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Darius Build Guide by Zanzie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zanzie

Darius the real Bruiser.

Zanzie Last updated on September 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my first guide.
Please give constructive criticism.

I played this Darius build a lot; and have seldom lost top lane.
I have carried as Darius (as a tankier Darius) in a ranked game (10-1-4) Only have a screenshot from lolking.
Not sure why it says 55 minute game; this was actually a 25 minute game. Perhaps I didn't click "Continue" on the Victory screen before. So remember; that is a 25 minute game not a 55 minute game.

Some terminology:
AA = Auto-attack [Basic Attacks]
CC = Crowd Control [Stun, fear, slow, snare, etc]
AP = Ability Power
AD = Attack Damage
MS = Movement Speed
MR = Magic Resistance
ArPen = Armor Penetration
MPen = Magic Penetration
CDR = Cooldown Reduction
MP = Mana
HP = Health
MP Regen = Mana Regeneration per 5 seconds
HP Regen = Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

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Pros / Cons


    Massive damage
    Strong late game
    Very mobile
    Unable to be CC'd
    Simple to play
    Very tanky


    Not as high damage as many carries
    No great escapes
    Low resistance
    Usually focused and gets a lot more ganks
The pros of the cons:
Follow my guide, and I will explain how those cons go away.

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Runes Exposed and Explained!


Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Quintessence of swiftness

This is where people stop reading. This is where people say "lol troll build gg, noob"
I have always used these; they are ALWAYS great. at 404 movement speed end game, no one escapes. An enemy is struggling behind because of your passive bleed, you can catch up and pull him and your team can quickly get rid of them. It's a great escape tool too; higher MS means you can run back to tower faster, which is great if you're being pushed.
Also gives Darius a well needed escape since he has none. *Note 404 movement speed gets higher with this build* Therunning joke is "404 Darius not found." (Too fast I suppose..)

Greater seal of resilience
I will say this: Flat armor saves you early game. You want flat armor just in case the enemy has flat AD runes, it's a perfect counter. This makes your early survival key. Since you become super tankier late game.

Greater mark of desolation.
I use this for the late game purpose. This is great, because if your allies falter you will have that late game advantage. Flat AD is good if you're 1v1. But since it's a team orientated game, and you're a bruiser you don't need flat AD. It's good for a short while, but falls late game.

Greater Glyph of warding
Flat MR is better early game. Magic damage abilities from junglers WILL hurt early game if you don't have these, it's why I take them.

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Summoner Spells

Must haves:

Flash; need I say more? You already have high MS so you can jump over walls now. Yes this has been nerfed. Flash is great to catch up/evade. It's versatile.

These two are great. Flash to get over walls; and Ignite well.. Ignite+Hemorrhage is already crazy strong.


Ghost. Only to run away; but since I give you enough MS, no one can catch up (Except a rammus) So this is up to your discretion if you use other runes/mastries/items.. and basically you don't follow all of this guide.

Cleanse; same as Ghost. Don't take this. My build is to reduce all CC already, why do you need to cleanse, when you have tendancy+10% CC reduction from masteries? Cleanse falls off at this point.

Do not Take:
Every other Summoner Spell, you don't need it. Heal is useless.

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Offensive 9 for armor penetration + the boost on Ignite (Increase 5 AD on CD)
Ghost also is increased by 35% but that's optional.

The 21 defense.
6 armor, 6 magic resists. 108 HP at 18. 3HP/5 +30 flat HP.3% MS boost. 1.5% damage reduction
AND The best part of it all; 3% Bonus HP and 10% reduced duration of disables. (This with mercury treads takes the cake)

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Items. The key part of any champion.

MUST HAVES (the big 6)

Force of Nature; For Darius with high HP it's a good HP Regen and AP shut down. Super important. Always get the cloak early. Then save up for FoN late.

Randuin' Omen.
Need I say more? HP+Armor+Great passive for pursuers+AS champions.
The AoE MS shut down really makes a difference in team fights/chases/escapes. Must have.
Early game buy a Warden's Mail. It has the passives/HPregen. If you don't have the money, buy the GP5/10 first.

Warmog's Armor
High HP+ HP Regen; goes along with Atma's. If you have warmog you need atma.

