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Darius Build Guide by dudexex

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dudexex

Darius The Udefeated Executioner

dudexex Last updated on October 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Darius is Feared for is damage and utility in the league, he is not a very hard champion to play and many claim him to be over powered or to easy to play, this is not true, darius is real easy to counter as long as you know how, im here to show you a build that is not easy to counter. as i write this guide i must state that this is my way of playing darius and you dont have to play him like i do.

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how to procede when going solotop

as for the build it self, the reason there is a lot of ap and u need more MR you buy force of nature instead of a 2. tiamat.
well as you see in the build i want you to procede with a long sword and a pot, this is because of the extra dmg early, and to get phage faster, if you play with the runes ive shown you, you wont need dorans shield to have some utility. and the reason i pick the summoner spells promote is because of the pushing capabilitys you get even if you have to defend and hug the turret, you get gold for all the minions your promote kills. teleport is for you to easier go back without having you jungle watching your lane. then you can buy the things you need and dont lose much farm in the process.
you should also buy some wards underway in case you jungler dont ward for you.

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pushing,defending and counterganking

when you procede to meet you solo top opponent you have to adapt you pushing and defending acording to who you meet. if a darius meets for example gp you have a advantage in utility and early dmg which means you can safely push the lane to some extent and even manage to catch first blood. but if you meet jayce you have a disadvantage in range, but you still push the lane but you should procede more carefully because when pushing someone who have long range exposes you more to ganks then if you dont, also it will make it harder for your jungle to gank.

How to Push

when you push the lane w8 for your enemy to come to you and poke him 1-3 times with you Q and focus mostly on farming as it is important early. other people are useally vary of Darius so they wont try to jump you very often which means the best tactic for you is to poke them with Q when they come close to farm. once your lvl 2 you can use your E to drag em close and finish them off.

this is the place your promote comes in handy, in the scenario where you are being pushed by a another champion or are being ganked alot and have to turrethug and farm minons from turret. you activate your promote and use it to keep the champion away from turret but still keep the enemy champion in the middle of the lane so your jungle can gank and you help him, also when your defending always have a ward placed in between the tribush and river bush. teleport also comes in handy in this situation where you have to defend turret at all costs, cause you can use ur promote to push champions away and use recall to buy items and heal in a matter of seconds your back in you line before the enemy team have managed to take little or no hp at all from turret.

Counter ganking

this is where wards counts the most, if your jungle is anygood he will have warded baron at 15 min and you can see when a top champ or jungle tries to gank mid when coming from blue. this enables you to counter the enemy jungle gank by coming in from behind him cooparating with your mid lane and jungle. or if you are going top lane and their jungle tries to gank your lane, your jungle can come in from behind presuming the enemy team has not warded the river.

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Skills and how to best use them

[*]Passive Hemorrhage
its the one skill you need to know in order to be a succsessful Darius,its a DOT damage passive that does damage overtime like poison it also stacks so it will do incredible damage per second. the reason you need to learn to use this effectivly is because your Ultimate get it's damage from this passive.

[*] Q or Decimate
its your primary damage skill and the damage it provides is doubled if you strike them in the outer range of it. but it also gives good damgage when they are close to you, so to use this most effectivly move away from your enemy while using and then combine it with your E to drag them close again in case of escape. this skill is AOE and affect every enemy champion within its range without any penalty.

[*] W Crippeling Strike
this is you W and one of your most important skills, it gives your basic attack extra damage and slows the enemy. its very nice for chasing and escaping, if you activate it right before you go into a fight and engage with Decimate you can quickly follow up with crippeling strike to slow and damaging your enemy further and then you have 3 stacks of Hemorrhage on them and can use ur ult to damage them or kill them, or u can throw in two basic to get two more stack and go for the kill

[*] Apprehend
this skill is a very useful skill as it gives you armor penetration as well as the CC skill Pull, this skill can pull all enemys to you and u can use it to save or prevent your enemys from escaping. its one of your most usefull skills but its the last skill you max out, but its smart too have 2 points for armor pen in lvl 12

[*] Noxian Guilliotine

This is your Ultimate skill as Darius, it deals true damage which means that the damage you inflict will ignore magick resist and armor, it gains up too 250% damage depending on how many stacks of Hemorrhage you have on your opponent and if you kill your opponent you get Insta Cooldown on the skill. if you have any more enemys nearby you can use your ultimate too secure double, tripple,quadra or Pentakill. or get a assisst if you do not kill them with your second ultimate

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Runes and Masteries

Greater Zeal of Resilence is to give you as much armor as possible in the begining of the game, so the reason i chose these zeals is because i buy armor later in the game and dont need aromr per lvl zeals

Greater Quint of Resilence i chose for the same reasons as above but you can also switch them out for greater quint of swiftnees which grants you 1.5 movement speed and hightens your mobility and dodging capabilities.

Greater glyph of shielding i chose off the same reasons as above, extra durablity.

this also goes for marks where i chose Greater mark of Resilence.

as for masteries i use 9 on offence and 21 in Defense, because you need a lot of durability and still you get some extra damage.

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Chapter 6

[*] He can take alot of damage
[*] He have 2 AOE skills And 2 CC skills wich contribute to the team
[*] he has extreme damage and is reliable in a teamfight.

[*] his Passive Hemorrhage can result in a kill belonging to someone else or stealing a buff you wanted to help with.
[*] people dont like Darius so they often gang up on him to ruin his lane.
[*] his Ultimate do not do much damage if not stacked with his passive first.

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Well i hope you enjoy this build and give me good votes and good critics, comment if there is something i can do better with my build. :) i hope this makes your time playing Darius the Noxian Guilliotine much better and that it suits your play style.

and remeber this is my way of playing Darius, my intention is not for all players to play him like me, but i hope it helps most of you out there who needs a good build :)

Thank you for your time :)