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Darius Build Guide by hangkilla

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hangkilla

Darius: OP build! for jungle and lane

hangkilla Last updated on June 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my first guide, but I really wanted to make this guide because I felt as though the other guides were not accessing Darius' true potential.
Dariusis a hard hitting champ, which also could soak some damage. A bruiser and a good jungle champ. He lacks in mobility and gap closing. With cc's and good team coordination he WREAKS THE OTHER TEAM HARD! Without cc and coordination, he can still hit hard.
In my guide I'll show you how Darius should be played, and what to do and not to do. This is a short guide, and my main purpose on this guide was to show a better overall build on this character.
1st build is jungle
2nd build is lane

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Pros / Cons


Good damage output
Fast jungler
Good Dota
Beefy and hits hard
Can always get a kill
A strong carry
can Ks's alot of kills
Slow movement
Takes more damage from minions
No hard CC
Usually focused down
Easily kited, from cockyness
Bad sustain

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I choose this because, it allows damage and defense, and usually covers all of what darius needs,

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Marks: The damage allows you to kill creeps and clear the jungle faster, also allows you to deal more damage to other chamops.
Seals: Armor is needed , especially early game laning and jungling, Daruis isn't beeft enough with armor.
Glyphs: Allows resistance to pesky mages, and their long range harassments.
Quintessence: Provides addition damage for early game.

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This build provides Darius with damage and defense. It leans more to offense but provides a bit of defense so darius can stay in kill more.


I use the same build and start it the same ways. I don't use wiggles because, it i really don't need it. It helps speeds up jungling but Darius is fast enough already, and it's just extra money wasted, so why need it.

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Jungling /counter

    1.Start at Blue golem, and have a good leash
    2.Then go to the wolves camp, and pop a potion
    3.Head to the wraiths
    4.Pop a potion and kill the red golem, and you'll be alittle bit low on health after so pop another potion.
    5.Go kill the last camp of golems, and then pop potions still you are full health
    6.Go gank, if possible
Darius can clear camps fairly fast, so an early gank can be done.
The reason for his fast jungle, is because of his passive, decimate, and crippling strike.
The more hemorrhage stacks on a target, the faster crippling strike comes back from cd.
Red buff and Blue buff respawns every 5 minutes.
Smaller camps: wolves, wraiths and golems respawn every minute.
Dragon Respawns every 6 minutes
Baron Respawns every 7 minutes
If you constantly remember the times, then you can counter jungle the other team.
A fast jungler takes 15-25 seconds on each camp, then moves on
so you have to keep track of it, if you plan to counter.

The usual jungle route, from blue all the way to golems take about 2-3 minutes. (this is a fast junglers time)
Darius can apprehend creeps, such as blue golem, and the smaller golems from behind the walls. So that keeps you at a safe spot while you counter.


Sustain 4.5/10

Ganks 7/10

Countered(creeps gone) 7/10

Countered(1v1 jungle) 10/10

post jungle 8/10

Overall Difficulty 5/10
(fairly easy)

Overall Jungle 7/10

As a jungler, he is fairly easy to jungle with. I took only a few games to actually get use to him. He's easy, and has awesome ganks

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When you gank, always come from behind them, so that they have to run into you, if they plan to escape, Hit them with decimate, and then crippling strike, Auto attack, and then use apprehend to close off their escape, and you usually have a kill.
Tip! Don't use apprehend and then decimate, you waste both of them, and also you're not dealing full damage from decimate because you pulled them into the circle. Open up with decimate and then wreak on them.

For the best ganks, you will need hard cc. Right after they get out of the cc, they'll usually use flash or ghost to get away, but by then you already had a few hits on them so, the slow from red buff will keep them in range to decimate and apprehend.

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Skill combos

Decimate --> crippling strike ---> auto attack---> crippling strike---> decimate----> apprehend---> Noxian Guillotine.
This is one of the many things you can do with Darius' moves. The purpose here to get more of Darius' passive on the enemy champion before ulting them. When the bleeding sign is up on their heads , that is when the ult deals the most damage. The more stacks on them, The better it is for you.

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Playing Darius/ FIGHTS!

The best thing about Darius is his damage output, though its not fast like talon or akali, it hits hard! Darius should not be the person to initiate fights, unless he has the advantage. So don't go running into the other team and use apprehend to catch one, because you will be focused down hard! When you come into team fights, try to always head for the squshies, because their your best bet. Keep the pressure on them, and you will win team fights. As the carries and supports focus on you, your team can mop up the rest and come help you, if you haven't already killed them.
Whenever you have a chance to give a kill to the real carry, DO IT! It's not good to always hog up the kills, because the carries need it more. So don't USE R ALL THE TIME!
In mid to late game, always travel in a pack, Never go off alone into the enemy jungle or lane because you think your the ****! You'll get rape hard, by team ganks. So stick with the team, and you'll do fine. But if you do ever get caught, Darius can always bring someone down with him. He does enough damage to bring down 1 person even when 5v1.

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Darius is a good champion. He is a strong jungler and bruiser.
Stick with the team, never go off alone.
Give the carries the kill whenever possible
Open an attack with decimate, and then crippling strike.
Get as much stacks of hemorrhage on the enemy before ulting
Have fun with the champion and check this build to see if it helps.

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Boss MODE!