Atma's Impaler
See "Warmog armor"

Trinity Force
This item.. THIS item is where people tell me "Why did you buy a trinity force.. what are you.. a noob?"
No sir/ma'am. I am not a noob. Did you notice what sheen does? Phage is a good addition. Zeal gives that MS boost too. I will explain Phage/Frozen Mallet later.
On topic of Trinity force; the Sheen gives 150% AD boost (Base) "But sir.. you're a bruiser! You use your Q and your..W.." Yes. The W skill.
With a whopping 250% damage increase stacked. So you will do a massive hit on them with your W.

Merurys treads.
What a great addition to your Mastries. With tendancy+passive all CC is useless to you; this makes you unstoppable.. like Olaf's ultimate.


Frozen mallet
Frozen mallet gives more HP+more slows on the enemy..BUT; with a Trinity force you will have a sheen + movement speed. In a fight, you may need to escape MS is key; you will need to run away and you cannot just run and hit enemies to slow them. So Trinity is more utility than Frozen mallet. This is up to you; if you find you don't use your W (Like you should be.) then don't pick Trinity force and pick this item up.

Maw of malmortius
This is something I get asked about a lot "Why not buy Maw of malmortius?"
This is optional: Would you buy this item if you have no enemy AP nukers? I doubt it; this is why an Atma's is much more useful along with a Warmog build. It gives you more AD than Maw will. Quite frankly; If you have a Force of Nature in your build. Why would you need to get +36 Magic resistance? There are ways to not activate the Maw too; if someone auto attacks you from 31%->29% then their nuker hits you, it'll not activate.
Be very wary of this item; it's very situational.

Guardian Angel; Entirely up to you. In my personal experiences. I find it to be useless.
Why would I need an item to save me if I'll die soon after? Personally I find it a waste of an item. I rarely see someone go into GA and then escape alive. Usually you see someone go into GA and have a 5v1 because they got chased down. Big whoop. I'm about surviving all situations; not planning to ever die so GA is useless. But it might save you. Which is why it's optional.

Wow. Personally if you take this, please let me continue saying that you are not an AD carry, you are a bruiser. With my build you won't need this; atma+warmog covers your AD alone. BT is useless in these terms, since you mainly deal damage with your Q+W+R, and BT will only heal on basic attacks. My suggestion: If you plan to be a bruiser Darius, skip it.

What NOT to get

Any AP item. Seriously; if you do that. I call trolls on you.

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Item build explanation

First you get boots + HP potions.
This allows you to run away/harass easier because of the movement speed and the HP potions allow for early sustain.
Do not waste your HP potions if you are ignited. If you are ignited at really low HP then you use it to survive.

The second item is up to you. Are you being hit with magic/getting CC'd is the enemy running away from you easily? Then you build Mercury treads.

If you are good with just boots; skip mercury treads for now and buy a philo stone.
This is key, a lot of people forget about this item/think only supports use it.
Again, this allows you (If you get outlaned) to sit at your tower and regen. This is a gp5 item; which gives you 1 gold extra per 5 seconds, doesn't sound like a lot but if you are in a position where you are stuck it helps a lot. You will drop this item sooner or later.

Third item is another gp5, the heart of gold. It gives you HP and it allows you to still get some income if you're outlaned. It also goes into a core item later (Omens) So you won't drop this item.

Fourth item, optional to pick between Phage/Hex. Personally I sometimes skip Hexdrinker because if the enemy is less AP I don't bother with getting it and I get Phage. If you pick HexDrinker expect to drop it soon too, it's not needed unless you choose to build a Maw later.

Sheen; this is going to be added to core item of Trinity force.

Warden mail/Negatron cloak; you will use these 2 for main items later. So you'll keep these, if they have heavy AD, pick warden, heavy AP, pick negatron. It's up to you. Personally since top lane and more AD is top, I pick Warden Mail.

Now you're running out of item space, build a Trinity force it cuts out some space for use. Drop the philo stone if you need to.
Giant belt is next for HP boost
Again you ran out of space, build an Omen's to make more space.
Build an atma's this gives you more damage; it's better to buy now since you don't need warmogs to give it's best use before buying atma's. Omens/Trinity gives you a good amount of HP.
Warmogs, even more survivability, and gives atma it's bigger boost.
Then free up any other junk and buy a FoN. Ultimate survival is now complete.

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Situational Items

This is where people say "I thought optional was situational?"

I have had many "Troll" enemies that would've killed me if I ran with my simple build straight away.

