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Vayne General Guide by TheAnnoyingHans

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAnnoyingHans

Das Tumbler

TheAnnoyingHans Last updated on February 25, 2013
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This build is still under progress.

Hello, I'm TheAnnoyingHans and I'm a level 30 player on EU-East and Nordic and I do some guides in my spare time. Vayne is one of the champs that I play the most ( I don't have a main champion because if I play one champion to much I think it gets boring and I always want to get new champions :D) because she is a really awesome carry and you do often get fed. She's fun to play and I play very aggresive with her to get those kills in the start which will get you reeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy fed.
I haven't been able to play so much League of Legends in the latest month because my computer stopped working, so I've got this awesome Intel Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz Single core and in League of Legends that gives you around 10 fps and 4 fps in teamfights. Jealous ? Well, well enough with me and back to the build !
This build is always a safe card. It's not the best in early game but after that you can kill anyone easy.
This build is aimed for your ability '' Tumble'' and not like almost every (and these builds reaaaaally sucks) other Vayne builds where you get a Phantom Dancer to make the true damage trigger more often.
So follow the build and see how it goes !
If you like it please leave a comment with tips or just like it here :)

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is your most important spell.
It's wonderful for harass and the damage is increased by 200 % when having Trinity Force and Tumble on the next basic attack. That's just sick harassment.
The best way to deal much damage is attack Tumble attack or Tumble attack Condemn because Condemn also stacks with the Silver Bolts ability.

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Summoner Spells

Is just must have for ad carrys. You'll kill anyone in 1v1 and you can chase them like they were fat pigs running through mud.

This summoner spell is epic for escaping by jumping over walls or just jumping away, and also to chase up enemies or making it through a turret dive.

This is good for chasing and is a really good spell for Vayne but I think Flash is better for getting away in those tight situations.

Kind of a ''noob'' spell. It's good but as a AD Carry I don't think it's worth it.

You don't need so much mana on this one. End of story.

Really good summoner spell ! If you are Soraka ...

Good if you solo lane and for backdooring but otherwise I don't think it's worth it.

This is just lame. Maybe good if you play support but otherwise I can't see the meaning of this summoner spell.

Pros and Cons

Pros dfgdfgfdgfdgdfgsdfs sdfsfsdfdgdfgdfgd
sfsgsdgdfgfdgfdgfsd Cons

Spacespace Can kill anyone Spacespacespacespacespacespacespacespaces. Dies really easy
spacespace Is ****ing op Spacespacespacespacespacespacespacespacespac Can't deal any significant damage
spacespace Can harass like a BAAOOOWWWSSS Spacespacespacespacespacespac Gets harassed and can't do anything about it
spacespace Good at last-hitting Spacespacespacespacespacespacespacespac Gets underfarmed and underleveled
spacespace Deals the most damage in your teamfights Spacespacespacespace Walks into teamfights and just die
spacespace Can recover from a bad start Spacespacespacespacespacespacespace Fails in the beginning and can't do anything about it
spacespace Is really fast and can escape almost everything Spacespacespacespacespaces Can't handle the speed and gets a speeding ticket trololo

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Hello everyone here I'm going to show you what items you should buy for Vayne.


Early Game

Very good in early game with some nice stats. A nice health stat, damage and some lifesteal so that you can stay in lane for a little longer. Keep it for aslong as you can.
These are the boots that you're going to get ! (Unless you meet a heavy crowd control team you could get Mercury's Treads). These boots are better than Boots of Swiftness if you get a Zeal early on in the game for more movement speed.
This item is the best item you could get for Vayne. It's so ****ing epic with her Tumble, all builds that doesn't include Sheen/ Trinity Force SUCKS. The passive on Sheen gives you almost double damage on Tumble. And that's just so epic, a must have !

Yeah this is only for the lifesteal so that you can be more sustainable and stay in lane for a long time.

You get this mostly for the movement speed but it also has some nice attack speed and crit chance. Also this fits perfectly 'cause you're getting Trinity Force later which Zeal is a part of.

