed, darius becomes UNSTOPPABLE and can win games almost single handedly. A bad player is almost sure to feed a darius. I guess you can call him a pubstomped
-When getting ganked and sure to die, try turning on one of your enemies. Darius has extremely high burst damage with ignite+passive+ult and some players dont see it coming. Pull them in if they're handing back.

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Good luck with your games.