I always play Early game as Situational.
If there is an AP jungler; you bet I'll have some sort of magic resist. Regardless if I got ganked or not, I am ready for it.

I cannot tell you what items to build. I can only tell you what items you can hope to end with for a game with 1 bruiser/1 AP carry/1 AD Carry/1 Jungler(any kind)/1 Support.

But the build I give you; protects you from every combination (Heavy AP/Heavy AD/Heavy tank/Heavy CC)
Although, if you have enemies that have a lot of CC; I suggest buying mercury treads very early.
If you have an enemy who is on hit; I suggest countering his on-hits with different items.
Most on-hit use Attack speed to make on-hit effective; so personally I find rushing Warden's Mail is perfect to countering that. It turns into an Omen's late game.

Hextech Drinker is my only real "situational" item, but I drop it late game after FoN.

For early game purposes if I do get nuked by their AP mid. (Situational item, for example my 5v5 ranked 10-1-4 game in the picture, Kassadin was always coming top lane. He was a hassle, without this item I would've lost)

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Gameplay levels

Now obviously you aren't playing as a level 18 at the beginning of the game.

you stay in your own lane. (Not very long)
You'll have each skill + boosted damage on Q.
Very often I will sneak to middle and pull back a champion while my mid uses CC. (Around level 4)

You can Roam if you feel like; if not stick to your lane.

Use your ult in lane; and dominate your lane. Make sure by this time you have almost killed their turret if you've dominated the lane properly, you no longer need to farm.

Roam. Look for unsuspecting enemies; but also eye your top lane, make sure your enemy isn't farming up what they lost. If your team doesn't need help; don't force it. Stick in your own lane.

Team fights:
You should ult someone if they are about to escape and you can chase them down (Because of the high movement speed!)
Always make sure you are the first one to go in; if you're the tankiest. Pull an enemy back and kill them; most people expect Darius to be slow (But not you!)
Try to only use your ult to secure kills; don't spam it thinking "yay free kills and refresh" because you may misclick and you wasted it.
You are a tanky champion. Act like it; this build is meant for super sustaining fights. I have lasted 8 seconds while a whole team tried to kill me, my team eventually killed the enemy team before they could kill me. I had ~300 HP at the end of a team fight, but our carries were full HP. Darius is not a carry. he is a tank which deals damage, and CAN carry if is needed.

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Skill Sequence

Not very much to explain here
Except you do Q->W->E->Q->Q->R->Q->W->Q->W->R->W->W->E->E->R->E->E

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Oh. One thing. Do NOT run around withNoxian guillotine thinking you're the king of LoL. Please. DO not kill steal with this.

Personally I have a unique fighting pattern. My team feeds me early and let's me ult enemies to death. (Early game only) This allows me to be a fast mobile tank which can bring people down to low HP and I allow my allies to get fed (Mid->late game) which makes people run from me (while I tank towers) and I can pull them back (Because of my MS boosts..) and allow my team to get fed.

Use your Q To harass in lane.
Use your E+ + W In succession to create a good harass after you use your Q, by the time they try to run away because they are disoriented you land another Q on them.

Hemorrhage is noted to become too OP. The slows/DoT is like a second Ignite. Its fun though.

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How to farm as Darius.
You don't necissarily farm.
Just last hit minions. Only use your Q to harass. This will kill minions sometimes; but don't waste Q on minions to farm; you need to make sure enemies will go B often, and you want to make sure you dominate top lane.
If enemies are gone from your top lane; feel free to farm calmly.

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Since you are a top lane player; wards are important, you WILL be ganked. I always have 2 wards. One near Baron, so I can see if anyone is coming near me. from the baron lane/enemy blue/enemy red (Depends on where you are.

If I am blue team; I place it in the brush close to me. (Only need 1 ward)
If I am purple team; I place it in the middle of the 2 pathways (Not inside the brush) and inside the brush near my own tower to prevent back door ganks.

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This is my first guide.
I will update this guide if I can, but I would LOVE some feedback so I can see what I can do to change my guide, and what I could do for future guides.

This is my most successful Darius build. This was a collective of 3 others of my friends' builds and I created this. I was originally skeptic of the Trinity Force, but it does work.

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Edit 09/20/212

Added Item build explanation.

Changed the item build sequence.
*Will add pictures later today+ Pictures of where to ward*