Mid Game

This give some nice attack damage so you should really get this before you get the whole Trinity Force.

This item is really good with it's nice armor penetration, attack speed and some attack damage. You could trade it for a Phantom Dancer but that's not good ... Then you lay your whole build on Silver Bolts and that's just crazy stupid.

Gives you some extra health, damage, crit chance, mana, movement speed and attack speed. Also gives you a better passive than the Sheen with 150% bonus instead of Sheens with 100%.

Late Game

This item is just so extremely good on this champion. It gives you as much as 80 ATTACK DAMAGE, totally insane. And that crit chance and crit passive which gives you 50% critical strike damage is awesome to. When you get this item you will be able to kill anyone in the enemy team, also if you are getting fed you should rush the Infinity Edge as fast as you can and you could just get more fed. Otherwise it's not worth it to get it so quickly.

It gives you lot of AD and some nice lifesteal, also this item got kind of a awesome passive. It will give you one attack damage and 0.25% lifesteal per minion kill maxing at 40 attack damage and 10% lifesteal, and this will give you the whole 100 ATTACK DAMAGE AND 25% LIFESTEAL FOR NOT SO MUCH MONEY. CRAAZY, but the bonus gets lost when you die.

This is a very good item. It gives you health, mana, magic resist and a really nice passive. This passive blocks one negative spell every 45 seconds and that's really awesome for getting away from those nasty stuns/slows that would otherwise bring you down. It's the best item you could have versus Blitzcrank. His rocket arm will not grab it will just get on you and disappear without doing anything. Banshee's Veil <3

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Stats for this build

Health 2478
Health Per 5 Sec 14
Mana 1284
Mana Per 5 Sec 16
Armor 70
Magic Resist 80
Dodge 0.0%
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 386
Gold Per 10 Sec 0
Attack Damage 333
Attack Speed 86%
Crit Chance 40%
Crit Damage 57.02%
Ability Power 30
Life Steal 15%
Spell Vamp 0%
Armor Penetration 14.94
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%

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Compared to base stats

Health 1853
Mana 659
Speed 300
Armor 70.5
Magic Resist 30
Critical Chance 0%
Health Per 5 Sec 14.4
Mana Per 5 Sec 13.5
Range 550

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Or a ****ty phantom dancer build

Health 1923
Health Per 5 Sec 14
Mana 754
Mana Per 5 Sec 13
Armor 70.5
Magic Resist 30
Dodge 0.0%
Tenacity 0
Movement Speed 370
Gold Per 10 Sec 0
Attack Damage 170
Attack Speed 260%
Crit Chance 75%
Crit Damage 0%
Ability Power 30
Life Steal 15%
Spell Vamp 0%
Armor Penetration 0
Magic Penetration 0
Cooldown Reduction 0.0%

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Depending on your play

If your doing well:
If you're Getting the items quickly you can always change up a little bit depending on what you think you need, for example black cleaver is always useful if you have the space and money to get it. Or you could do what I and experiment a little when you are doing well. When this is happening you will know it. In the past if you play well and use your unique skills and summoner skills well you will be ganking a lot, also you maybe able to take on 2 champs at a time and win if you time your Tumble and Flash right to dodge unique skills and such. All in all just keep doing what you're doing.

If you're playing just ok:
If you're playing is just ok for the game and your able to engage but maybe not finish the job, or having lots of stalemate fights, it can always be helpful to get something like The Infinity Edge or The Black Cleaver , to help get your damage up a little faster to compliment the passive. Other wise you'll still be fast enough to play an aggressive assassin type of game play. And could probably get a few ganks and turn an ok game into a great game.

If you're playing Poorly:
If you're playing poorly try to take it a step back from fighting champs maybe switch lanes if you can to try to farm a little more and get your items faster, dipping into the jungle every now and then is also a good way to help you out. Late game CARE DONT BE THE FIRST TO ENGAGE!!! You can do this if you have all your items because you can get out really fast but if you cant because you've been playing poorly, try to hang back and crowd control with Condemn and also try to help focus fire don't chase people too far stay with your group and keep fighting.


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